APUSH Summer Assignment

   AP United States History requires all enrolled students to complete a summer assignment prior to the
   the first day of class. Though your class begins in August, 2017, all summer work is due on the first day of class.

   A test will be given based on the summer material at the end of the first week.  The Summer Assignment is not optional
  and will help get you off to a solid understanding of the course. 

  First, what to buy IF you have a little spare cash:
  It is strongly advised you purchase an AP U.S. History preparationbook by the first day of class.

  It's not required but it has helped prior students learn the content in an easier way.  If finances are a concern,

  just ask me for a copy!    I also use as a reference The Princeton Review, REA and Larry Krieger's AP U.S. History guides.

    The Summer Assignment: 
  The focus of the course is the historical roots of American government, culture and economics. Students will

  be asked to read the first 4 chapters of the text to familiarize themselves with the coursework.  You will also listen

  to a sample podcast and a watch a historical documentary video below to familiarize you with a variety of

  learning materials. Come prepared to discuss as it will be obvious if you have not.

  Reading Requirements:
    Read Chapters 1-4 in the American Pageant Text (12th edition)

  Writing Requirements:
    Answer the following Questions from Chapter 1
    Answer the following Questions from Chapter 2

    Answer the following Questions from Chapter 3

    Answer the following Questions from Chapter 4

  Video and Audio Materials:
  Podcast A Voyage Long and Strange into America's Past- NPR

  Video: New Worlds -Biography of America #1

   Have a question? Feel free to contact me at alan.vitale@cms.k12.nc.us Please contact me with questions about the

   assignment or course.   We will begin with a test on the material from the summer assignment so its doubly important

   not to fall behind before we begin.  The course is A LOT more fun if you come prepared to hit the ground running.  

   Remember, the grades for junior year will be the last ones you havewhen applying for college so make them count

   right from the start!

*All guided reading questions must be answered and submitted by the first day of class in August, 2017.

***A minimum 25% late penalty will be assessed for any assignments submitted after the due date.