AP Government Summer Assignment

   AP United States Government and Politics requires all enrolled students to complete summer coursework prior to the
   the first day of class. Though your class begins in August, 2017, all summer work is due on the first day of class.

   A test will be given based on the summer material at the end of the first week.  The Summer Assignment is not optional
  and The Summer Assignment is not optional and will help get you off to a solid understanding of the course. 

  First, what to buy if you have a little spare cash:
  It is strongly advised you purchase an AP U.S. Government and Politics preparation book by the first day of class.

  It's not required but has been helpful for prior students.  If finances are a concern,   just ask me for a copy!  

  I use as a reference The Princeton Review as well as Larry Krieger's AP U.S. Government and Politics Crash Course.

  Obtain a copy of the United States Constitution, either by acquiring a paper copy or reviewing a digital one. If you know
   Nicolas Cage, you could try for the original.  The Princeton Review prep book has the Constitution in the back,

  which might be more portable than a poster sized scroll.

  The Summer Assignment: 

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