Trump Administration Timeline- Blog

10/28/2017 -Oddly, despite the first sealed inditements being issued against members of the Trump Administration for their connections to Russian organizations and individuals, Fox News has strangely run a series of attacks under the heading" The Real Russia Investigation" which profess to link Russian contacts to Hillary Clinton's campaign.  The allegations made across multiple Fox political shows are remarkably similar, showing considerable collusion by the Fox organization.  However the Fox claims do not "add up".  The allege Hillary Clinton paid for opposition research on the now famous Steele Dossier which made some harsh claims about Donald Trump's activities.  Yet today a Washington GOP official came forward after being confronted with proof and admitted he had initiated the investigation against Trump, most likely early in the 2016 election cycle before Trump became the eventual GOP nominee.  In other words, the Fox broadcast tried to deflect attention from the real world indictement of Trump officials by fabricating the claim that Hillary Clinton initiated an investigation of Trump, instead of correctly pointing out that too had been initiated by an official in Trump's own party.


A little saddened at the tragic loss of life due to the church shooting in Texas.  It appears an unstable ex-military shooter sprayed his mother in law's church with automatic gunfire.  Trump called the shooter deranged but it is by his hand this event occurred.  One of Trump's first acts as President was to discontinue Obama Era gun checks for mentally ill buyers. This allowed the shooter to purchase the automatic weapons without a background check that would have revealed he was not eligible given the psychiatric issues he used in the killing of over 20 people.  What makes it especially tragic was the stupidity in allowing insane people to buy automatic weapons.  I'd ask what's next... terrorist watch list suspects being able to buy weapons?  But the answer was, again yes... Republican lawmakers have insisted they too can buy weapons... 

Also, according to recent reporting, Jarrod Kushner, Trump's son in law visited Saudi Arabia recently and met with the Crown Prince.  A short time later, there was  an "anti-corruption" investigation by a little known or used group which arrested the at least 8 members of the Saudi family, several of which could have been included in the line of succession.  A ninth would have been arrested but was not staying at the Ritz hotel that was raided.  He appeared dead a short time later in a mysterious helicopter crash in the desert.  The series of arrests was followed up by a long call by Donald Trump to the now dominant Saudi Crown Prince.  Weird.

There are a series of new contacts between Trump officials including a tenth Major Trump Administration official who confessed to unreported close contact with Kremlin connected businesses.  Depressingly, the admissions have all come only after the Trump officials were confronted by news services who had uncovered the connections.  These connections were required to be admitted during the confirmation process and are clear cases of illegal filing and potential perjury cases. What the hell is going on and why doesn't the Justice department seem to care?  Is it because its head, Atty General Jeff Sessions is one of those officials who did not disclose the ties to Russian contacts?  

Lastly, How is it possible that the Trump Administration is calling for a slash in immigration and the building of the wall with Mexico while Trump's Mira Lago resort just obtained 70 alien work visas?  Aren't there plenty of people in Florida who could do the work there?  Seriously?


Recent news accounts indicate Mike Flynn may have tried to use his position as National Security Advisor to send an American citizen to Turkey to be punished by his political opponent, the President of Turkey.  This would be shocking as Flynn did not disclose he was a foreign agent for the government of Turkey as required by law.


An interesting video comparing Trumps first 100 days to Obama's same opening 100 days.  What's interesting how little of substance is getting done under the current administration... basically a handful of appointments and a Supreme Court Justice nomination. History tells us this is the  period when a president stands the best chance of accomplishing a legislative achievement.  Most Trump voters remain blissfully unaware of the lack of a single signature law, the first time a sitting president has accomplished so little at the start of their administration in the last 75 years.  The dissonance between the perceived world of Trump Voters and what the rest of the country sees is jarring and indicates one side or the other will have a difficult time understanding the outcome of the 2018 midterms.

Also, a little surprised the district court judge left Mulvaney in at the FCPB.  It is not lost on me that Trump appointed this same judge a short time before and the judge interpreted the law to disregard the Dodd-Frank Legislation that created the agency in the first place.  The decision is emblematic of the viability of the strategy embraced by the GOP with regard to finding conservative judges who will vote their way on issues like this as detailed here.