Final Thoughts:

     Remember to bring your textbook and T-shirt funds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!​ 

 For Tuesday 5/9 End of Year test and final activities. 
  1) There will be a final assessment to gauge your knowledge and give you a prognosis as to how you
​        did on the APUSH exam.  We will go over end of year options. 

   The Exam is on Friday!  Please remember to look at the 
    resource page here.  
   If you want to see an example of prior student essays and the 
    grading rubrics, look here
The June NWSA newsletter is here.

  Due for Friday 4/28 (Review)

    1) I am revising how I approach the year's end with you.  I  strongly advise you to read your APUSH

       guidebook as a short summary of what you need to know for the exam. Every student has been

        given one and several of you have never opened it.  Use it! We will finish under the following schedule:

    Friday            April 28    1970's/Nam/Nixon      Chapter 40    (1968-80)    Documentary 
    Tuesday        May  2   'Nam/Cold War      Notes                                   Documentary
    Thursday       May  4    Conservative Era  Chapter 41    (1980-2000)  Documentary

  APUSH Exam Resources: worth looking at: (I will add more as the test nears)
    Sample APUSH exams which demonstrate the new multiple choice format

​​​​​  Summer Internship Opportunity

    1) The Ashbrook Foundation is a group dedicated to the study of historical documents.  They offer a

        competitive opportunity for rising high school juniors and seniors to receive two elective and

        transferable credits in Political Science from Ashland University.  The Academy costs $750 which

        covers all instruction materials, room and board (including all meals), transportation to and from a

        local airport (if necessary), and all daily activities. To apply for the Ashbrook Academy, click here 

        and fill out their online application. As part of the application, you will be asked to write a brief essay

        explaining your interest in the Academy. 

   2) The Levine Museum of the New South in Charlotte runs History ACTIVE, a two-phase program that

        assists teens in recognizing various forms of discrimination and ways of challenging them.  Phase

        One is an immersive weeklong camp that pairs history, organizational visits and group learning

        experiences, Phase Two is a bus tour to relevant historical sites throughout the Southeast, to

        expose students to hands-on history.  History ACTIVE is open to high school students (9-12 grades)

        in Mecklenburg and surrounding counties. The application period will begin in April 2017. For more

        information, click here.

  Additional Review Activities:

  1) Several of you have approached me to ask about review activities for extra credit. I have gone through

     my files and found the BEST review activities for the APUSH exam.  If you complete any of these, I will

     accept them for a bonus to your grade.  You can finish with a substantial boost to your score by working

     on these.  All are very helpful and cover key aspects from the course.  If you complete these, they

     should be turned in before Thursday May 4th.  Please let me know if you need help... 

          Important Laws      Territorial Expansion     Supreme Court Cases   

    Important Women        Presidential Event Matching          Important Authors          

                           Famous Quotes       Who was President when...
                    Turning Points in US History            Historical Term Matching 
                        EOC-Events               EOC-People             EOC-Ideas

  ​A SIncere Apology Note in Advance of the Last Two Weeks of April:
     A look at the calendar shows we have a lot to cover in a short amount of time.  It is going
    to require supreme focus over the 2 weeks following spring break.  Your quiz grades show many of you 
    are not doing the readings and it is having a catastrophic effect on your 4th quarter grades. I keep 
     tutoring hours before and after school and urge you to see me for help if needed. APUSH effectively 
    ends after the exam on May 5th, leaving you free to tackle other classes/projects  during the final weeks.
     The days before then will be critical so please do everything possible to avoid missing class time.  It will 
     DIRECTLY IMPACT your grade and there will NOT be an opportunity to make it up later.  There is no "later".     
     Just as "All Shook Up", MPA's or other activities claimed your time earlier this semester, this is our "D-Day" 
      moment. I will do all I can to support you, and at your request have set up a number of review sessions.
     If you are lazy or complacent, there will be immediate consequences so please don't drop your guard.
     I'm not trying to stress you out but urge you to embrace the last 2 weeks for a grade you'll be proud of.  
     You will take a simulated AP Exam just before the actual one to help determine both your readiness and 
      your final grade.   Here are the remaining class schedule and assignments just below.  Spring Break 
     assignments follow:

    Remaining Classes (7) (Read Each and complete the  Study Guides below- Voc. not req'd)
    Tuesday        April 18    Cold War                Chapter 37    (1946-52)
    Thursday      April 20    Eisehower Era       Chapter 38    (1952-60)
    Monday         April 24    Stormy Sixties       Chapter 39    (1960-68)   Documentary (3 short parts)
    Wednesday  April 26    Civil Rights            Notes
    Friday            April 28    Stalemate 70's      Chapter 40    (1968-80)    Documentary 
    Tuesday        May  2   'Nam/Cold War      Notes                                   Documentary
    Thursday       May  4    Conservative Era  Chapter 41    (1980-2000)  Documentary
    Friday   May  5    APUSH Exam        

    Review Sessions:
     I am not leaving you unsupported and I will offer a series of detailed review sessions as follows with 
     extra credit awarded to attendees.  While not mandatory, these can be important to your readiness
     for the Exam:

    Monday        April 17    4:30- 6:00 pm     Magic Years

    Tuesday        April 18    7:00- 8:30 am     Review         
    Wednesday April 19    4:30- 6:00 pm     Early Colonial/Late Colonial

    Thursday      April 20    7:00- 8:30 am     US Revolution and Critical Period (Constitutional Founding)      
  Saturday       April 22    8:00 am - 2:00 pm  (Major Concepts Review)           
    Monday        April 24    4:30- 6:00 pm     US Expansion, Reforms, Sectionalism

    Tuesday        April 25    7:00- 8:30 am     Antebellum, Civil War, Reconstruction        
    Wednesday April 26    4:30- 6:00 pm     American West, Populism, Yeah, Yeah

    Thursday      April 27    7:00- 8:30 am      Gilded Age/Progressive Era
    Friday            April 28    4:30- 6:00 pm     Imperialism and WWI
Saturday       April 29    9:00 am - 1:00 pm        (At UNC-Charlotte)
    Monday         May 1       4:30-6:00 pm       1920's, 1930's and WWII
    Wednesday May  3      4:30- 6:00 pm       Cold War through Modern Day  
 Friday   May  5    APUSH Exam        

  Due over SPRING BREAK! (Monday, 4/17)  WWII Wrap Up and Cold War
    1) Finish reviewing the terms on the WWII notes section.   Seriously, look them up if you're unsure. 
    2) Read Chapter 37 on the Cold War (1946-1952)  and finish the questions on the post-war period.  There
        will be a quiz awaiting!
    3) Please watch this video on the post WWII years and answer these questions.  (This is my favorite
       documentary of the year for its accurate portrayal of America after WWII)  
    4a)  Finish the take home test on WWII.  

    4b)  Finish the Essays/ DBQ practice test. (Choose only one essay in Part B and only one in Part C.  

          Everyone must complete the DBQ.)
     5) (Optional) Watch this award winning short documentary. Its short and thought provoking.

    AP Review Day At UNC-Charlotte

  Note- The AP Review day at UNC-Charlotte on Saturday April 29th, 2017 from 9:00 am until 1:00 pm.  They are on the east side of campus this year, mostly in the Fretwell building.  There will be a variety of sessions for AP subjects ranging from Psychology to Environmental Science to AP US Government.  Each session is one hour so numerous topics can be covered in one visit.  I will give significant credit for attending sessions by experienced presenters in AP US History.  A list of topics are below:

9:00 - 10:00 AM
Course                    Topic                           Instructor                     Room               Capacity

AP US History            Key Themes                      John Michalski                  BURSN 110                 185
AP Calculus      Calculus AB Free Response    Brian Smith                        BURSN 121                 115
AP Human Geo    Models Review                       James Bello                      FRET 128                     80
AP Environ.         General Exam test info.            Diana Shell                       FRET 100                    238
AP Physics C:     Mech Forces, Energy, & Mom. Tomihiro Ono                  BURSN 115                  97
AP Physics 1       Graphs and Relationships        Farida Mohiuddin           FRIDY 137                    120
AP Statistics       Inference & or Probability        Chase Romano               FRIDY 141                     60
AP Statistics       Exam Tips                                   Lew Davidson                 FRET 121                      162
AP Statistics       Sampling Distribution               Dustin Weaver                FRET 113                      159

10:00 - 11:00 AM
Course                    Topic                           Instructor                     Room               Capacity

AP US History           Key Themes                     John Michalski                    BURSN 110                185
AP Calculus       Calc AB/BC Free Resp.         Brian Smith                          BURSN 121                 115
AP Human Geo      FRQ -- Strategies               James Bello                        FRET 128                    80
AP Envir.                      Population                       Diana Shell                          FRET 100                    238
AP Physics C: Mech Torque, Roll, & Moment. Tomihiro Ono                      BURSN 115                 97
AP Gov.         Prep for the AP Govt Exam         Patrick O'Neil                      FRET 107                    62
AP Physics 1      Writing a Paragraph               Farida Mohiuddin               FRIDY 137                   120
AP Statistics    Inference & Probability            Chase Romano                   FRIDY 141                   60
AP European  1450-present, Essay, & DBQ    John King                             FRET 116                    29
AP Chemistry          Thermochemistry            Ramona Hedrick                 FRET 121                    162
AP Statistics        Data Desc'n & Exploration  Dustin Weaver                     FRET 113                   159

11:00 - 12:00 PM
Course                Topic                     Instructor           Room         Capacity

AP Calculus      Calculus BC Free Response           Brian Smith                   BURSN 121             115
AP Environ                    Energy                                    Diana Shell                    FRET 100               238
AP Physics C:    Mechanics Gravitation & Orbits     Tomihiro Ono                BURSN 115             97
AP Gov't             Prep for the AP Gov't Exam            Patrick O'Neil               FRET 107                62
AP US History       Colonization to 1877                    Alan Vitale                    BURSN 110            185
AP European    1450-present, Essay, & DBQ           John King                      FRET 116                29
AP Statistics                   Data Analysis                      James Potter                 FRIDY 141               60
AP Comparative Gov  AP Test Review                     Anne S. McCanless     FRIDY 137               120
AP Chemistry               Acid-Base Equilibriam        Ramona Hedrick          FRET 121                 162
AP Statistics       Inference &Hypotheses Testing  Jimmy Walsh                FRET 113                 159
AP Statistics            Experimental Design                Tom Parker                    FRET 128                80

12:00 - 1:00 PM
Course                       Topic                              Instructor                  Room            Capacity

AP Calculus   AP Calculus AB/BC Free Response   Brian Smith                    BURSN 121          115
AP Environ             Math without a calculator             Diana Shell                     FRET 100            238
AP Physics C:   Mechanics Oscillatory motion           Tomihiro Ono                 BURSN 115         97
AP US History      Review - 1877 to 2017                      Alan Vitale                      BURSN 110        185
AP Statistics                   Linear Regression                  James Potter                  FRIDY 141           60
AP US Gov't                   AP Test Review                       Anne S. McCanless        FRIDY 137          120
AP Statistics       Inference and HyposthesTesting    Jimmy Walsh                  FRET 113            159
AP Statistics              Experimental Design                  Tom Parker                     FRET 128             80

  There will also be a Saturday review session on 4/22 from 8:00 to 2:00 pm as well.  This

  will be sessions dedicated to solely AP US History.  All sessions except 4/29 are tentatively scheduled

  for NWSA but the location may change.

  Due for Thursday 4/6/17 World War II
    1) Finish reading Chapter 35/36 on "America in WWII" and finish the study guide.  It's a straightforward
        activity based on the Blue Book chapter 10.  Please take the time to look up any answers to questions
        you don't understand.  
    2) The Class Notes for WWII can be found here. 
    3) Here are the powerpoints for both The Coming of WW II and World War II.

   Due for Tuesday 4/4/17  World War II 
    1) Read Chapter 35 on the shadow of World War II.  COMPLETE the questions on this guide.  If you
        don't, you won't know how the biggest war in US History starts.  Expect a quiz. 

  Due for Thursday 3/30  Great Depression Test
  1) Study for the test on the Great Depression and the 1920's.  Hurry! Last test of the Quarter!!!!

      Given the quarter's imminent end, there will be no retakes. If you are doing MPA's, you MUST take the
       test before the end of the day on Thursday.  It is not negotiable.  I will be here by 7 am on Wednesday
       AND Thursday.  Failure to take the test will result in a 0 and could well lead to an Alien invasion.  Don't
       be the person who ends our civilization.
    2) The powerpoint on the Great Depression is reviewable here
Be warned. The PPT has 
         DISTURBING images.

    3) Complete these two handouts about the Great Depression.  #1    #2    They are the last 
        grades of the QUARTER!!!
    4) If you did not read the textbook reading, try reading Chapter 9 in the Blue Book.  After reading it, 
        you may prepare a notecard sized study guide for the Great Depression test.  Anything you want to 
        write is fair game, both sides. Think of it as a "sanctioned" cheat sheet, but only if you need it.

    5) For those of you interested in the Huey Long "Kingfisher" BBQ speech, its short but entertaining.  
        Keep in mind he wanted to strip the rich of their vast wealth and redistribute it to the poor under
        the "Share Our Wealth/Every man a King" speech.

​  Due for Tuesday 3/28  Great Depression  (1929-1939)
    1) Read the following article on the Great Depression to avoid having one of your own. It's short at least.
    2) Continue working on the Chapter 34 study guide and reading.
    3) Watch the "The Century, Stormy Weather" and answer the questions here.  The stories are  
      heartbreaking. Watch the Dustbowl & see a little girl whose piggy bank is stolen by her parents for food               money, homeless woman in a fur coat begging for spare change after losing her home, and rioters
        attacking food trucks.  Things were pretty bad,
    4) Study for the BIG 1920's and 1930's test on Tuesday, 3/28.

  Due for Friday 3/24 Great Depression  (1930-1939)
   1) Finish reading Chapter 33 in the textbook and finish the Chapter 33 guide
    2)  Start the Chapter 34 study guide and reading. It will be due on Tuesday, 3/28  
    3) Make sure you've been studying the 1920's  terms from class.

    4) Thetake home testis due for WWI today.  As discussed in class, women get even & men are odd.

  Due for  Wednesday 3/22 Roaring Twenties  (1920-1929) 
1) Start reading Chapter 33 in the textbook and finish the Chapter 33 guide, (due on Tuesday 3/21)
    2) Focus on the terms in the class notes for the 1920's.  If it were me, I'd study these terms.
    3) Watch the following documentary  (3 sections) about the 1920's and answer these questions.
      This is a seriously cool documentary with real footage from the period. 

  Due for Monday 3/20 World War I

    I have extended the deadline for today's work to Wednesday. The WWI test included.

  Due for Thursday 3/16 World War I
 1) Congrats on starting World War I. To make sure you know it, complete the following worksheet
    2) Watch the following video on WWI and complete the video guide.
    3) You will have a take home test to finish at home. You have until next Wednesday 3/22 to finish it. 

  Due for Tuesday 3/14 World War I

    1) Finish the Short Answer  PDF for the Progressive Era test.

    2) If you were away from class this week, please schedule a make up test between Monday and

       Wednesday.  You may take it  as early as 7:15 am M-W  or after-school on Tuesday, 3/14.  

       Alternatively, you may take it during your Theater class period if permitted by your teacher.   

       Failure to make it up during those times will result in a zero.  By the way, nice job on the show! 

    3) Read Chapter 31 on World War I and start the chapter guide for WWI. It is due on Thursday 3/16.

        Remember the chapter listing may vary by 1 depending on whether you are using the paper text

        or the online version.

  Due for Friday 3/10 Progressive Test (Rescheduled)
  1) Test will be part in class today and part take home over the weekend. The take home versions 
        will be posted here. 

  Due for Wednesday 3/8 Progressive Era 
  1) The following assignment is due.  Please answer in complete sentences. The AP exam requires them.
    2) Watch this video about the Progressive Era and write 20 questions about the movie that could be 
        used by classmates to master the ideas in the documentary. 

    3) If you wonder what Chris watches during his free time (which is 23 hours a day), enjoy David Pumpkins.

  Due for Monday 3/6 Progressive Era 
  1) Finish the beginning half of Chapter on "Wilsonian Progressivism"  Pages 687-693 (the Election of 
        1912 and President Wilson's domestic policies).  Turn in prior chap 28/29 study guide. It will be
         returned to you to be used on the test.  
    2) Write a short story using at least 15 of the terms from the Progressive Era.  Your story should clearly   
       demonstrate you know the significance of the terms.  For example, don't simply say "He passed the 16th
       Amendment".  Try something like "The 16th Amendment's new income tax angered the rich old man"
    3) Test will be on Friday of next week.  Use the weekend to study. 
    4) Bring in your AP forms for Mr. Sennett.  Please don't forget.  You will receive a painful & substantial "0" 
         if you fail to do so.  Although he accepts them later, I will not.
    5) Take Home Test for Imperialism 
is due. It is optional but recommended for students who did 

  Due for Thursday 3/2 Progressive Era 
    1) Finish  the first chapter (28/29) reading and study guide.  
    2)  Continue reading the first half of Chapter 29/30 on "Wilsonian Progressivism"  (Pages 687-693) about
         the Election of 1912 and President Wilson's domestic policies.
    3) Bring in your forms for Mr. Sennett.  Please don't forget.

  Due for Tuesday 2/28 Progressive Era   (No class-ACT Exam)
    1) Prepare for the ACT exam today.  While we will not have class, you should have finished  the

        chapter 28/29 reading and study guide.  Begin reading the first half of Chapter 29/30 on "Wilsonian

        Progressivism"  (Pages 687-693) about the Election of 1912 and President Wilson's domestic policies.
    2) Test will be on Friday of next week.  Prepare accordingly.

  Due for Friday 2/24/17 Progressive Era​​

    1) Begin reading chapter 28/29 and start the study guide for chapter 28/9. It is due on Thursday,

        3/2.  All vocabulary and questions must be completed which includes printing ALL the pages and

        answer ALL the terms/questions. The terms are listed  in the Progressive Notes and the questions

        in the study guide.  If you are using the paper text or the online book, use the chapter title to make

        sure you are reading the right content. (Progressivism with Teddy Roosevelt & Taft).  
    2) Be prepared in class to fill out the following Progressive Era notes.  We are moving quickly
       so please ensure you don't fall behind.  Test for the Progressives will be on Monday (3/6)

    3) We watched the following documentary about the Prog. Era and answered these questions in class.

   ​  Due for Wednesday 2/22/17  Imperialism Test (1890-1910)
1) The test on imperialism is Today.  Please look over the class notes carefully! 
     2)  Thank you for all your hard work, which is all due today. Period!  The Progressive Era awaits! 

   Due for Friday 2/17/17  Imperialism Test (1890-1910)

     1) Complete this fun and interesting assignment.   

     2) Watch this fun and interesting video for Pro-Caring Day.  (Password nwsa)

        I cannot show it in class so urge you to prepare by watching it here.  It will help you understand that

        bullying is bad.  Unless its done by the USA during the Imperialist Era. Then its just patriotic.
     2)  Study for Wednesday's Test on Imperialism (with a little bit of the Gilded Age added in for flavor)

          Think of it as a "melting pot" or a "salad bowl" of historical questions awaiting you.

  Due for Thursday 2/16/17 Imperialism (1890-1910)
    1) Finish the Readings!  Quiz grades may be affecting your averages & cannot be made up.  Make

        sure you actually understand the BOLDED terms.  They're darkened for a reason.
    2) Complete the following handouts. They're simple and will not take more than a week or two.  

        See for yourself.
    3) Watch this superb video on Imperialism (30 minute video)  Then answer these questions.

        The above video is there to explain concepts not covered in class.  The questions are

        there to make sure you "get" those concepts.  This link is here to make you wonder whether

        we should have cars.  Especially old people.

  Due for Tuesday 2/14/17  Imperialism (1890-1910)
    1) Read Chapter 6 in the Blue Book.  (Think of this as a cliff notes to the text, and a darn good guide

       to what you have to know.)  It covers Imperialism well..  Pay attention to the BOLDED terms.)
    2) Complete the following handout about Imperialism.  The answers should be found in ch. 6.
    3) Watch the following  Crash Course Video to make sure you got it. Then do these questions

    4) Complete the study guide for Ch. 28 assigned last week. It's due today.

   Due for Friday 2/10/17  Imperialism (1890-1910) 
    1) Read chapter 27 in textbook (Chapter 28 in the online edition.). It's the first one on Imperialism.  

        It's also the last!!!  It's short and interesting, and lays the groundwork for America's

        foreign policy today.  Read it and feel smarter next time your elected officials enact something they

        don't understand.  And of course, begin the study guide.  It is due next week on Tuesday, 2/14.

   2)  Test scores are up and most were good! A few of you did not understand what a

       Mugwump, Half-breed or Stalwart was. The battle between these groups shaped politics in the

       nation and contributed to the death of a sitting president.  When you don't read, an angel

       somewhere loses its wings.  Don't make the Baby Jesus (and your parents) cry when they get your

       report card.  
    3) Upset about politics lately? Finish this Civil War review handout. Brings back memories of a

        happier time, eh?  Ah the good old days when we all agreed about our values...

  Due for Wednesday 2/8 Gilded Age and Industrial America Test

    1) Test Today!  Study Folks. All assignments are due today without exception.  Please get

        any late work for the Gilded Age in! 

    2) If you want Extra Credit, watch the following AWESOME (really entertaining) video on the

         Captains of Industry and answer these questions.  Only the first 45 minutes are needed but

        its seriously an easy video to enjoy.
    3) A second opportunity for Extra Credit: Read (only) Chapter 9 of the Jungle by Upton Sinclair.  

        Originally written to highlight the plight of Immigrants in Chicago meat packing plants,

        Americans instead focused their outrage on the meat packing industries' disgusting practices.

        Read and weep. Then fill out this very short form.

  Due for Monday 2/6 Gilded Age and Industrial America
    1) Turn in your flashcards.
    2) Complete the Blue Book chapter 5 study guide for Wednesday's test.  The answers can be found in... 
        you guessed it... chapter 5 of the Blue Book. 
    3) Test Wednesday!  Know the terms we discussed in class.  Pay close attention to the vocab, including

         Major Strikes, political machines and the major laws that shaped the Gilded Age.
        THE TEST WILL COUNT AS TWO TEST GRADES!!!!! Know your flashcard Terms!

   4) Feel free to try this quiz instead of today's quiz in class.

   Due for Thursday 2/2 - Gilded Age and Industrial America
    1)  Read Chapter 25 and finish the chapter 25 Study Guide.  Again, do the questions w/ the vocab optional. 
    2) Watch the following video and answer the attached questions.  Please pay close attention as this
      college professor describes both the Industrial titans and the struggle of unions to organize during
      this period. This really is a SUPERB video at explaining the difficult relationship between capital & labor.
    3) Please begin wrapping up your flashcards for the following terms .  Remember the large +50% bonus
        on the assignment for drawing a picture of each term as well as writing out the definition.  Be ready for 
         Wednesday's Test.  Or not, and watch this video instead.  


 Due for Tuesday 1/31 - Gilded Age and Industrial America
    1) Read Chapter 24 and complete the Study Guide for Chapter 24.
    2) Complete the handout regarding Gilded Age inventors.
    3) Do your best to to finish the quiz for chapter 24.  The quizzes/mini tests have no retakes. 
        Resist the temptation to sleep through life and grab an easy grade where you can.

  Due for Friday 1/27 - Gilded Age and Industrial America
    1) Read Chapter 23 and complete the Study Guide (Do the Questions, but vocabulary is optional)  
       Don't just race through the assignment.  Read, and absorb what you're reading.  Expect daily
       quizzes which will impact your grade and if you're not reading for understanding you won't
       like the result.  Another example can be found here.
    2) Start the vocabulary flashcards for the Gilded Age.  Adding pictures will entitle you to a hefty 
       +50% bonus. The cards are due on Monday, 2/6 before Wednesday's test on the Gilded

        Age. (Chapter 23-25)


  Due for Exam Week
  Welcome to Exam Week.  Please study for your exam.  It should be held on:
     Period 1 A- Wednesday Jan. 18th

    If you want to attend a review session to help prepare for the Midterm, we will meet from 8-11 am this

    Saturday, 1/14.

  Due for Friday 1/13/16 -  American West
    1) Finish Reading Questions for the American West. 
    2) Finish the Quiz for Chapter 26 to ensure you know the material. 

     3) Watch Mr. Pate explain Populism.  It's going to be big.
  Due for Wednesday 1/11 - American West 
    1) Complete the study guide for Chapter 4 in the Blue Book.  (This means READING Ch. 4 in the Blue Book)
    2) Watch Mr. Pate explain the American West.  It's short, but worthwhile.

  Due for Monday 1/9 - American West 

  Because of the Snow Day, Come prepared to turn in both Monday and Wednesday's 
  assignments on Wednesday when we meet.  I am truly sorry to ask but we must finish the West

  before the midterm.
    1) Please read chapter 26 in the Kennedy text.  Then complete the Ch. 26 study guide. 

    2) Complete the vocabulary for the West

    3) See if you can find a UTAH Quarter showing the Golden Spike at the completion of the 1st

       Transcontinental Railroad for a bonus point on the quiz.

 ​ Due for the Winter Holiday Break

   1) Midterms are the week following the return from the Holiday Break.
       You must complete the attached study guide & get an "A" on the Midterm.  It really is that simple.

        Copying from another student is frowned upon as you don't learn what you need to know.  Your

        grade for this work will mirror your grade on the Midterm, so please invent yourself in the exercise.

  Due for Wednesday 12/21 The BIG Civil War Test
    1) Thank you for all your hard work on the game. The Confederacy won with a +43% gain versus +6% gain

        for the Union .  Confederates will take the Unit test with a teacher assigned  partner.

        Congratulations! Study the Civil War Game Terms  for the major test you'll have today. 
    2)  Finish the Civil War Era study guide for Chapter 3 in the Blue Book.  

    3) Powerpoints for the Civil War and Reconstruction could help.
    4) Saturday morning. study guide... could be helpful with some of the questions.
  Due for Monday 12/19 Civil War and Reconstruction
    1) Finish reading Chapter 22 (Reconstruction) and complete the Study Guide for 22 in anticipation of the
       BIG CIVIL WAR  test on Tuesday. 
    2) Seriously, Read the Chapter 3 in the Blue book.  It will help for the test!
    3) Good Luck in the Civil War Game! It's the last day of the 3 day battle. Don't Forget to turn in armbands

       and cards in the box outside the trailer after school on Monday.

  Due for Thursday 12/15    The Civil War and the Game
   1) Finish Reading Chapter 3 in your Blue Book... It will be a huge help in understanding the Civil War terms.
   2) Start reading Chapter 22 and complete the Ch. 22 study guide by Monday, 12/19. 
   3) The Civil War game will begin on Today and end on Monday.  

         The South/Confederate President is AnnaLaFrance.  
                                   Confederate officers and their squads are:
     Talyn Fan         Emily Taylor            Mackenzie Flynn         Daks McClettie      Olive Mullis
         Sarah A.                Vuai                             Maya B.                        Trinity                     Schuyler
          Chris                    Abby                            Savannah                    Jaylin                      Lia
          Margaret            Susan                           Alvina                          Melanie                   Holland

          Ivy                       Zach                             Haven                           Emily M.                "NO"mar


  Due for Tuesday 12/13  The Civil War 
    1) Read Chapter 3 in your Blue Book.  It will give you a huge advantage. Key terms in bold are important.
      Having a quick readable guide is a gift. Use it! Try your APUSH Study Guide Book as well. 
    2) Finish at least 15 questions using the Civil War terms. They must be turned in for accuracy checks. 
       You can play games at Quizlet to see if you know them.
    3) Read Chapter 21 in the American Pageant and complete the Ch. 21 study guide.  Answer questions
         16-30 on the Ch. 21 Quiz.

    4) Watch the end of the Ken Burn's video on the start of the Civil War and finish the questions.
        The questions start around 5:00 and run for a 25 minute stretch.
  Due for Friday 12/9  The Civil War
    1) Read the following articles and complete the attached worksheets to determine which side had the 
        biggest advantage during the Civil War.
    2) Color in AND LABEL  the map to show which states were UnionConfederate or Border States. Know

        your geography or you won't understand the reasons the War ended the way it did.
    3) Finish the Chapter 20 Study Guide from the American Pageant.
    Civil War Game Information-
        Here are the "acceptable" vocabulary terms for the Civil War Game.  Each student must create at least
        15 questions to duel opposing players.  The answers for each question must be found on this sheet. 
        Here is a set of rules  updated for ths year.  Start  working on your questions now.  The game

        starts next Thursday (12/15)!      

  Due for Wednesday 12/7 Antebellum Period
    1) Complete the following Worksheet about Sectionalism and Nationalism.
    2) Begin Chapter 20 of the American Pageant and start the chapter 20 study guide. It's due on Fri, 12/9.
    3) Study the Antebellum events for a short test today

    4) The Nat'l History Honor Society Induction Ceremony will be on Dec. 8th at 6:00 pm. All members are 
        expected to attend.  Food will be served at 5:30 pm in the black box.

  Due for Monday 12/5 Antebellum Era and Slavery 
    1) Read chapter 19 in the American Pageant text and finish the study guide for Chapter 19 here
    2) Study the terms on the Pre-Civil War event list.  These 18 events are on Wed - short Antebellum test.

    3) Watch the following 4 minute trial of Jackson.  Interesting and informative.  
    3) (Optional) Try answering numbers 16-30 of the quiz for Chapter 19.  It may help on today's quiz.

  Due for Thursday 12/1 The Antebellum Era
  1) Watch the following college lecture about the Antebellum Period
    2) Read your AP guide book on the Antebellum period.  If you're feeling ambitious, read chapter 18 in the 
        American Pageant text.

    3) Complete the following Antebellum chart.

    4) Enjoy the greatest hits of Bloody Andrew Jackson.  Corrupt Bargain, 10 little Indians and Populism.

        (Optional but a bit demented, especially 10 Little Indians)

  Due after the Thanksgiving Weekend - Age of Jackson
   ​1) Watch this college level documentary on the Market Revolution and answer these questions. The info
       about the birth of the city of Chicago is shocking, disgusting and true.
    2) Complete these questions as a take home test.  You may collaborate, but please don't copy. The 
       difference is that you can answer the same questions on your own when the break is over. 
​    3) If you ever wondered what Andrew Jackson would look like playing women's soccer, here it is.
    4)  Watch this review video and enjoy your break. 
​    5) Thank you for your hard work. Just for fun, reflect upon Thanksgiving in the Star Wars Era.  

   Due for Tuesday 11/22 Sectionalism, Expansion and Reform

    1) The 1820-1860 period was known for a series of major social reforms.  Fill out the Reform Chart
         for each movement.  You may use ch. 2 in the Blue Book, your textbook, or other sources.

    2) Watch this review video on the Reform Movements of the period and answer the following questions.
    3) Finish handout on Manifest Destiny.  It's easy.  

    4) Complete the Review Packet.

  Due for Friday 11/18 Sectionalism, Expansion and Reform

    1) This era is known as the Age of Jackson. Finish watching a Crash Course and short Bio on Jackson

      and fill out the following questions.  

    2) Define and draw the following Jackson and Sectionalism Terms.

    3) Keep working on the packet due on Tuesday 11/22.    

       Optional but due for Tuesday 11/22

    4) The 1820-1860 period was known for a series of major social reforms.  Fill out the Reform Chart
         for each movement.  You may use ch. 2 in the Blue Book, your textbook, or other sources.
    5) Finish handout on Manifest Destiny.

  Due for Wednesday 11/16 Sectionalism, Expansion and Reform

    1)  Watch the Crash Course video about USA's Expansion and complete these questions.
    2)  Finish the chart and color in the map on the attached handout. Check out this website showing the

         geographical additions. You MUST be able to identify the new additions to the US and understand

         how each was acquired.

    3) Finish filling in this chart with the major policies, events or developments for each president.
    4) If ambitious, begin work on the following packet which will be due on Tuesday 11/22.

  Due for Monday 11/14 Sectionalism, Expansion, and Reform

    1) Finish the  Chapter 2 -Sectionalism, Expansion and Reform reading and answer the following questions
       from Chapter 2 in  the Blue Book.  Sections 1, 2, and 5 are due on Monday, 11/14. Sections 3 and 4
      will be due on Wednesday 11/16. 

   Due for Wednesday 11/9 War of 1812 and Era of Good Feelings

   1)  Finish reading chapter 12 and complete the ch 12 Study Guide.

   2) Watch Crash Course  #11 War of 1812 and complete the following questions.

   3)  Study for today's test covering the Early Nation from The AOC to the War of 1812. Yep. That's right. Test.

        There will be no early review for the test as I will not be here.  My apologies.

   4) Enjoy the Aaron Burr Video. For Fun.  Like before you took APUSH.
   5) Check out this 90 min video about the War of 1812.  If you answer the following questions for
       extra credit, you'll know all you need for the test.  Feel free to post to its Youtube comments and

        engage the Brit trolls.

   6)  Start the  Chapter 2 -Sectionalism, Expansion and Reform reading and answer the following questions
       from Chapter 2 in  the Blue Book.  Sections 1, 2, and 5 are due on Monday, 11/14. Sections 3 and 4
      will be due on Wednesday 11/16. 

   7) Complete the following survey for Ms. Hamlin.  She's going to take over the world or help you to.

  Due for Friday 11/4  The Jeffersonian Republic, Madison and War of 1812
  1) Complete the handout for the War of 1812
  2) Finish watching the Movie on the first 5 Presidents and answer the remaining questions. (14-25) 
  3) Complete the following vocabulary review for the early USA vocabulary terms.

  4) If you think the 2016 election is brutal, check out these campaign attacks from the Election of 1800

  Due for Wednesday 11/2  The Jeffersonian Republic

  1) Read Chapter 11 and complete the Chapter 11 study guide about the Jeffersonian Republic by

     Wednesday 11/2.  

  2) Read the following chapter in the Blue Guide Book and complete the following questions.  Most of

        the answers can be found in the Blue Guide Book reading.


  Due for (week of 10/24-10/28)   Critical Period and Early America

    1) Begin reading chapter 10 in your text and start the chapter 10 study guide. Both the reading and

        guide are due by Friday, 10/28.  Expect a quiz based on Chapter 10 on Friday.

    2)  Read the short documents on Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson and fill in the

        Federalist vs. Dem-Rep chart for Wednesday's class.  

       We will work on the Early USA Class Note in class. Go figure...

    3) Finish test corrections by Friday 10/28  for last week's test.

                                       A4              or             B2               Test Correction Form

    4) Watch the following review video about the 1754 to 1800 Period. It is from the Gilder Lehrman site, one

        of the best tools for studying APUSH.  When finished, click through the timeline feature below it.

    5) Watch the Movie on Washington and Adams and complete (ONLY 1-13) 

  Due for Thursday 10/20 The Critical Period
 1) Study for the Test today on Chapters 6-8.  Consult the study guide terms  to prepare.   Remember 
      you can arrive before school as early as 7:00 am to discuss possible test questions without the aid of 
      technology or books.  Just smart people mulling over the past... totally optional.
​    2) Try watching these 3 short teacher videos  #1    #2   #3  for some help understanding the Critical 
        Period. (AOC-Constitution)  I wish we had time to discuss all of US History in class but it is crucial  
      you research on your own.  These three videos will help for the test.  Bring in notes 
       from each video  proving you watched them and I will add a 3-5-10 Bonus to your score. depending on 
       whether you finished 1, 2 or 3. This is optional as well but strongly advised.

  Due for Tuesday 10/18  The Critical Period

    1) Ok, long day on Friday, but we did cover a lot of ground.  We'll resume by discussing the Critical

      Period and Chapter 9 next class.  Turn in Chapter 9 study guide.

    2) Then watch the Crash Course US History #8 The Constitution and Articles and answer these questions.

    3) The next test on chapters 6-9 will be on Thursday, 10/20. Refer to this handout for possible issues and

         vocabulary.  Remember you can arrive early to discuss possible test questions.

    4) I am going to have to scale back my tutoring hours beginning this week. I will come in early M-F but stay

        afterschool only on Tuesdays and by appointment.

  Due for Friday 10/14 Independence, but for how long?  

    1) Sadly, we may not meet because of testing.  Accordingly, to avoid falling behind, finish reading Chapter

       9 over the weekend and complete the Chapter 9 study Guide.  (all pages, incl. voc!)  I will collect 

       all outstanding work when we meet again on Tuesday 10/18.  Please don't blow this opportunity like

       Eminem did in 8 Mile.  You saw what happened to him.

    2)  Watch the Crash Course US History # 7 (Who won the Revolution?) and answer these questions.

  Due for Wednesday 10/12 Fireworks and Baby USA!

    1) Make sure Chapter 8 is finished and complete pages 1-2 of the Chapter 9 Study Guide. It will be due

      Friday, 10/14.

    2) Watch the following short video of the American Revolution. Feel free to take notes.

    3) Remember the American Revolution ppt is located on the Powerpoints tab to the left.

  Due for Monday 10/10 So You Want To Start A Revolution?

    1) Finish the Chapter 8 Reading and Study Guide.

    2) Complete the attached worksheet questions.  The answers should be obvious. Test it on baby kittens and

        see how many they get right. 

     3) Take the Chapter 8 quiz from the text.  As always, focus on questions 16-30. 

  Due for Thursday 10/6  The American Revolution
1) Look over the class notes for the American Revolution.  We will finish  discussing the timeline Thursday. 
    2) Begin reading Chapter 8 and start work on the Chapter 8 study guide.  It will be due on Monday 10/10.

    3) Finish the test corrections if you want to improve your test score and be eligible for another shot.

                                Version C2            and                  Version D5

    4)  Enjoy this AWESOME ONE PAGE SUMMARY of a chapter. Seriously. One Page. Not a word more.

Due for  Tuesday 10/4 Road to Revolution

    1) Watch thefollowing video and answer these questions.

    2) Watch a college video lecture on the American Revolution and answer these questions 

    3) Finish the Chapter 7 guide.  It looks different because it was written by a fellow student who passed the 

        AP exam.  Their reward for receiving a "5" on the exam was to offer you a guide.  Can you guess which

        student wrote it?
    4) Try taking the chapter 7 textbook quiz  OR following quiz from a different source.

          If you do both quizzes, you will receive extra credit, respect, and an imaginary friend named Mr. Vitale.

   Don't forget about the History Honor Society Meeting after school in the Library from 4:25 to 5:15.

  Due for 9/29  The Late Colonial Era Test
  1) Study for the Colonial Era Test... Chapters 4-6.  (Colonial through the French and Indian War)
       Anything from the following items is fair game:
           Chapter 4-6 Guides                         Late Colonial Notes                      7 Years War Timeline  

    2) If ambitious, start reading Chapter 7, the Road to Revolution and complete the Ch.7 Guide  If not

       ambitious, clean the litterbox and surf the web.

  Due for 9/27 French Indian War

    1) Ever wonder what your teacher's writing looked like when they were in college? Read the following

       handout which may or may not be Mr. Lawler's actual college term paper. If you want to know what he
        may have thought  about the connection between Slavery & Sugar in the 1700's, read it,  If you wonder

        how I got ahold of this, ask him.  You'll smile when you find out!

    2) Read Ben Franklin's account of his meeting with George Whitfield.  It's an insightful way to understand
        the  First Great Awakening from one of the greatest minds of the age. Besides Mr. King.
    3) Prepare for the test on the late colonial era by viewing this  7 Years War summary and
        answer the following questions.  This 7 Years War is considered the 1st true world war so this could be

        where things start to get exciting.  Thursday's test will cover chapters 4 , 5 & 6 in the text book so study

        the following :                        Chapter 4-6 Study Guides                           Late Colonial Notes

  Due for 9/23 British Colonial Society

    1) Watch this short Crash Course video on the later British colonies and complete these questions.

    2) Then compare it to this detailed 25 minute video on Growth of the Empire.  Hint, Hint...take notes.  You
        may find the 25 minutes pass slowly, but remember the girl in the well  from the movie "The Ring" is

       waiting for you if you turn off the video early. Guess we'll know by tomorrow morning.

    3) Finish defining the late colonial terms handout.  We will review it in class.

  Due for 9/21 English Colonial Society

    1) Read chapter 6 in the American Pageant and complete the Ch. 6 study guide.

​    2) You should BEGIN work on the class notes for late colonial era. (PDF) Be prepared to identify in class.

    2) (Optional) Complete the Chapter 6 quiz (only questions 16-30)

    3) The deadline for National History Honor Society Candidates forms is Friday, 9/23.

  Due for 9/19 English Colonization

     1)  Complete the following handout showing population growth in the 13 colonies. Use different

      colors for each colony to graph the size of the 13 colonies between 1740 and 1800. I already placed the

      1740 starting totals for each colony on the graph... it is up to you to add the data points for 1760 and

      1780. The 1800 numbers are not included so you will have to PREDICT the growth of each colony based

       on prior numbers.

    2) Read the info for each state and know the info.  You need NOT complete it again as it is redundant.  I

         am in the process of creating a separate page for each class to allow for textbook differences.  

    3) In the meantime,  Class1A should read Chapter 5 in the American Pageant Text and

         complete the study guide.  It can also be found by clicking on the "Pageant Reading assignments button

         on the left.  <---


  Due for 9/14 & 9/15 English Colonization

    1) Read in the HENRETTA (Blue AP Textbook) Ch. 3 (pages 80 – 111) and answer/define the Ch 3 questions

       (or PDF version) and terms. If you  only read one assignment, make it this one.  We will use the reading to

        determine which text you prefer to use!

    2) You may retake your test on any day this week before or after class. 

  Due for 9/12 & 9/13 English Colonization

    1) Watch Episode #3 of US History Crash Course and complete the questions for #3 only.  

    2) Finish the 2 sided handout about the 13 English colonies. Doing so will cause your brain to grow wise.

        Like a fortune cookie.  Or Mr. King.  But it only works if you take the time to fill in the correct information.

    3) Complete the Test Corrections for the multiple choice part of your test.  

         Remember to use your test version  1A      or       2B

        Once you determine what you missed and learned why you missed it, you can take a NEW test anytime

        between 7-9:00 am or 4:25-5:30 pm next week. (before or after class, any day next week)

    4) I will scan in a short excerpt from the Henretta textbook to compare with the Kennedy text you have been            using.  Please read and think about which text you prefer.  (watch for this on Saturday)

  Due for 9/8 & 9/9  English Colonization

    1) Read Chapter 4 (Yes, the same chapter 4 from the summer assignment) and ANSWER the following

       chapter review questions on this PDF.  Do this in lieu of the chapter 4 vocabulary.

    2) Watch Episode # 2  of John Green's Crash Course US History and answer the Episode #2  questions

    The questions were developed by some great teachers but only do Episode 2 questions.  Watch the video

    as many times as need be to ensure you understand the narrator  as he talks faster than the average


    3) Optional- Bring in a large bag of M&M's or Skittles (2 varieties) for a homework pass so we can do a fun

       mapping activity that explains immigration in the British Colonies. 

    4) Tests will be graded by next class.  Feel free to drop in tomorrow morning to review the scores.


  Due for 9/6  &  9/7 - Get Ready for the First Test next class

    1) Define early colonial terms on the study guide  or PDF version - It will prepare you for testing on Tue/Wed

    2) Complete the DBQ worksheet.

    3) Know your colonial geography for the test. 

    4) Powerpoints for the Early Colonial Era have been loaded here

    5) Watch this video by a professor which does an AMAZING job of describing the differences between

       the Northern (Mass Bay) and Southern (Jamestown and Chesapeake Bay) English colonies. It's 25

      minutes of incredibly useful info for the test.  Watch if you can make time. You'll... appreciate it later.



  8/29 & 8/30- Welcome To APUSH.  Your journey begins today... with your first homework assignment:
     1) If you have not finished the summer assignment, please do so.  Next week's test on summer

         reading chapters 1-3  is scheduled for the Tuesday / Wednesday's after Labor Day so the results can be

         returned to you to you by Thursday / Friday.

    2) Complete questions 16-30 on the Chapters 1 and 2 quizzes to test your knowledge of the summer

        readings.  (They may help prepare you for a pop quiz in the near future. hint, hint)
    3) Return a signed copy of your syllabus (with your parent's signature) and the student info form.

    4) Optional (Extra Credit) - Complete the following Colonial Geography handout and avoid Miss SC infamy.

    5) Advance notice of Weekend assignment:

       IF you wish, you may begin working on the DBQ (Document Based Question) for this weekend, due next

       Tuesday (9/6) or Wednesday (9/7).  I am not asking you to write a free standing essay, but rather complete

      the worksheet to model what such an essay will look like.  If you have filled in each section of the

      worksheet, you will have a superb outline for a written essay.   Please let me know if you have any       

      questions, but don't wait to ask until the night before it's due.  If you need this printed out, please ask me in

       class THIS WEEK!

      If you are confused or need help for any reason, please do not hesitate to contact me at: INFO

   2) Complete the following survey for Ms. Hamlin.  She's going to take over the world or help you to.

  2/17/16 Progressive Era

    1) Read the first half of Chapter on "Wilsonian Progressivism"  Pages 687-693 about 

    the Election of 1912 and President Wilson's domestic policies.

    2) Write a short story using at least 15 of the terms from the Progressive Era.  Your story should clearly    

       demonstrate you know the significance of the terms.  For example, don't simply say "He passed the 16th 
       Amendment".  Try something like "The 16th Amendment's new income tax angered the rich old man"

    3) Test will be on Tuesday of next week. (Not Friday,) Just Saying.

  2/12/16 Progressive Era

    1) Watch the following video on Immigration & Cultural Change.   (Learn why the average Italian had 11 kids 
       during this time period.) Answer these questions.

    2) Read Ch. 28/29 (The chapter may very by book version, so go by chapter title to make sure you are reading the right content. (Progressivism with Teddy Roosevelt & Taft) & complete the  following study guide.

    3) Be prepared in class to fill out the following Progressive Era notes.  We are moving quickly 
       so please ensure you don't fall behind.  Test for the Progressives will be on Tuesday (2/23)

    4) Study Session at Mallard Creek HS Saturday, 8-10:30 (2/13). Map/info here.

  2/10/16 Progressive Era

    1) Read Chapter 7 in the Blue Book.  Seriously.  Read it.  Sarah did. Nuf said.

    2) Complete the following study guide based on the reading.  Quiz in class! (TY Taylor) 

Period 1A APUSH Assignments