American History I

  Due for Wednesday 9/27 and Thursday 9/28 The Original 13 Colonies

    1)  Watch the following video by a great SC teacher and answer the attached questions.

          No, you cannot switch him for me because he is smarter and better looking.  Sorry.

    2)  Read the following textbook section on the middle colonies. Answer Big Idea q's A-C.

    3) Complete the following worksheet after reading the study guides.   This will help you

        prepare for the major test on Fri. 9/29 / Mon. 10/2. The test will cover the following: 

                Early Colonial Notes          Colonial Geography Facts         13 Colonies Map 

  Due for Monday 9/25 and Tuesday 9/26 The Original 13 Colonies

    1)  Read the following textbook pages and define the vocabulary on Pg 54 in "The Americans" 
       •Puritans •John Winthrop •Separatist •Plymouth Colony •Massachusetts Bay Colony
       •Roger Williams •Anne Hutchinson •Pequot War •Metacom •King Philip’s War 

     2) Answer questions 1-4 on page 54.  Be able to explain your answers in class!


  Due for Tuesday 9/19 and Wednesday 9/20 - Jamestown v. Massachusetts Bay
    1) We discussed the problems faced by both Jamestown and Mass. Bay early in their
       histories. Your challenge is to design your own colony which would avoid similar disasters.
       To make it worth your while, it will count as your first test grade.  Future tests will be
       quite difficult so seize the opportunity to earn a good grade on one which you control.  
       Don't be afraid to look up what other forts look like OR ask an adult for advice. 
       The assignment must include:

          A) Map/Layout (3D or drawn)
          B) List of 5 Laws which will govern your colony
          C) List of 50 individuals and their professions to start your colony

               (You can have more than 1 of a single job... example: 3 farmers or 5 soldiers)

          D) List of 5 large items to bring.  Assume 1 animal includes both a male and female.

          E) Choose and JUSTIFY your selection of location A, B or C. 

      I will grade it carefully so please don't turn in something from middle school and call it a day. 
    2) (Optional) If you ever worry about humanity, this is food for the soul.  But only watch

        it after finishing the assignment/test.

  Due for Friday 9/15 and  Monday 9/18  - English Settlement at Jamestown

  1) Enjoy a rare homework break.  Walk around in the grass without shoes.  Pet a kitten.

      Tell your little brother/sister you love them, even if you sometimes don't. They won't know.

  Due for Wednesday 9/13 or Thursday 9/14 - English Settlement at Jamestown
  1) Read Ch. 2 Sect. 2 (Pgs. 42 - 47 ONLY) about the English founding of Jamestown.  
    Then answer Big Idea Questions A-E on a separate sheet of paper.   Jamestown is a tough
     place to live, eh?

 Due for Monday 9/11 or Tuesday 9/12 - European Conquest of the New World
    1) Watch Episode # 1  of John Green's Crash Course US History and answer the Episode #1  
     questions.   Watch the video as many times as needed be to ensure you understand the 
     narrator as he talks faster than the average Southerner.  
    2) Optional- Bring in a large bag of M&M's or Skittles (2 varieties) for a homework pass so we 
      can do a fun mapping activity that explains immigration in the British Colonies.  
    3) Don't forget about the Rho Kappa Honor Society meeting after school at 4:25 on Tuesday!

   Due for Thursday 9/7 or Friday 9/8 - Age of Exploration
  1)  Read Chapter 2, Sect. 1 from the textbook and answer the Big Idea Questions A-E on
         a separate sheet of paper.  Its an interesting description of how Spain conquered much
        of the New World.  Learn about it!
    2) Define the following terms listed in the reading:  (Perhaps a quiz next class?)

  •Hernándo Cortés •conquistador •New Spain •Mestizo •Encomienda •
                                  Francisco Pizarro •New Mexico •Popé

  Due for Tuesday 9/5 or Wednesday 9/6 - Age of Exploration 

    1) Please watch the following video about European Exploration in the New World.   Then

       answer the video questions at the end of the video on a sheet of notebook paper.

   2) Check out your textbook... it has been asking about you all summer and can't wait to

       meet you.   Today's reading is short... Then answer the Big Idea Questions A-E on the

       sides of the pages in the reading. 

    3) Don't forget to retake the geography quiz if you struggled.  I will make parent

       phone calls home this week and would prefer to talk about positive things. Then again,

       we can talk about the NYC Yankees and stuff that makes people sad.

   Due for  Friday 9/1  and Tuesday 9/5 classes --Age of Exploration

    1)  Read the following article & answer the questions about Columbus' arrival.

    2) Print out the following study guide for the Early Colonial Era.  It will guide you for your 
        next test.


  Due for Wednesday 8/30 and Thursday 8/31 classes-

  Welcome to American History. Your 1st Assignment

  will be:

  1) Memorize the following names and locations within the 13 Original US Colonies.  

  Key Terms:    Massachusetts      New Hampshire    Rhode Island    Connecticut    New York

                           New Jersey            Delaware                Virginia              Maryland         N. Carolina

                           S. Carolina              Georgia                   Pennsylvania    Florida- (Spanish colony)

                          Jamestown             Philadelphia          New York City      Charleston     Boston

​                         St. Augustine

                         Atlantic Ocean        Chesapeake Bay      Massachusetts Bay    Gulf of Mexico

  2) Then label the above terms on the attached map or PDF version.  If you don't see a term,

      look it up!

  3) Return your signed copy of the Syllabus and your completed student Info sheet.