AP US Government

​​  Due for Wednesday 9/20      Federalism and More Constitutional Review
   1) Go back over Chapter 3 on Federalism (here) and then complete the following term matching.  Take time to learn

       the bolded terms you don't know. A quiz is watching you from the corner.  You can't see it but it knows what you

       don't know and it lives in MC463.  
   2) Complete the Constitutional Scavenger Hunt page 2.  It's Constitution Week after all. but you can think of it

      as your best friends birthday if that helps you. Once again, you can use this annotated Constitution for reference.

    3) As a teacher, I recognize we all have legitimate difference of opinion on social issues.  However, I worry about

        people who make up facts or operate without researching economic truths. For example, read this analysis of

        the costs/benefits of immigration to the USA and ask whether most Americans are aware of it.  What counter

        arguments facts can be marshaled in response? Go ahead and conduct a fast search to find a reliable source. 

    4) Don't forget to  complete the Constitutional study guide... a Fun challenge awaits on Wednesday, (This week's


  Due for Monday 9/18       Federalism and a bit of Constitutional review

   1) Read chapter 3 on Federalism here or you can read from it straight from the book.  Then answer the

       following questions.   

   2) Complete the Constitutional Scavenger Hunt page 1.  You can use the annotated Constitution for reference.

    3) Good news... The Wall Street Journal issues will begin arriving today.  I am going to ask you to start reading

        and commenting on political news stories.  When we do this, it will be important to have a sense of humor and

        avoid personally berating those you disagree with, even when they use foul and personally offensive language. 

        Someone using my name attempted this last year on the Charlotte Observer discussion boards.

        Feel free to read. You will have to scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the "COMMENTS" link

        to see them but they give you an idea of what is written. Interestingly, several of the posts my alias responded to

       subsequently deleted their original posts, which I guess is a win.

    4) More Good News... following our appeal to the Zone Admin, we have been allowed to re-invite

        Senator Jackson to visit the class. Hope he can re-commit.

  Due for Thursday 9/14 Constitution Test

    1) Study for the Constitution test.  You should know the Amendments, and the major points of the 7 Articles  of the


     2) Complete the Constitution quiz given in class.

  Due for Tuesday 9/12 Constitutional Analysis

    1) The basis for the US Government is the Constitution.  Despite that, many "PROUD" AMERICANS don't recognize 

        our founding documents.  We sometimes forget the drafters of the Constitution were also error prone.

        Despite that, we have a pretty good government, the longest running Republic in the modern era.  (The Romans

        beat us for longevity but I haven't heard much from them lately)  To review the summer assignment and prepare

        for your 1st test, on Thursday, 9/15 complete the following chart analyzing Articles 1-7 of the Constitution.  It and 

        the Amendments chart are a big part of what you need to know.  

    2) Have a go at this matching exercise from Chapter 2.  Its going to be a blast.  If you want to do more of them,

        e-mail me and for a small donation, I'll assign another set.  

    3) Don't forget about the short 10-15 minute debates which begin this week.  Names & dates are found here.

  Due for Friday 9/8 Constitution

    1) Complete the following worksheet listing the Constitutional Amendments.  Take some time to add illustrations

      for each... after all, its an Arts School, right?  A quiz on the Amendments will follow.

    2) Finish Reading Chapter 2 and answer the following questions: 

           a) How did James Madison’s notions of human nature play an important role in the framing of the Constitution?

           b) Explain why the Constitution did not include a bill of rights. Then explain why one was added.

           c) Discuss whether “women were left out of the Constitution.” 

  Due for Wednesday 9/6- Introduction to the Constitution

   1) From Friday's class: Read the Background to the Constitutional Convention and find the answers to the
      following questions about the Constitution.  More background can be found by watching this documentary.  

   2)  Get to know your textbook... It is waiting at home for you, ready to become your most loyal friend.  Read pgs

        20-36 and answer the following questions: 

      a)  List and discuss the shortcomings of government under the Articles of Confederation.

      b. Discuss the backgrounds of the writers of the Constitution, and explain why these men tended to be

          mistrustful of the notion of democracy.

      c. Compare and contrast the Virginia and New Jersey plans, and show how they led to the Great Compromise.

      d. Explain why the separation of powers and federalism became key parts of the Constitution. Hint: the Framers’

          intention was NOT to make the system more democratic, nor efficient. 

​  3) Don't forget to bring the election analysis of 2016 assignment from last week... We're going to dissect the rise of

      Trump.  and of course,     Have a great weekend.

  Due for Friday 9/1/16- AP US Government 

    1) Begin picking out a discussion topic you would feel comfortable leading a 10-15 minute class discussion

       on over the course of the fall semester.  Topic choices and date selection will occur next class.  Possible

       ideas can be found in the discussion link to the left. 

    2) Complete the 100 question Civic Immigration test... Please play it straight (dont' cheat) and print out your final

         score.  I'm curious to know how what the national average would be if this test were given to Americans.

    3) The fact check for Ted Cruz's reasons for not voting against Hurrican Sandy's relief were thoroughly debunked. 

        Does that make his current request for Texas relief funds hypocritical?   

    4) Get ready to begin the readings and formal classwork this weekend... its been a nice first week!


  8/30/16- Welcome to AP US Government with Mr. Vitale.  Your first assignment will be:

  1) Read the 2016 Election Analysis in preparation for next class.  Highlight relevant parts and prepare at least 3 

      questions you want to ask. 

  2) Return your signed copy of the Syllabus.

  3) Complete the first 2 Political Ideology Links .  Print out your "findings" page for each so we can discuss in class
       on Thursday.

  4) Ask your parent to fill out the Parent handout survey.  It's fast and may tell us a lot about you too.

  5) Find a newspaper story that involves an issue that involves  the Constitution, read it and come in prepared to

       discuss it. Good places to look include the New York Times,  Wall Street Journal,  Washington Post,  Charlotte

        Observer, etc