New Students are required to finish

the Summer Assignment

by Day 1 of class.

  5/24/16 Last Day of Class!  

    1) Turn in all assignments by Thursday 5/26/16!  Good Luck! 

   5/16/16 MEME's Due!

    1) Make sure Mr. Vitale knows your group participants.  A summary of what has been done for the final video

      project is also due.  All books are due back!

  10/16 Final Three Projects:  MEME Project, Who Am I Handout, Music Video Project

    1) Your mission is to create5 MEMESinvolving a historical person, event or idea.  Be creative, funny and 

       most importantly, be ontime.  All 5 should besubmitted by Monday, 5/16/16. They should be printed or

       e-mailed to me at

    2) Create a "Who Am I" Handout of at least 30 famous people, places or things from US History.  You should

        provide a description which another student could identify. Anything we covered as a major term is fair

        game. Do a good job to receive full points. Do more than 30 for extra points.  This handout is due

        on Friday, 5/20/16.

    3)After watching the video forWe Didn't Start the Fire, you and a group of up to three other students

       (4 students max)  will add a final set of stanzas to the  song to include events between 1990

       and today.  Your video should include lyrics, pictures and all work must be equally shared by all members 

       of the group and might look like this

       Alternatively, you may create a historical music video or a movie trailer interlaced historical images and

       movie clips.  The goal is to have something which "pops of the page"!  This assignment is due on 5/26.  

  5//6/16  Day of rest... 

    1) Congratulations.  How about... no homework for a change?  

    2) We will paint the RainbowPoles on Saturday morning (5/7) from 7 am to 12:oopm.

        It's a cool way to leave a lasting imprint on NWSA,  Bring some paint friendly clothes and a

        camera for the memories.

    3) A shout out to Mr. Phillips: A classic from the greatest era of American Protest Music...
        Bye, Bye and We Didn't Start the Fire?  Pick one for a cool project with music or find one of your own that

       defines an era...

  5/4/16 Exam Preparation

    1) Try taking this NEW FORMAT practice test.  It comes with a timed option and provides DETAILED answers 

    for each question you miss.  Good Luck! 

    2) Final thoughts for the APUSH exam topics:
        a) Reform movements- Women's rights or related reforms (Prison, Temperance, Abolitionism ) 
                                           Either  1800's OR 1900-1920 Progressive Era

      b) Politics/Econ - Progressive Era - Note Wilson's role (along with TR, Taft)

      c) The Critical Period- The political development of the nation between Revolution, AOC and the
          Constitution.  Note the different types of democracy (Jeffersonian, Jacksonian, etc)
      d) New Deal/Great Society (Governmental Expansion)
      e) Conflict- War of 1812 or Vietnam (short answer) or WWII/Cold War (Essay)
      f) Westward expansion, technology and impact on the Native-Americans
      g) Immigration or Post WWII social, foreign policy and technological changes


  5/2/16 Exam Preparation

    1) Make sure you finish the worksheets below.  I am serious when I ask they be done on time. There will

       be an in class Exam on Wed.  Prepare!

    2) My thoughts on possible APUSH Exam questions for this year: (In descending order of chance)

      a) Reform movements- Women's rights or related reforms (Prison, Temperance, Abolitionism ) 
      Either  1800's OR 1900-1920 Progressive Era
      b) Politics/Econ - Progressive Era - Note Wilson's role (along with TR, Taft)
      c) New Deal/Great Society (Governmental Expansion)
      d) Conflict- War of 1812 or Vietnam (short answer) or WWII/Cold War (Essay)
      e) Westward expansion, technology and impact on the Native-Americans
      f) Immigration or Post WWII social and technological changes

   3) APUSH Exam at: 7:30 am-11:30 am on Friday, May, 6th.  The test will be given at: 
       Friendship Baptist Missionary Church, Beatties Ford Rd. Charlotte. 

       Exam structure can be found here.

  4/23/16 The Modern Era  

    1) There is an in- class final exam on Wednesday.  It is heavily weighted and covers the entire course.  

    2) Afterschool study sessions from 4:20 to 5:30 on Wednesday, Thursday (his week) and Tuesday,

       Wed. (next week).  Each session is unique with different review topics.

    2) The final class reading is a short summary of the last chapters.  Read it. It's shorter than the textbook.

    3) A list of APUSH Exam Review Activities follows:   All 13 are due by Wednesday, May 5th.  
       This is a hard deadline.  No excuses.  REALLY. Please let me 
know if you need help... These are

        really important. Waiting until the last day to ask for assistance is not appreciated.

          Important Laws      Territorial Expansion     Supreme Court Cases    Important Women        Presidential Event Matching          Important Authors         Famous Quotes       Who was President when...

       Turning Points in US History            Historical Term Matching 

                                         EOC-Events               EOC-People             EOC-Ideas

    4) APUSH Exam at: 7:30 am-11:30 am on Friday, May, 6th.  The test will be given at:

       Friendship Baptist Missionary Church, Beatties Ford Rd. Charlotte. 

        Exam structure can be found here.

  4/21/16  The Conservative Revolution of the  1980's 

    1) Read textbook chapter on the 1980's in the and answer the following questions.

    2) The classroom notes (terms you should know) are here.

    3) Sample AP Test Questions can be found here.

  4/19/16  The Stalemated 1970's    

    1) Read Textbook chapter on the 1970's and answer the following questions.

    2) Watch the following movie and answer the questions.

  4/15/16  Vietnam and the Civil Rights Movement

    1) Please watch the following video on Vietnam and complete the attached questions.

    2) Watch the following video on the Civil Rights Movement and complete the questions.

    3) Look up and define the following terms on Civil Rights.

  4/13/16 1960's, Civil Rights and Vietnam

    1) Watch the Century video on JFK's New Frontier and answer these questions.

    2) Complete definitions for ALL the terms on the list for the 1960's Presidents (JFK & LBJ).

    3) Finish these 2 simple handouts. They are easy and fast. Then prepare for the test by matching the events

      to the president.  If you don't know the event... LOOK IT UP!!!


  4/11/16 Cold War and 1950's

    1) Read textbook chapter 38 on the Stormy Sixties (39 in the online version) and complete the
​        following questions.

    2) Try reading your AP LEVEL guidebook to get an overview of the 1960's.  Its a very busy decade with JFK

         and LBJ, Civil Rights and Vietnam. It will help you organize the information.

  4/7/16 Cold War and 1950's

    1) Please watch this video on the post WWII years and answer these questions.  (This is my favorite

       documentary for its accurate portrayal of what America did after WWII)  

    2) Complete the listed numbers of your version of the take home test on WWII.  Your name and

       version question numbers are listed below:

              Version A   (#1, 4, 7, 10, 13, 16, 19, 22, 25, 28, 31, 34, 37, 40, 43, 46, 49, 52, 55, 58, 61, 64, 67)

                                       Students whose last name begins with A-H

              Version B (#2, 5, 8, 11, 14, 17, 20, 23, 26, 29, 32, 35, 38, 41, 44, 47, 50, 53, 56, 59, 62, 65, 67)

                                         Students whose last name begins with I-M

               Version C  (#3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24, 27, 30, 33, 36, 39, 42, 45, 48, 51, 54, 57, 60, 63, 66, 67)                                                              Students whose last name begins with N-Z

    3) Write a 2-3 page DBQ about the start of the Cold War using the documents provided. You may write more

        to ensure a higher grade.

    4) If you have the time and are intrigued by WWII deaths, watch this award winning short documentary.

          Very few short clips are as thought provoking.

  4/5/16 World War II and the Cold War

   1) Read over the vocabulary terms for the World War II/Early Cold War.  Define each in the space provided.  

  2) Watch the  documentary about life on the Homefront  during WWII and answer the questions. The movie

      will cover material that will be on the test and will not be discussed anywhere else. Please watch it!

  3) Thank you for all your hard work.  I know I ask a lot of you and appreciate the attention to detail with the

      exam so close.

   3/24/16  World War II (Spring Break Assignments)

    1) Read Chapter 10 in the Blue Book and complete the following exercise. There maybe a couple of answers

        you have to search online for but please answer with the exact language from the book.  This is a basic

        level activity given to non-AP students and offers only the standard level of detail.

    2) Complete the reading-take home test for the FDR and the start of WWII chapter. This is an AP level

        activity.  Note the difference!

    3) We're close to year's end, so finish the following review packet over the break.  The questions are fast and

       straightforward, but review key concepts from the early parts of the course.  All 3 assignments are due

        on April 5th when we return.  We have a tight time frame so FINISHING the WWII readings during
        break is critical. We are only 8 classes away from the AP exam!

  3/22/16 Great Depression

    1) Complete these three handouts about the Great Depression.  #1    #2    #3  They are the last three

        grades of the QUARTER!!!

    2) Study for the test on the Great Depression and the 1920's.  Last test of the Quarter!!!!

    3) The powerpoint on the Great Depression is here.  Be warned. The PPT has DISTURBING images.

  3/18/16 Great Depression

    1) Since few of you took the opportunity to repair your 1920's test grade, I will ask you to complete the

      following homework guide.  The coming test on the Great Depression includes questions from the 1920's
       and will be given Thursday.

    2) If you did not read this reading, do it now.  After reading it, you may prepare a notecard sized

       study guide for the Great Depression test.  Anything you want to write is fair game, both sides.   I

       will collect your card at the START of class on Tuesday and return it to you on Thursday. If you fail to

       prepare a  "sanctioned" cheat sheet, Thursday will not be a fun test day for you.  The qtr ends so don't

       blow this!

  3/.17/16  Just for fun...

  1) How do you know Hamilton has become mainstream?  Check out this hilarious comparison to Trump. While

      I think it is rather harsh, it does make one wonder why Trump has become such a lighting rod for politics.

       Please don't watch if an occasional racy word upsets you. (Thanks to another teaching friend EB) 

  3/16/16  Great Depression  (1929-1939)

    1) Read the following article on the Great Depression to avoid having one of your own. It's short at least.

    2) Answer the following questions about the 1930's.

    3) Watch the "The Century, Stormy Weather" and answer the questions here. Sorry as I gave out the wrong

        movie questions, so use the ones here on the site. The stories are heartbreakingWatch the Dustbowl,

        a little girl whose piggy bank is stolen by her parents, a woman in a fur coat begging for spare change,

        FDR standing despite his partial paralysis, early Adolf's rise and hundreds of rioters attacking food trucks.

        (I'm not sure which shots were filmed in Gastonia but watch and decide for yourself.)

    4) If you did poorly on today's 1920's test, try completingthis one.  Doing it is TOTALLY optional but

       counts as a  test grade if you want it to but if you're going to do it, have it finished at the start of class by 

       Friday,  FYI - Grades are loaded so make sure you know where you stand.

  3/14/16 Great Depression  (1930-1939)

     1) Finish reading blue book chapter 9 and for extra points, complete Ch. 34 FDR and Great Depression

        If more than 10 students read chapter 34 and complete  the guide, I'll waive the twenties test. I will ask

        students questions to make sure they know what they read so don't copy someone's work just to game

        the system.

    2) Study the terms for the test on 1920's for Wednesday.  The notes really cover everything you need to


  3/10/2016 Roaring Twenties  (1920-1929) 

    1) Finish Reading Chapter 9 in the Blue Book.  It combines the 1920's and 1930's.  Complete the

       following notes for the 1920's.  It is critical to know these terms.

    2) Watch the following documentary  (3 sections) about the 1920's and answer these questions.

      Seriously a great documentary with real footage from the period.

    3) Finish the Take Home test on WWI and turn it in on Monday (3/14)

  3/8/16 World War I

    1) Congrats on finishing World War I. To make sure you know it, complete the following  #1#2

    2) Watch the following video on WWI and complete the video guide.

    3) I am giving you a take home test to finish at home. You have until next Monday 3/14 to finish it. I will
        add a 20% bonus if you finish the multiple choice section by Friday, 3/11.

    4) For fun only... look at some unusual propaganda from around the world that makes WWI look like

        child's play, Watch the following videos designed to motivate citizens around the world.

  3/4//16 World War I

    1)  Read Ch. 8 in the Blue Book.  We will spend 1 day on the war so please finish the 12 pages!

    2) Complete the following guide for Ch 8. Quiz on Tuesday.

    3) If you want 200 extra credit points, read the Textbook chapter on WWI and finish the guide.  Its the

       equivalent of two missing homework grades.  I'll be very impressed if you have it.

  3/2/16 Imperialism

    1) The test on imperialism is next class.  Please look over the class notes carefully!

    2) Watch the following video on Imperialism. Answer the Questions here. There is a reward if the ENTIRE

      class finishes it.  Sadly, it will likely take a little stopping and starting to find all the answers. 

    3) Complete the following worksheet.  If it is easy after all we have covered, its a good sign.  WWI is next!

  2/29/16 Imperialism (1890-1905)

     I know many of you have a full slate, but you must find a way to finish your homework.  It is

      becoming a real issue and the past 2 quizzes have been perfectly awful. I know it's not

     fun to hear a teacher complain but you need to work.  Please don't make me into a grumpy old


    1) Finish Reading Chapter 6 if you have not already done so.  Quiz grades are dragging down averages

       sharply and cannot be made up.  Make sure you actually understand the BOLDED terms.  

    2) Complete the following handouts. They're very simple and will not take more than 5-10 mins. 

    3) Watch this superb video on Imperialism short 30 minute video.  Then answer these questions. Sorry but it

        is there to help explain concepts the class does not seem to have absorbed.  Still, good luck on the ACT!

    4) Second Block (only) must complete the take home quiz.

  2/25/16 Imperialism (1890-1900)

    1) Read Chapter 6 in the Blue Book.  (If you didn't get to the text book reading, don't miss this cliff notes,
       shorter version.  It covers Imperialism well..  Pay attention to the BOLDED terms.)

    2) Complete the following handout about Imperialism.  The answers should all be found in chapt. 6.

    3) Watch the following  Crash Course Video to make sure you got it. with these questions.

  2/23/16  Imperialism (1890-1900)

    1) Read chapter 27 in textbook (Chapter 28 in the online edition.). It's the only one on Imperialism!!!

    2) Complete the study guide for the chapter on Imperialism and Empire. Please actually take the

       time to read this.  On the last test, it was clear many of you did not understand what a Mugwump, Half-

       breed or Stalwart was.  The battle between these groups shaped politics in the nation and contributed

       to the death of a sitting president.  When you don't read, an angel somewhere loses its wings.  Don't

       make the Baby Jesus (and your parents) cry when they get your report card.

    3) If you missed more than 10 answers, you were given back your test to complete test corrections. 

      These are MANDATORY and due next class.  Also, consider taking a similar test to improve your grade!

    4) Finish the Civil War review handout if you did not already. Brings back memories of a happier time, eh?

  2/17/16 Progressive Era

    1) Read the first half of Chapter on "Wilsonian Progressivism"  Pages 687-693 about

    the Election of 1912 and President Wilson's domestic policies.

    2) Write a short story using at least 15 of the terms from the Progressive Era.  Your story should clearly   

       demonstrate you know the significance of the terms.  For example, don't simply say "He passed the 16th
       Amendment".  Try something like "The 16th Amendment's new income tax angered the rich old man"

    3) Test will be on Tuesday of next week. (Not Friday,) Just Saying.

  2/12/16 Progressive Era

    1) Watch the following video on Immigration & Cultural Change.   (Learn why the average Italian had 11 kids
       during this time period.) Answer these questions.

    2) Read Ch. 28/29 (The chapter may very by book version, so go by chapter title to make sure you are reading the right content. (Progressivism with Teddy Roosevelt & Taft) & complete the  following study guide.

    3) Be prepared in class to fill out the following Progressive Era notes.  We are moving quickly
       so please ensure you don't fall behind.  Test for the Progressives will be on Tuesday (2/23)

    4) Study Session at Mallard Creek HS Saturday, 8-10:30 (2/13). Map/info here.

  2/10/16 Progressive Era

    1) Read Chapter 7 in the Blue Book.  Seriously.  Read it.  Sarah did. Nuf said.

    2) Complete the following study guide based on the reading.  Quiz in class! (TY Taylor) 

  2/8/16 Gilded Age and Industrial America

    1) Study your flashcards and Chapter 5 study guide for Wednesday's Test.  Know the terms we discussed

      in class.  Pay close attention to those at the end of the list, including Major Strikes, political machine 

      vocab and the major laws that shaped the Gilded Age.

      THE TEST WILL COUNT AS THREE TEST GRADES SO STUDY!!!!! Know those flashcard Terms!

     2) Use this quiz as your study guide. and bring in your result for a quiz grade.

  2/4/16 Gilded Age and Industrial America

  1) Watch the following video and answer the attached questions.  Please pay close attention as this
      college professor describes both the Industrial titans and the struggle of unions to organize during
      this period.  This really is a superb video at explaining the difficult relationship between capital and labor.

    2) Please make flashcards for all the following terms over the weekend.  If you want to receive a 200% on
      the assignment, draw a picture of the term as well as writing out the definition. Be ready for Wednesday's

    3) Next Tuesday, the N.H. primary will take place.  I fear it holds few surprises and Trump will likely win the
      Republican side , albeit by a lower percentage than expected against the eventual Republican nominee,

      Rubio. (I'll guess by 24% to 20%) On the Democratic side, Sanders will likely win by a healthy margin (15-

      20% above Hillary) given his home turf, but he may not win again for quite some time (if at all).  2016
      promises to be an unusual election... dive in!  Ask your parents who they like and why. If they don't care,
      why?  History repeats itself and you might be surprised how this election compares to earlier ones.


2/2/16 Gilded Age and Industrial America

    1) Read Chapter 5 in the Blue Book and complete the following Study Guide for Chapter 5.

    2) Complete the handout regarding Gilded Age inventors.

    3) Don't just blow through these assignments.  Study what you're reading.  The daily quizzes will impact
       your grade like these guys, and you won't see it coming. 

    4) If you did not finish the quiz for chapter 23 in class , complete this one at home for an easy 100. I know

        a "0" would be even easier but resist the temptation to sleep through life.

  1/29/16 Gilded Age and Industrial America

    1) Read Chapter 23 and complete the Study Guide (Do only the Questions, Vocabulary optional)

  1/27/16 American West Test

  1) Study for the American West Test.  Be ready for a smaller test with some fill in the blank and writing

  2) If you struggled on today's sample midterm, consider coming to the weekend session held this Saturday
       from 8 am to 10:30 am
.  We will review key events you can expect to see on the APUSH exam from early 
      in the course. In the meantime, please finish any questions you did not complete from today's sample test.

  1/20/16 American West

   1) Study for the test on Friday (or the following class if ice leads to cancelled classes Friday)

    2) Read Chapter 4 in the Blue Book and chapter 26 in the Text.  Seriously, Do it.

    3) Answer the following questions about the West.

  1/15/16 American West Wrap Up

    1) Finish Reading Chapter 26.  Complete the Study Guide of not done already.

    2) Finish the Quiz for Chapter 26 to ensure you know the material. (They are aligned to the right Ch. now)

    3) Complete the vocabulary for the West.

    4) Test on Friday. Yehaw! 

  1/14/16 American West

    1) Make sure to read Ch. 26 in the textbook. Once finished, turn in the study guide for 26.

    2) Be ready for a content review Quiz on Ch. 26 (American West).  These will count far more going forward.

  1/11/16 American West and Midterm Review

    1) Study for the midterm.

    2) Complete any outstanding assignments before the semester ends this week.  Once the gradebook

       closes, your grade is final for part 1 of the school year.

  1/8/16 - American West and Midterm Review

    1) Please read chapter 26 in the Kennedy text.  Then complete the study guide (WORD) or (PDF). 

    2) Complete all sections for the study guide for Chapter 4 in the Blue Book.

    3) Study your prior notes and study guides for the midterm next week.  A midterm review session

      will be held on Saturday, 1/9 at Mr. Vitale's trailer between 8 am and 10:30 am.  Good Luck1

Welcome Back!  1/5/2016

    1) Read chapter 4 in the Bluebook.  Please complete SECTIONS 1 and 4 of the study guide for Chapter 4.

    2) Finish this short handout review for  the Civil War... its fast if you know your stuff!

    3)  If you want to get ahead, read Ch. 26 in the textbook.  It will cover the American West and help explain

        what happened to the Native Americans.  (Yes, you'll have to read it soon anyway...)

Holiday Break!!! 

    1) Thank you for all your hard work.  Midterms are the week following the return from the Holiday Break.

    Complete the attached study guide (Its worth a lot) and get an "A" on the Midterm.  

    2) Complete a college application of your choice or do the Common one over the break. There may be a

     section which you do not have information for like financial or testing information but fill in the areas you

     can. Make sure to include an essay (most prompts are quite short - 300-500 words or less).  This is an easy

      test grade so take advantage!  I will not accept late work or excuses unless they are 300-500 words... :)

    3) Only students who DID NOT TAKE the CIVILWAR TEST... here is the TAKE HOME version.

12/14/15 Civil War and Reconstruction

    1) Finish reading Chapter 21 and the Study Guide for Chapter 21

    2) Begin reading chapter 22 (Reconstruction) in anticipation of the test on Friday.  Study Guide is here
    3) Read the Chapter 3 in the Blue book.  It will help for Friday's test!

    4) Good Luck in the Civil War Game!  Thank you to everyone who contributed to Lawler's Axe!

12/10/15 Civil War and the Game

   1) Finish a list of questions for the Civil war Game. They  must be approved before using them. It's going to

     start on Monday.

   2) Finish Reading Chapter 3 in your Blue Book... It will be a huge help in understanding the Civil War terms.

   3) Finish reading Chapter 20 and complete the Ch. 20 study guide by Monday. Finish 21 and Ch.21

     study guide by Wednesday.

12/8/15 Civil War and the Game

    1) Read Chapter 3 in your Blue Book.  It will give you a huge advantage. Key terms in bold are likely

       to show up in the game on Monday.  Having a quick readable guide is a gift. Open it!

    2) Write 10-15 questions using the Civil War terms. Due next class! Study the rest. 

       You can play games at Quizlet to see if you know them.

    3) (Due by Monday) Read Chapter 20 and complete the study guide

    4) Watch this review video on Manifest Destiny and complete the following handout.

12/4/15 Civil War

    1) Read the following articles to determine which side had the biggest advantage during the Civil War.

     Then fill out the worksheet.

    2) Color in the map to show which states were Union, Confederate or Border States.    

    3) Here is a copy of the vocabulary terms for the Civil War Game.  Each student must create at least 15

       questions to ask opposing players.  The answers must be taken from the terms on the sheet.  I have

        posted a set of rules from a prior year but they will be updated as soon as I meet with Mr. Phillips this

        coming week.  Start working on the questions.  The game starts in a week (Dec. 14-17).

  12/2/15 Antebellum Period

    1) Complete the following Worksheet about Sectionalism and Nationalism.

    2) Change in plans-Watch the following Video and answer these questions.

    3) Study for the Antebellum test on Friday!

  11/30/15 Antebellum Period and Slavery

    1) Read chapter 19 and finish the study guide for Chapter 19 here.

    2) Complete the first 9 terms on the Road to the Civil War event list.  These 18 events are on Fri. test.

    3) (Optional) Try answering numbers 16-30 of the quiz for Chapter 19

  Thanksgiving Break! 11/23/15 Review and Antebellum prep

    1) Complete the Thanksgiving Review packet

       if you finish it before Thanksgiving day!  Please make sure you look up the answers. 

    2) Read Chapter 18 in your textbook.  Complete the study guide for 18 here.  You do not have to do the

       vocab at the end if you answer all the questions!

    3) Enjoy the Break! Like this girl Star Wars and Thanksgiving combined!

Thursday 11/18/15 Sectionalism, Expansion and Reform

    1) Watch the following college professor video and answer these questions. It does an amazing job

     explaining how American industry flourished in the North, began to hire women and spread to

      the Midwest via Erie Canal.  Test Monday on Expansion, Sectionalism and Reform!!

    2) Finish ALL the remaining questions (16-33) about chapter 2 themes. These are critically important.

    3)  STUDY your chapter 2 Study Guide.  Several test fill in the blank questions are directly from this!.

    4)  Prepare the notebook check by checking for the 2 required new following documents.

     5) Thank you all for your hard work.  We are about to start the CIVIL WAR material but before we do, lets  

     reflect a moment more on what Andrew Jackson would be like if he played women's soccer.   

 Tuesday 11/16/15 Manifest Destiny

    1) Watch the Crash Course video about USA's Expansion and complete these questions.

    2) Answer the first 15 questions about Reforms, Jackson and Expansion. Questions 16-33 will be next. 

        Answers can be found in the Blue Book or your textbook.

    3) Begin studying for the next test on Monday  11/23.   It will cover Chapter 2 of the Blue Book  so know the Bolded terms from that chapter.  Also, be sure the study guide for Ch. 2 is done!  Possible study session on Saturday in the morning 7-10.

Friday 11/14/15  Finish Age of Jackson and Social Reforms

    1) Finish studying the Reform terms we covered on Friday (from Chapter 2 of the Blue Book)

    2) If you have not yet done so, complete study guide. 

    3) Finish the chart and color in the map on the attached handout.. 

    4) Check out this website showing the geographical additions.

    5) If you are feeling ambitious, try completing the Study Guides for Ch. 13, 14 or 15 for extra credit.

Tuesday 11/10/15 Test and Andrew Jackson

    1) Please finish the study guide for Chapter 2 (Sectionalism, Expansion and Reform). It requires you

        to read Chapter 2.

    2) Complete the Questions about Expansion, Reform and Sectionalism.

    3) Watch the short video on the Age of Jackson and answer the following questions.

Friday 11/6/15 Test Review

    1) Finish the take home portion of the test.  If you used the answer key, its ok.  There will be a short test of  

        10 multiple choice and 2 short answer on Tuesday at the start of class.

    2) Read Chapter 2 in the Blue Book.   Complete the questions on sections 1 and 2 of the Study Guide.

    3) Enjoy a great weekend.

Wednesday 11/4/15 War of 1812 and Era of Good Feelings

    1) Complete the following Vocabulary Identifications.  Make sure you give the definition, picture and events

       before and after. Good Review for the test on AOC to War of 1812.

     2) Read and complete the War of 1812 handout. I am worried some of you clearly had not read

         the Blue Book or the text chapters.  Bad idea.  I will not be as accommodating in 2nd Qtr. 

    3) Watch the following movie and answer the following questions. If pressed for time, 

         watch sessions 1 and 10. (15 minutes)

    4) Be ready for the test covering the Early Nation from The AOC to the War of 1812. Yep. That's right. Test.

Monday 11/2/15 French Revolution through War of 1812

    1) Watch the remainder of the video on the first 5 presidents and complete these questions.

    2) Complete this handout.  Be sure to answer with complete thesis sentences.  (Post shortly)

    3) Enjoy this interesting video to find out what happened to the French queen- very sad.

        The brutality of her treatment led many in the USA to turn away from the French Revolution.

Thursday-10/29/15 The Peaceful Revolution of 1800 and the Democratic Republicans

  1)  Read the following review from your APUSH Study Guides: Period 2-B     Period 4-B

      For Significant Extra Credit, read Chapter 12 in the textbook and complete the chapter guide. If you want   

       an A for the semester, reading the textbook is the BEST method, thanks to both knowledge and points.

  2) Review the Movie on Washington and Adams and complete (ONLY 1-13) answer these questions.

  3) Based on the Movie and readings, fill in events for Washington and Adams on the following chart.

  4) If you need motivation to study, watch this: WOW! Find out what he's doing to get up for class.

Tuesday 10/27/15 The New Republic

    1) Read Chapter 1 in the Blue Book.  I know the books are a little worn but they provide a great summary.

    2) Finish the worksheet for Critical Period/Federalist Period. Most of the answers can be found in Ch. 1

        of the Blue Book. 

    3) Read the following review from your APUSH study guides:  Period 2-B     Period 4-B

    4) For Significant Extra Credit, read Chapter 11 in the text and complete the following chapter guide.

10/22/15 The New Republic

    1) Please read Chapter 10 and answer the questions on the study guide.  We will be moving

         very quickly for the next three weeks so get 'er done.

    2) We will have a mandatory notebook check and I will look for the following items in your notebook.

10/20/15 The New Republic

    1) Read the documents on Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson and answer the questions.

    2) Then fill out the chart comparing Federalists to Dem-Republicans.

    3) Watch the college professor teach a short 20 minute class on the New System of Government. Answer   

         the questions!

    4) Finish any remaining work including the Chapter 9 guide.  All is due on Thursday... semester closes then!

    5) If you are in need of extra points, please consider doingthis worksheet only AFTER you have finished

      all your work for other classes.  Its worth what you put into it.  =)

  10/16/15 Start the New Republic

    1) Read Chapter 9 in the Kennedy text and answer the questions on the worksheet

       I have noticed several of you are merely finding the answers with no effort made to

       read the chapter itself.  Try reading the book and see what a difference it makes in your
       understanding. Seriously, try it.

  10/14/15 American Revolution

    1) Review the powerpoint for the American Revolution. Make sure you can name and identify 10-15

        events which led to the American Revolution.  Also, know the major battles and their significance.

    2) Test on Friday!

  10/12/15 Fighting the Revolution

    1) Finish any remaining assignments from last class, including the "Very simple study guide".

    2) Study for the test on Friday on Chapters 6, 7, and 8. It's your last test before first quarter grades lock.

    3) Watch this short review video and complete the handout on the Revolution. 

  10/08/15 So you want to start a Revolution?

    1) Read Chapter 8 and complete this study guide

     2) Watch this exciting video of the American Revolution and answer the following video questions.

     3) If you are ambitious, fill out this very simple study guide for the coming test on chapters 6, 7 & 8.

     4) If you are not ambitious, wait until Wednesday to turn it in.

  10/06/15 Road to Revolution

    1) If you have not read Chapter 7, do so!  If you are absolutely lost (or perfectly fine), then read this outline

    2) Then take this quiz and see how you do.  It's from a different source.  Experiment!


  10/02/15 Review Colonial Period

     1) If you did not finish the Chapter 7 reading... do it.  It's important material. It explains why
         Americans are no longer English.  Then answer these questions!

    2) Watch a college video lecture on the American Revolution and answer these questions OR

       Watch the Crash Course video on the French and Indian War and answer these questions

       If you watch both, you will receive extra credit, respect, and an imaginary friend named Mr. Vitale.


  9/30/15  French Indian War (Finished!)

   1) Read Chapter 7 Road to Revolution.  I'm not saying there is might be a war in the 13 colonies
      with England, but it could happen. Be the first to find out how it starts....  Be prepared for a quiz...

   2) Read the following handout.   Answer these questions. (Optional)


9/28/15 French and Indian War

  1) Please finish filling in the events on the chart/timeline.  The following Powerpoint may help.

  2) Complete the Chapter 6 Review Quiz, questions 16-30 ONLY! Bring in an answer key.

  3) Finish any outstanding assignments.  I have to close the first period grade book soon. 


9/24/15  Late Colonial Period Review

  1) Finish test corrections for test versions A and B.  The test correction form may be found here.

  2) Watch the following video on the French and Indian War and write 15 - 20 important questions
      & answers which address IMPORTANT ideas from the video. It's an interesting video that will

    make the next test much easier.  Take the time to watch it. 

    3) I will post a short reading shortly.  Please read it before class and answer the questions.


9/21/15 Late Colonial Period

    1) Please read Chapter 6 in your textbook and complete the Chapter 6 study guide.

    2) Read the Slavery and Sugar handout from last time.  Yes, it's still upside down.


9/17/15 Culture and Economics of the American Colonies
    1) Complete your test corrections to qualify for a the curve to your grade and a re-test if
    you wish.  Retests will be permitted before or after school for 1 week afterwards.  The test
     correction form can be found here. Please see me with questions. 
   2) Please read the following handout which may or may not be Mr. Lawler's actual
         college term paper. It's scanned in "upside down" but if you want to know what he
        may have thought  about the connection between Slavery & Sugar in the 1700's, read it, &
         ask him who "Jean" is.  You'll laugh when you find out!
      3) Read the following handout detailing the 13 colonies and complete the following chart
          Yes, it will require some work, but you MUST know this stuff, and you'll be able to find
          your way home with your new-found knowledge if you get lost along the East Coast.


  9/15/15 English Colonial Culture and Economics

    1)  Read Chapter 5 in your text and complete the following chapter guide.

    2) Watch Mr. Pate's video about colonial angst.  Hint, Hint...take notes.  You

        may find the 13 minutes pass slowly, but remember the girl in the well
        from the movie "The Ring" is waiting for you if you turn off the video early.

    3) We'll know what happened if you are not there on Thursday morning at 7:30 am.


9/11/15  Growth of the 13 Colonies

    1) Read Chapter 4 and ANSWER the following questions on this PDF or  worksheet.

    2) Read Chapter 2 of the Ben Bernake Materials in preparation for our trip on 9/17.


9/9/15 Prepare for the first test on Friday.

    1) Finish any outstanding assignments before Friday

    2) Here is the Powerpoint from class.

    2) Study Chapter 1-3 and key terms for the test.  Be prepared to find the following locations on a map.


BostonNew AmsterdamCharles Town
The 13 ColoniesChesapeake BaySt. Augustine





9/4/15- English Settlement

    1) Finish the 2 sided handout about the 13 English colonies. Doing so

        will cause your brain to grow wise. Like a fortune cookie.

    2) Write your first DBQ Essay using your knowledge and the following documents.

    3) Celebrate the completion of your first essay with a happy dance. It's a test grade

      so don't blow this first opportunity like Eminem in 8 Mile by not finishing your masterpiece.


9/2/15 Colonial Notes Introduction

    1) Watch the 25 minute lecture video for Biography of America, vol 2 and answer the handout questions.

    2) Read account of what happened at Cajamarca between the Spanish and Incans & answer questions.

    3) Complete the graph handout documenting Native American deaths in Mexico.

    4)Prepare for weekend essay comparing English Massachusetts colonies to Chesapeake/Jamestown.


8/31/15  English Settlement in North America

    1) Read chapter 3. 

    2) Complete the Chapter 3 Study Guide found here.

    3) (Optional) Complete the Chapter 3 Quiz, questions 16-30 only!


8/ 27/15 New World Civilizations, European Exploration , and the founding of English America

  1) Please read Chapter 2 (pgs. 25-42) and complete the vocabulary and questions for Chapters 1 and 2 on

     the study guide.  It is very important to invest the time to read the chapters, look up the vocab and

     answer the questions. 

   2) If you want to get ahead, you can answer #15-30 on the Chapter 2 reading quiz.

8/25/15- Welcome To APUSH.  Your journey begins today... with your first homework assignment:
     1) Please read Chapter 1 (Pages 13-24) and complete the Chapter 1

         quiz (Only questions 20-31)  
    2) Return a signed copy of your syllabus- you'll need both your parent's

       and your own signatures.

APUSH Assignments