Welcome to the start of the 2018-19 school year! 

If you wish to participate in RHO KAPPA during the 2018-19 school year, please complete the member form to the left.  All membership forms must be turned into Mr. Vitale by 9/25.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

Our monthly meetings will be held at the following times:

       Our monthly meeting schedule is listed below:

September 4th- 8:00 am and 4:25 pm --Interest meetings

September 11th at 4:25 pm -- 1st Mtg. and Officer Elections

Next --> October  2nd at 4:25 pm -- Monthly Meeting 

   November 6th at 4:25 pm --Monthly Meeting

 December 4th at 4:25 pm -- Induction Ceremony

January 8th at 4:25 pm -- Monthly Meeting

 February 5th at 4:25 pm -- Monthly Meeting

 March 5th at 4:25 pm -- Monthly Meeting

April 2nd at 4:25 pm -- Monthly Meeting


​We ask that members miss no more than two absences during the year. 

Congratulations to the new officer assignments of the 2018-19 School Year:

Membership Committee:

Shaana Jaramillo         Weatherly Tripp         Zayda Cummings

Event Planning Leadership Committee:

Valerie Dederle        Angelina Wolff       Brandon Turner         Carlyn Head

Communication Leadership Committee:

         Brenda Espinoza        Amelia Hagen

General Committe:

Dana Brower

Alex Macri

Kate Polaski

TJ Kapur

Thank you for your help planning for a great year.  New Officers, please see Mr. Vitale after school on Tuesday 9/18 for a short meeting to set up membership, calendars and event planning.

Make sure you plan to work 5 volunteer hours needed for the Fall Semester.  Once you have done so, don't forget

 to complete the volunteer form, including a valid signature and contact information for your charity.  


Volunteer Hours Form