APUSH Summer Assignment for 2018-19

   AP United States History is a challenging class introducing college level concepts to clever high school students. 

   To help prepare for the course, NWSA strongly recommends enrolled students to complete a summer assignment

    prior to the first day of class. Yes, other schools also require such work.  Be ready… your class begins in August, 2018 

    and completed summer work is due on the first day of class.  If you encounter a special circumstance, please

    contact me at alan.vitale@cms.k12.nc.us as early as possible.  Our first test of the year will be based on the summer

    assignment and is given during the first week of class.  To avoid an early “cram session” and unneeded stress during

    the first week, finish the work on time!  Trust me… it will help you to a fast start to the course. Significant extra credit

    will be given to students who complete the work on time.

   Before beginning the summer assignment, I’ll suggest a couple of guide books if you have a little spare cash:
      Option #1-The BEST and most complete guide is the 2018 version of the AMSCO APUSH guide. (BE sure to get the

    "Softcover" edition if you want a paper copy)  Although optional, it is really helpful and a worthwhile investment at

     about $19.00 or so.  It is strongly advised.

      Option #2- You can pick up a copy of another guidebook like the Princeton Review, REA or Larry Krieger's AP U.S.

     History guides.  They are all about $20-$25.  They are also available at local bookstores and Amazon.  If you do not

     have any summer funds, please reach out to me and I will provide a guide for you based on financial need.

   1) We will use the America’s History (Henretta) textbook in class. I can provide a take home copy if you meet me at

    school. (e-mail address above) or you can watch video reviews for the first 3 chapters at the following link:
    Remember, the summer assignment is only for Chapters 1-3 in the Henretta book. Doing chapters 4+ is hazardous to

    your summer vacation and happiness quotient.

   2) On occasion, we may also use the American Pageant (Kennedy text) online textbook.  It’s the “old” textbook but
        it’s still a really good resource and can be found online at this link    If you want to use this Kennedy text for the

        summer assignment, you will need to read the first 4 chapters as they are smaller than the 3 Henretta chapters. 

                                                                               The Summer Assignment

                                           (Word)                    (PDF)

      Optional Video and Audio Materials:
                         Podcast A Voyage Long and Strange into America's Past- NPR

                         Video: New Worlds -Biography of America #1

   Have a question? Feel free to contact me at alan.vitale@cms.k12.nc.us Please reach out with questions about the

   assignment or course.   While it may seem like a lot of work over the summer, it will allow us to hit the ground running

    and free up time for potential field trips Latta Plantation, King's Mountain Battlefield, The Polk Home, The Levine

     Museum of the New South, The Cherokee Reservation (but not the Casino) or Charleston SC. If your parents are

     interested in helping plan any of these trips to make them a reality, please contact me.

*  All work should be answered and submitted by the first day of class in August, 2018.