Enjoy the 2017-18 school year Rho Kappa members! 

 For Members who need to complete their 10 hours per year and 5 hours per semester, please volunteer HERE with NWSA teachers!

Students who wish to order a graduation cord must do so by 5/20 at the latest and can purchase it through the school website for $15.

We ask that our members miss no more than two absences during the year.

       We were the first group to "claim" the following dates and times on the NWSA calendar so there should be no conflicts with

out meeting times below. 

Our monthly meeting schedule is listed below:

September 5th- 8:00 am and 4:25 pm --Interest meetings

September 12th at 4:25 pm -- 1st Mtg. and Officer Elections

October  12th at 4:25 pm -- Monthly Meeting 

   November 7th at 4:25 pm --Monthly Meeting

 January 8th at 5:00pm -- Annual Induction Ceremony

January 9th at 4:25 pm -- Monthly Meeting

 February 20th at 4:25 pm -- Monthly Meeting

 March 6th at 4:25 pm -- Monthly Meeting

Cancelled for Spring Break April  -- Monthly Meeting

1) Make sure you work the 5 volunteer hours needed for the Spring Semester.  Don't forget to complete

 the volunteer form and include a valid signature and contact information for your charity.  

Volunteer Hours Form