AP US Government

  Due for Tuesday 5/23 Review

    1) Continue researching your 7 days of the Trump Presidency's first 100+ Days.  List all key events,

       press briefings, tweets, or legislation proposed by the new administration during your assigned

       week.  You should also indicate who would most benefit from any proposed legislation/policy/Exec. Order.

       For example, when Trump removed protections for student loan borrowers on 3/16, who benefited? 

       When he called for stronger ethics committee rules, what was the effect on Congress? 

       Week 1 (January 20-26)     Wyeth              Week 2 (January 27-Feb. 2)          Nick

       Week 3 (February 3 - 9)      Stephanie       Week 4 (February 10 - Feb. 16)    Danny

       Week 5 (February 17-23)     Mikaela           Week 6 (February 24-March 2)    Josh

       Week 7 (March 3 - 9)           Alec                 Week 8 (March 10 - March. 16)    Devyn
       Week 9 (March 17-23)          Em                   Week 10 (March 24-March 30)    Giera

       Week 11 (March 31-April 6) Hannah           Week 12 (April 7 - April. 13)          Winnie

       Week 13 (April 14 - 20)          Patsy              Week 14 (April 21 - April. 27)        Alan

       Week 15 (April 28 - May 4)  Taylor G.         Week 16 (May 5 - May 11)            Taylor Smith

       Week 17 (May 12-19)             Abigail            Malachi- Overview      Jason- Special Project

  The summary is due on Tuesday 5/23 for all students.  This is the final day of class and there is the last day work

  will be accepted.  Thank you for a great year. 

  Due for Wednesday 5/3 - Final AP Review  

    1) Have your Unit Assignments to check in today so you can use them on tomorrow's exam.

    2) Check out these videos from the Saturday session from other teachers:

                            Cram Videos on Youtube         Cram Packet

  Due for Tuesday 4/25 Review

    1) Complete the remaining handouts from class.

    2) Continue working on flash cards.

 Due for Friday, 4/21  Review
    1) Read Senator Jeff Jackson's short summary of the current legislative session here. Send a reply to 
        Jacksonforncsenate@gmail.com and cc me at alan.vitale@cms.k12.nc.us  asking for more information or
        commenting about something he mentioned above.  It does not have to be long but it should be sincere.
    2) Continue to work on your Unit Packets.
    3) Finish watching the review video and complete the guide that goes with it. 

  Due for Wednesday, 4/19  Review

    1) Read Senator Jeff Jackson's short summary of the current legislative session here. Then send a reply to

        Jacksonforncsenate@gmail.com and cc me at alan.vitale@cms.k12.nc.us  asking for more information or

        commenting about something he mentioned above.  It does not have to be long but it should be sincere.

    2) Continue to work on your Unit Packets.

    3) Answer one of the essay choices on the take home copy of the test you were given last class. 

  Check out these Review Questions and let me know what you think.  By creating a student membership, you 

   can experiment with sample test questions.  Grading package may cost a little but is likely worth the investment.

  Due over SPRING BREAK! (Monday, 4/17)  Review

    1) Finish the first and second review packets by creating flashcards for each term which address the

         following 4 points:

        a) The term's AP GOV definition                             b) Use the term in a contextual sentence  

        c) A picture which incorporates the meaning     d)  A related AP GOV concept which is tied to the term

    2) If you are ambitious, you can begin on the other packets.  All are due before the final exam on Thursday, 5/3

         The AP Gov't exam is on Thursday 5/4  at 7:30 am. Go to the CHURCH! (Friendship Baptist Missionary Church

         @ 3400 Beatties Ford Rd, Charlotte, NC 28216) 

        There are no late exceptions and no assignment after 5/3 will be accepted.  However, Bonus points  added

         if you finish units early. 

               Unit 3 and Unit 4         Due 4/25

               Unit 5 and Unit 6         Due 5/1

               Unit 7                            Due 5/3

    Note- If any of you are brave enough, the CSPAN call in show for AP GOVT this year is on Sunday, April 30th

                at 9am EST.  They will discuss the exam, preview sample questions, and make suggestions as to what

                students should be studying. I'd call myself but phone lines will be open to students only.  You need

                not "shout-out" my name, especially if you are going to ask if Ted Cruz is the Zodiac Killer.
                                   202-748-8000 Eastern/Central 
                                   202-748-8001 Mountain/Pacific 

         More info including last years shows can be found at this link... scroll down a couple of lines, center screen. 


  Due for Thursday 4/6 Government In Action

    1) Write a memo/letter to the President (DJT)  detailing your stand on immigration and listing at least 3

        specific policy changes you would like to see based on our class activities and discussions.  Keep in mind

         your letters will be sent to the White House and be posted on the website... in other words, write something

         you are proud to attach your name to .  By the way, it will count as a formal graded activity..

  Due for Tuesday 4/4 Government In Action

    1) Finish your Immigration group short introductions.  There will be a quiz on the various group's stands.  Please

        be ready to argue for policy changes that actually carry out your interest group's stand and discuss how you

        may have to compromise or strategize to carry out that stand in today's political environment.  No excuses


    2) Any remaining presentations will be completed today.

  Due for Wednesday 3/29 Government In Action

    1) Study for the Test today.  Go over the packet and turn it on for POINTS if you have not done so already.  

       So ends the Third Quarter.

  Due for Monday 3/27  Government In Action

    1) Foreign/Military Policy presentation by Wyeth, Taylor with assistance from God him/herself.

    2) Please get with your partners and research the immigration interest group assigned to you.  You will be asked

        to make a 3 Minute SHORT presentation to the class introducing your group and its goals.  No excuses please!

            Tendies/Taylor G.      America's Voice

            Mikaela/Winnie         FAIR

          Abi/Devyn/Sydney    No More Deaths

            Nicque/Hannah         Minuteman project      

            Taylor /Wyeth             Hispanic Coalition      

            Josh/Em                       Center for Immigration Studies

            Steph/Alec.                  American Immigration Lawyers Association

           Danny/Giera/Patsy     Health Initiative of the Americas

            Jason/Malachi            Donald Trump Administration, etc

       (Presentations should not have one person doing all the talking and the other reading off a notecard

         word-for-word like a Muppet learning English for the first time) You have a weekend -- make it count.

    3) Read the Immigration policy packet put together during the Bush Administration.  There will be a quiz

        to ensure you read it!  (I'm trying both the carrot and stick approach in the hopes of becoming a responsible

        teacher. I'll let you know how it works out).

     4) Continue to prepare for the test at the end of 3rd quarter on Wednesday, 3/29. That was "TEST", not "text"

         Ok Nick? Anyway, look at your packets for inspiration. If you don't think I like you, you're right

         so don't leave your grade up to me and study those terms & FRQ's in the packet to claim your "A".

  Due for Thursday 3/23 Interest Groups

    1)  Keep working on the Unit Review Packet, due on Monday 3/27.

    2) Economic Policy Presentation by Danny and Taylor G. due. Read Chapter 18 so you can score respectably

        on the Econ. Policy quiz.  Maybe you can help the Trump team devise a policy that will help working class

        voter on: 

           Healthcare,         Home ownership,    Aid for struggling families,       job retention,       tax policy,       etc.

        If you disagree with the above articles, you should be able to advance detailed policy arguments as to

         why they are wrong.  


  Due for Tuesday 3/21  Interest Groups

    1) It's time for the final Unit Review Packet  or its PDF. Take the weekend to work on it.  It will be due on

        Monday (3/27)  but it's big enough you will need all of the assigned week and a half to finish it with the

        care it deserves.  

    2)  Giera, Winnie and Patsy will present today.

    3) The updated calendar has been updated, but is subject to change. Please make sure your group has

        prepared a powerpoint, class notes and an appropriately challenging quiz as stated previously.

               Chapter 13 - Congress Part 1  (pgs. 326-346)   Josh, Em and Abi                      Complete
               Chapter 13 - Congress Part 2  (Pgs. 346-362)   Devyn, Giera                              Complete
               Chapter 15 - Bureaucracy Part 1 (408-424)       Gus, Mikaela                              Complete
               Chapter 15 - Bureaucracy Part 2  (424-438)     Sydney, Jason, Malachi            Complete
               Chapter 11 -  Interest Groups                              Nick, Hannah, Alan                   Complete

               Chapter 19 - Domestic/Social Policy               Winnie, Patsy, Giera                  Tues.      3/21
               Chapter 18 - Economic Policy                            Taylor G., Danny                        Thur.      3/23
               Chapter 20 - Foreign/Military Policy                Wyeth, Taylor S.                        Mon.       3/27
               Chapter 22 - Democracy - Who Governs?      Steph and Alec                          Wed.      3/29
               Chapter 21 -  Environmental Policy                  TBD                                               TBD
               A presentation rubric can be found here and all groups should have a handout and quiz.

  Due for Friday 3/17  Government In Action 
    1) Finish the Chap. 10 material to help you prepare for the Interest Groups test today

        Mikaela will lead you in breaking down the test.

    2)  Watch the attached short videos and complete the questions attached at the following textbook site

          There's even one for Abi...  wanna guess which powerful  interest group it is?
    3) Read "The Operator" article about the powerful lobbyist for Healthcare.  Make sure to read and evaluate

        the comments.

  Due for Wednesday 3/15 Government in Action

    1) Study for the Interest Groups test on Friday by beginning the following handout with terms from chapter 10. 
       It's due Friday before the test.

    2) We will watch the a video entitled "Obama's Deal" Videoin class.  It's a great analysis of how

         Interest Groups work.

    3)  In class, we will read the NYT article "A Wealthy Governor and His Friends are Remaking Illinois" and

         answer the following.

  Due for Monday 3/13 Government In Action

    1) ​ Watch both videos on Interest Groups #1  and #2 and complete the questions.
    2) Finish outlining Chapter 10 Interest Groups.  It should be your own work. No excuses.
    3) Finish watching the  OSHA Documentary and answer the remaining questions from class
    4) Read this great NYT article about Privitization as an alternative to Bureaucracy 

     5) Hannah and Nick and Alan present.  Interest groups have never been more interesting. Nicely done.

  Due for Thursday 3/9 Government In Action

    1)  Watch both videos on Interest Groups #1  and #2 and complete the questions.

    2) Bring your textbooks into class.  This is very important as we will need the NON-electronic textbooks

          for a classroom activity. 

    3) Start outlining Chapter 10 Interest Groups.  It should be your own work. Turn it in on Monday, 3/13.!

    4) Complete your AP forms if you plan on taking the AP Exam in May.

    5) Finish watching the  OSHA Documentary and answer these questions

    6) Read this great NYT article about Privitization as an alternative to Bureaucracy 

    7) Test Today on Bureaucracy!

  Due for Tuesday 3/7 Government in Action

    1) Watch the following video on Interest Groups 

    2) Read & study Chapter 10 on Interest Groups.  Be ready for a quiz. Answer the following questions:

        A. Discuss four reasons identified by the authors for why interest groups are so common in the USA.

        B. Explain how government policy contributed to the rise of interest groups since the 1960s.

        C. Identify some of the defining characteristics of institutional and membership interests.

        D. Identify and explain the three types of incentives which mass-membership organizations offer.

        E. Discuss the rise and fall of the union movement with attention to causes of decline and recent trends.

        F. How do interest groups employ “ratings?” What are some examples of groups who employ them and why

            are they also problematic?

        G. Summarize what political scientists know about trends in PAC activity & the influence of PACs on

            congressional voting.
    3) Nick, Hannah and Alan will present Chapter 10 Interest Groups on Monday.  

        Sydney, Malachi, Jason and optional helpers Josh, Em and Giera will finish Bureaucracy #2 today.

    4) In class Resources:  OSHA Documentary and its questions.

         NYT Article on Privitizations.

        Amusing Politics Videos: SNL Gump   and GOP Hero  and US Bureaucracy Awareness and its quiz

  Due for Friday 3/3 Government in Action

    1) Finish watching this video on Bureaucracy Types and answer these questions.  

    2) Watch this video on Controlling Bureaucracy and answer these exciting questions.   

    3) Answer these Questions with answers straight from the text on Chapter 15 -Bureaucracy: (Give page # you

         found each on)

        A. What are the 3 aspects of our constitutional system & traditions that give our bureaucracy its character?
        B. Why did federal agencies primarily perform a service role before 1900?

        C. Identify the three areas in which Congress has delegated substantial authority to administrative agencies.
        D. Summarize the process whereby a federal bureaucrat can be fired.
        E. Discuss how lawyers & economists at the FTC differ in their attitudes, opinions and decision-making.
        F. Identify 3-4 effects of the constraints/limits that are placed on agency behavior.
        G. Explain why iron triangles are much less common today than they used to be.

     3) Bring in your forms for Mr. Sennett if you have not done so already. (Yes, there's a grade for this).  No, you

        cannot get credit for turning them in later.  

    4) Please fill out the waiver form and bring it into class today!!! Sorry, I know we did these before but they

       have not arrived yet​ and better safe than sorry.

  Due for Wednesday 3/1 Government In Action

    1)  Finish Reading Chapter 15 (408-438).  Bureaucracy Group 2 will present together.  A detailed quiz on the chapter    

      will be given.

    2) Please watch the following video on Bureaucracy Basics and answer the attached questions

     3) Bring in your forms for Mr. Sennett.  

  Due for Monday 2/27 Congress Simulation

    1) Prepare your group presentations.  Mikaela is given a waiver for the presentation today due to extenuating    

        circumstances. Read through page 424 and expect a quiz.  You don't want to leave them hanging..

    2) Read the following essay and answer the questions.

  Due for Thursday 2/23 Congress Simulation

    1) Review your chapter presentation assignments.  The list and dates have been updated as follows:

               Chapter 13 - Congress Part 1  (pgs. 326-346)   Josh, Em and Abi                      Complete
               Chapter 13 - Congress Part 2  (Pgs. 346-362)   Devyn, Giera                              Complete

               Chapter 15 - Bureaucracy Part 1 (408-424)       Gus, Mikaela                              Mon.      2/27
               Chapter 15 - Bureaucracy Part 2  (424-438)     Sydney, Jason, Malachi            Wed.      3/01
               Chapter 11 -  Interest Groups                              Nick, Hannah, Alan                   Tues      3/07
               Chapter 19 - Domestic/Social Policy               Winnie, Patsy, Giera                  Thur.      3/09
               Chapter 18 - Economic Policy                            Taylor G., Danny                        Mon.      3/13
               Chapter 20 - Foreign/Military Policy                Wyeth, Taylor S.                        Wed.       3/15
               Chapter 21 -  Environmental Policy                  TBD Volunteers?                        Fri.           3/17
               Chapter 22 - Democracy - Who Governs?      Steph and Alec                          Tue.         3/21

               A presentation rubric can be found here and all groups should have a handout and quiz.

    2) Each group should complete their drafting of the immigration legislation.  Be ready to start the next class by

        discussing which group's proposal sounds best.

    3) Complete the following handout regarding the Legislative Process.  The handout was distributed in class.

  Due for Tuesday 2/21 Congress Simulation

    1) Now that you have gotten to know your district and worked with other congressmen/women, begin thinking

        about what (if any restrictions) you want to make regarding immigration of underage minors.  You will have to

        answer two  major concerns:

       A)      i) Do you think the Federal Government should enforce a uniform Immigration policy orallow each state

                     to craft their own immigration requirements?  

                 ii) What specific restrictions would you like to see in your  proposed Immigration law with regard to minors?

                      Give concrete ideas... should children receive education, a chance at residency or a plane ticket home?

                       Have 3-4 concrete proposals  to suggest.

      B) If you need inspiration, read this article from Forbes magazine suggesting some pretty avant-garde ideas.  

           Heck, even if you don't, read this article.  Are any of these ideas worth trying?  Can you find other articles

           with anything better?

    2) Make sure you answer the questions on this handout, front and back.  Then be ready to draft a sample bill

         using this template:    Word     PDF

  Due for Wednesday 2/15 Congress Simulation

    1) The Congressional District Assignments for our simulation are listed below.  Please fill out your

       constituent form and research your district so that you can lobby for their interests. The recommended sites are 

         www.govtrack.us    and     www.50states.com      and      www.census.gov   but other reputable sites are fine.  

        Youwill have to make a short introduction to your colleagues about your district to let them know who to ally

        with so take a little time to get your facts right.  From Taylor- Try looking up your representative on Youtube for

        news stories.  Some of politicians  are quite colorful.  (Taylor's representative may have had several mistresses

        or encouraged his ex-wife and mistresses to get abortions despite his strong stand on family values.)  You may

        as well have fun with the identity you are assuming.

     Congressional Delegation Assignments: 

             Taylor  S.         10th Dist. Texas

             Wyeth             Wyoming Dist.

             Alan                  4th Arkansas.

             Taylor G.         4th Tenessee.

             Jason              9th New Jersey

             Emily               4th North Carolina

             Mikaela           4th Virginia
             Patsy              11th Pennsylvania.
            Winnie             16th New York
             Hannah           1st Hawaii

             Malachi           16th New York

             Josh                 11th New Jersey

             Abi                    2nd Alabama

             Devyn              Delaware District 

             Gus                  36th California 

             Danny             3rd New Mexico 

             Giera               5th Georgia.

             Sydney            4th South Carolina

             Alec                 9th Arizona

             Stephanie       South Dakota Dist.

             Nick                 9th New York.

    2) The class elected to debate Immigration Policy and we will use the"Kid Act" in the following brief.

         Familiarize yourself by reading through this handout.   It will help you understand what we are doing.

         Note the first 2 pages discuss the proposed legislation and the remaining 6 pages discuss the 

         3 possible outcomes you may select based on your beliefs and your district's voters.


  Due for Monday 2/13 Congress Simulation

    1) Watch the following three Crash Course Videos on Committees and Leadership and Legislative Process

          Then complete the attached questions for the three videos. 

    2) Just for fun, we saw the Netherland's USA first video.  It has since become a phenomenon with videos in

         Germany,   Switzerland,  Denmark , Lithuania, Luxembourg, Poland, Russia, Russia II, Austria, Portugal,

         Czechs, Iceland, Moldolva, Finland, Bulgaria, Spain, Bavaria,  MacedoniaSloveniaBelgium, Croatia, Italy,

         Morocco, Iran,  Madiera Islands, Bosnia, Namibia, NigeriaNew Zealand, Australia, North Korea, Freysia,

         Mars, Minecraft,  Hogwarts,  China, Israel,  Pakistan, The Azores, Ostfriesland, Cologne, Baden- Wurttemb,

        and countless others.  It is nice to know our President has helped bring the world together.  Some including

        Germany, Baden-Wurttemburg, Italy, Denmark, Namibia and The Azores are quite funny. Of interest is that 

        the videos have not targeted the American people but rather our leader.  It indicates Americans are still

        generally liked around the world but that may change if we pursue a policy that results in extraterritorial 

        violations of other nations' borders (military intervention) or an outright abandonment of our historical

        allies like NATO, SEATO, ANZAC, etc.  We saw a similar sentiment harden into Anti-US  feelings during

        Bush "W"'s invasion of Iraq in 2003. Many nations felt the USA was unjustified in invading Iraq & public opinion

        around the world excoriaited US policy.  After 8 years of a cautious Obama administration, many Americans

        may have forgotten the costs associated with proactively attacking other nations first or openly antagonizing 

        close allies like Australia or France. Let's hope the video laughter remains harmless as Trump  masters

        international diplomacy.

  Due for Thursday 2/8  Congress (Test)

    1) Study for the rescheduled test today.   Don't forget to look over key vocabulary like these terms.  Now onto the


    2) Check out Gus's video:  Well done.  Seriously.  A sincere and well crafted video entry.

    3) I am assuming most of you saw the big game last Sunday.  Patriots and Falcon fans were treated to what most

        analysts deemed "the most political Superbowl in memory. "  Consider the advertisement from 84 Lumber.  

         Do a little research (Example or Example 2 or Example 3)  to divine why a lumber company decided to run

         this ad. Then write a 1 page assessment as a marketing adviser to 84 Lumber analyzing what the risks/benefits

         are for them.  Conmclude by predicting whether you think they will be rewarded for their marketing choice.

        You may also use the Budweiser Ad as an example for your response if the subject of immigration makes you

       uncomfortable. (heh-heh)

  Due for Friday 2/3 Congress (Group 2 Presentation)

    1) Prepare for the test on Congress on Tuesday!  Group 1 Powerpoint posted HERE.  Part 2 is HERE!  

     2) Finish reading the document on the problems of government and fill in your thoughts on a fresh 4-3-2-1 Form.

  Due for Wednesday 2/1 Congress  (Group 1 Presentation)

    1) Group Activity Assignment posting coming.  Outlines for Chapter 13 are due today.

     2) Read/listen to this podcast from 2011 about problems and fixes to Congress.  Then read this short article by a

        recent legislator about the flaws.  Then answer the following questions in a 1 page essay. (Yes, 1 page =1 full


         How accurate was the author's diagnosis of Congressional problems and how effective were the solutions

         given the experiences of the past 5 years?  Why were they not adopted?

  Due or Monday 1/30 Congress  

    1) Finish reading and outlining Chapter 13-Congress.

    2) Answer the following questions from Chapter 13.

                            a. Discuss the relationship between ideology and civility in Congress in recent years.

                            b. Identify the factors that help to explain the way a member of Congress votes.

                            c.  Describe the formal process by which a bill becomes a law.

                            d. Explain the ethical problems confronting Congress.

    3) Classroom roles will be assigned next class for the Congressional simulation we will participate in over the next

        few weeks.  Be ready to dive in.  In the meantime, the Group Chapter Presentations can be found below:


               Chapter 13 - Congress Part 1  (pgs. 326-346)   Josh, Em and Abi                      Wednesday 2/1

               Chapter 13 - Congress Part 2  (Pgs. 346-362)   Devyn, Giera                              Friday    2/3

               Chapter 15 - Bureaucracy Part 1 (408-424)       Gus, Mikaela                              Mon.      2/27

               Chapter 15 - Bureaucracy Part 2  (424-438)     Sydney, Jason, Malachi            Wed.      3/01

               Chapter 11 -  Interest Groups                              Nick, Hannah, Alan                   Friday    3/03

               Chapter 19 - Domestic/Social Policy               Winnie, Patsy, Giera                  Tue.        3/07

               Chapter 18 - Economic Policy                            Taylor G., Danny                        Thur.      3/09

               Chapter 20 - Foreign/Military Policy                Wyeth, Taylor S.                        Mon.       3/13

               Chapter 21 -  Environmental Policy                  Does it matter anymore.?         Wed.      3/15

               Chapter 22 - Democracy - Who Governs?      Steph and Alec                          Fri.          3/17



    4) The Schoolhouse Rock classic: a  Bill going to Capitol Hill is here.  The Executive Order version is here.

       Here are the articles about  Congress's Unpopularity, and  14 Reasons Why Congress Fails.

    5)Sample PPT's              1   and2  and   3.

 PDF Versions=       1    2    3.


  Due for Thursday 1-26 - Congress

    1) Read Chapter 13 on Congress.  Congratulations as we have reached the single most important chapter in

       AP GOV.   (Congress is the "people's voice and represents about 1/2 of the text in the Constitution, so you

       can be sure it will matter. Read and outline  up to *but not including)   "Organization of Congress: Parties

       and Interests" around page 312.

    2) Then answer the following questions: 

                          a. Explain the differences between Congress and Parliament.

                          b.  Delineate the role that the Framers expected Congress to play.

                          c.  Pinpoint the significant eras in the evolution of Congress.

                          d.  Describe the characteristics of members of Congress.

    3) How did you feel about the Dutch comedic video regarding their approach to Trump?  Incredibly witty or 

       an insult to American leadership? 



   Due for Tuesday 1/17- Exam Review

  1)  Study for your Midterm.  It appears to be scheduled for 1/23. That's it folks.  Best of luck with your grades!

  2) Finish the American Government Essay Contest entry.  It may be essay or video format.

  3) Mikela commented about the growing problem of wealth concentration.  Read the following article that

     helps explain the network of tax avoidance mechanisms which have sprung up in the past few

      years to allow wealthy citizens  to dodge  tax responsibility to their home country.  It forces the rest of middle

      class America to pay a greater share of the nation's taxes, leading to regressive taxation.  It's only going to

     get worse but a second article hints at why. 

  Due for Tuesday 1/10 - Media Review

  Because of the Snow Day, Come prepared to turn in Tuesday's work on Thursday.  Your letters should be

  refined and ready to place in an envelope!  

    1)  Finish Chapter 12's Outline. 

    2) Complete the following questions:

         A) Identify and explain the three roles that are played by the national news media.

         B) Discuss how the Supreme Court has ruled on the issue of confidentiality of sources.  Name Cases!  

         C) What explanations account for why conservative talk shows are so common on radio?
         D) Summarize the actual influence that the media have on voting, approval ratings, concern with issues

             and name recognition.

         E) Explain why American government is the leakiest (at keeping secrets) in the world.

    3) Please look over the suggested powerpoint for the Media Chapter if you missed anything in class.

  Due for Friday 1/6  -Media Review

    1)  Start Reading and Outlining Chapter 12- The Media  It will be due on Tuesday,  1/10.

    2) Find a current event that makes you happy, sad, angry,etc and write a letter about your feelings to your

        congressman or Senator.  Your letter should be at least 1 page in length and discuss why you care and

        include what you hope for your representative to do on your behalf.  As always, grammar is important.

       An example from last year can be found here.

​​  Due for the Holiday Break -Midterm Study Guide
    1) Midterms are the week following the return from the Holiday Break. You must complete 
       the attached study guide but it will help you prepare for the Midterm.  It really is that
       simple. Copying from another student is no bueno.  

    Due for Tuesday 12/20 Executive Branch Review
    1) Answer the following questions in short paragraphs (Short Answer format).  While writing, use complete

       sentences in short answer form!  Write as if this were an AP prompt for an AP test.

    a. What do the authors offer as the cause of divided government and how does it "cure" supposed ills of uniform

         party control of the presidency and Congress?
    b. Identify executive actions by Jackson, Lincoln, FDR, LBJ and Bush (or others) expanded Presidential powers. 

        Hint-Hint: Pay special attention to those taken without the authorization of Congress.

    c. Explain how the electoral college works, how many votes are needed win and what happens if no candidate

       receives a majority of electoral college votes.

    d. Identify 5–6 powers of the president and briefly explain each.

    e. Describe the three ways that presidents can organize his personal staff. In doing so, address the strengths

        and weaknesses of each approach.

    f. What is executive privilege and how has the Supreme Court has ruled on this issue?

    g. What are “signing statements” and what are the arguments both for and against their use?
    h. What do the authors identify as the major checks/limits on the president’s power? (Detail at least 5)

    2) Finish outlining Chapter 14.  (All sections) Make it your own.

    3) Find a good review video... it shouldn't be hard after the terrible ones we saw today.  The best Executive

         Branch AP Gov video will be rewarded,  If its really good I'll show it right before the test and your

         classmates will adore you... (more than before).

    4) Please don't forget to help Patsy with Pictures for your Yearbook page!

    5)  Test today. Executive Branch.  

    6) Thank you Mikaela for a list of videos complete with descriptions:

      This one is 20 minutes long I really like his teaching style and his notes and graphics (I know this video is

       technically civics but the information is still good)     https://youtu.be/qCfBzdXJ6so 

      This one is 11 minutes long and I like it because as the video goes on it provides plenty of historical examples.

      This one is 9 minutes long he asks questions and the answers them at the beginning and goes into constitution

      and what the founders wanted for the president and later he consults a guy on a screen who is an expert.

     This one is 17 minutes long he covers the electoral college for about 8 minutes and then talks about powers of

     the president and how it has expanded. He made this video earlier this year and makes a comment about either

     Trump or Hillary being president which made me a little sad.  https://youtu.be/WEkmXzz4gKg

     Finally we have this 14 minute long Gem it starts out talking about the basics (like really basic the AOC and why

     checks and balances exist) but don't let that fool you if you keep watching he goes into detail about the

      presidency with a lot of great quotes and historical examples.

  Due for Friday 12/16 Executive Branch Review

    1) Know the following vocabulary.  Complete pictionary for the key terms.  

    2) Finish outlining for the third section of Chapter 14. (pgs. 386-394)

  Due for Wednesday 12/14 Review

    1) View the following ppts for more on the Presidency:    1            2 

    2) Finish writing your outline for the Presidency chapter pg 364-372.  Please make it your own.  There will be a quiz

       next class.

  Due for Monday 12/12 Review 

    1) Finish test corrections for your scantron using the test correction form.  Figure out what you missed to receive

       a percentage of missing points back.  Once completed, you can take a new test for a better grade.  

    2) Watch the video about the presidency  part 1 and part 2.  Then do the questions .  They're short.

    3) Read Chapter 14 and outline the Presidency.  It is definitely the most exciting branch.  Just ask DJT!

    4) Enjoy the Weekend.  It comes at a perfect time.  They always do.

 ​​  Due for Thursday 12/8/16 SCOTUS 

    1) Prepare for the Unit Test on the Judicial Branch, Civil Liberties and Civil Rights today.

    2) Know the material on the study guide for the Unit test here.

    3) A fellow student created the following Quizlets to help you review for the test. 

       SCOTUS Vocabulary: Civil Liberties       SCOTUS Vocabulary: Civil Rights  

                           SCOTUS Vocabulary: Federal Courts

    4) See which Supreme Court Justice you are most like.  Its a short an interesting quiz. 

  Due for Tuesday 12/6 SCOTUS

    1)  Answer the following questions in short pargraphs (Short answer format).  While writing, use complete

        sentences in short answer form!  Write as if these were AP prompts.
     a) Describe some of the test cases that were brought to the Supreme Court leading up to Brown v. Board of 
         Education.  What was the long-term process the NAACP used to overturn the Plessy Decision?
    b. What four developments made it possible to break the deadlock in Congress regarding significant civil rights 
        legislation? Describe the impact of each.
    c. Identify five provisions of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. (Not the protected classes, but the PROVISIONS) Which was

        most important and why?
    d. Explain the difference between the reasonableness standard and the strict scrutiny standard. Where has each

       been used and to what effect?
    e. Note 6-7 examples of gender discrimination which the Supreme Court has allowed/disallowed under its current
        interpretation of the law.
    f. Explain the trimester framework asserted in Roe v. Wade and how a right to privacy was read into the Constitution.   

  Due for Friday 12/2 (SCOTUS)

    1) Finish reading chapter 6 on Civil Rights and turn in your own outline.  Please ensure it is handwritten, at least 3 full

        pages and uniquely yours.  Be ready for Monday's test on Civil Liberties and Civil Rights.

    2) Finish watching the video from class today regarding the birth of the modern Civil Rights laws under LBJ

    3) Read this article suggesting widespread nature of fake media.  Then consider some proposed solutions for the

        spiraling growth of fake news and write a 1 page  explanation describing which you think would be successful

        and why.  You will be graded on your thoughtfulness and the quality of the work put into your answer.

  Due for Wednesday 11/29 (SCOTUS)

    1) Finish watching the Documentary on Civil Liberties and complete the questions from class.

    2) Here is the Powerpoint from today's class.  Look it over to be sure you have it together.   I will not count today's

        aborted Fire Drill Quiz but another is lurking for Wed.

    3) Read the Chapter 6 on Civil Rights.  Outline it.  Take your time as it is due on Friday.  If it is obvious you copied it

       from an existing outline, you're cheating yourself.  Please do this the right way.  I have already issued several 0's.

       C'mon guys.  You may pick up your Ch. 5 outlines which were delayed by the Fire Drill.

    4) Over the holiday break we encountered relatives who were clearly mistaken about major news events.  For

        example, they mistakenly thought BOTH the popular and electoral college vote went to Trump and couldn't

       fathom why protesters would take to the streets afterwards.  They thought McCrory lost due to fraud.  Read

       this artilce by the Wash Post and then this article by the NYT to explain why we may be jumping to conclusions.

       and how news writers are PROFITING FINANCIALLY from it.  We could set up a humorous site to see what

      traffic we can generate. Shockingly, Fox News, CNN and the Trump Campaign already quoted several links as

      fact. What does that say about the future of an informed electorate?  With the decline of paid journalism, does this

      mean the Americans will be increasingly swayed by sensational fake news sources which profit from page views

      by increasingly uninformed citizens?  Will this trend be accentuated by the working class' disdain

      for liberal & conservative "educated elites"?  Remember, 20% of Americans think Obama is a Muslim  and 

     another 20% think Trump hates African-Americans.    Neither seems true, but how do we really know?

  Due during the Thanksgiving Break (SCOTUS)

    1) Read Civil Liberties Chapter 5.  Seriously, read it.  Then outline Chapter 5.  Make sure it is your own.

       Handwrite it to make sure. Don't turn in a typed copy.

    2) Read the Miller v. Alabama case. Then research it and fill out this chart in preparation for arguing  the

        case. Instructions for the activity we will do in class will follow.

    3) If the Holiday gets too stressful talking about politics with family, try this.

  Due for Monday 11/21 Supreme Court (SCOTUS)

    1) Finish the SCOTUS Review Packet.

    2) Complete the matching exercise for the Judicial Branch.

    3) Watch the Crash Course Videos for Supreme Court, Judicial Review, Judicial Decisions and Civil Liberties and

        answer the following questions for each.

    4)  Finish reading chapter 16 on the Judicial Branch.  Anything in the chapter is fair game for the test on Monday!

  Due for Thursday 11/17 Supreme Court (SCOTUS)

    1) Check out the Federal Courts powerpoint from class.  Use it to finish the class notes.

   2) Begin work on the SCOTUS Review packet.  It will be due on Monday, 11/21.  Start now to avoid

       a  sad weekend.

   3) Watch the following Crash Course video and answer the following questions.

   4) Finish at least 2 games of the icivics Supreme Court Save the screenshots of the final screen from each game. 

      One final note... I am trying to encourage a more focused approach to class so please stay on top of things!

  Due for 11/15 Elections are Over!

    1) Upload your pictures to the following link, We will share them in class tomorrow.  If you cannot upload them, 

      bring them in and we'll do it for you from class.    We will start the next Unit on Supreme Court.  If you're ambitious,

      start reading chapter 16. 

  Due for 11/9 Elections!

    1) Complete the entire attached study guide by Wednesday!  You will take the test today (during the

     trip). There are multiple versions with open ended questions to ensure you understand the material, Please

     prepare  I know it sounds grinch-like to give you a test on our trip but I am concerned that you are ready for
      the AP exam.  Thank you for studying... Then lets have fun! 


       For House analysis, read this while watching tonight! 

     For Presidential & Senate analysis, read this tonight.

                          Election Predictions for 2016

 Student         FL     NC    VA    PA    NH    IA    CO    WI    MI    NM    AZ    GA    MO   OH    IN   NV  Win
  Patsy -           R        D       R      D       D      R      D      R      D       D      R        R      R        D      R     R      D
  Devyn -        
D        D       D      D       D      R      D      D     D       D       R       R       R            R     D      D
       R       D      D      D      D      D       R     D       D       R       R      R        D     R     D       D
  Mikaela -      
D        R       D      D      D      R       D     D      D       D       R       R      R        R      R     D      D
  Nicholas -     R      
  D       R      D      D      R       D      R      D       D       R       R      R       D      D     D      D
  Taylor G.-      R         R       D     
D     D       R       D          D       R       R       R      R       R       R     R      R
  Hannah  -     
D        D       D      D     D       R       D     D      D       D       R       R      R       R       R     D      D
  Winnie -        
       R       D      D     D      R       D      D      D       D      R       R      R        D      R      D     D
  Joshua -         R       
D      D      D      R      R       D      D      D        D     R        R     D        D      D     R      D
  Giera -           
D        D       D      D     D      R       D      D      D        D      R       R      R        R      R     R      D

  Danny -          D        D       D      D     D       R      R      D      D        D      R       R      R        D      R     R      D

  Wyeth -          D       D       D      D      D       R      D      D      D        D      R       R     R         R      R     D     D
  Jason -          
D        D       R      D      D       D      D      D      R        R      D       R     R         R      R     D     D   
  Steph -          
D        R       D      D      D       R      D      D      D        D      R       R     R        D      D     R      D
  Alec -            
D        D       R       D                    D      D        D      D      R     R         R     R      D      D

  Taylor S.-       R        R       D       D      D       R      D      D       D       D      R       R     R        R     R      D      D
  Sydney -       
D        D      D       D      D       D      D      D        D      D       D      D     D        D     D     D      D
  Malachi -      
D        D       D      D       D      D       D      D       D       D      R       R      R       R      R     R      D
  Em -               
D       D        D      D       D      R      D       D       D       D      R       R      R       D     R     D      D
  Abigail -        
D       D        D      D       D      R       D       R       D       D      D      R      R       D     R      D     D

  Gus -              D        D        R      D        D      R      D       D      D       D      R       R      R       D     D     D     D

  Mr. V-             D         R        D     D        D      R      D       D       D      D      R       R       R       R     R     D     D 

  Due for 11/7 Elections!

    1) Finish Reading Chapter 10. Please take time to master the chapter.  I really need you to understand the key

       concepts around this Unit.  The three powerpoints for the unit are Elections and Linkage and Interest Groups.

    2) Here are the Party Timelines showing the rise and fall of political parties.   Part 1   and Part 2  and Part 3

  Due for 11/3 Elections!

    1) Read Chapter 10.  Its entitled Elections so you can guess its importance.  Then answer the following questions:

        a.  Explain four major ways in which presidential and congressional elections differ.  Explain each!!!
        b.  The local orientation of legislators have what three important effects on how policy is made?

        c. List the qualifications for members of the House and members of the Senate.

        d.  Explain the role of ideology in primary elections and in the general election. Why do the authors suggest a

             candidate has to run two different elections to win and what must they do during the main elections.  

        e. Explain the difference between valence and position issues and discuss the use of each in our campaign.

        f.  Explain how presidential candidates can qualify for matching funds in primary campaigns.

       g. Describe three important changes in the Bipartisan Campaign Finance Reform Act of 2002.

       h.. The text suggests money does not make much of a difference in who wins or loses the general election

            because all of the major candidates have it. What are four other things that don't make much of a difference?

        i. What are some ways that campaigns do make a difference?

    2) A quiz on chapter 10 will great your smiling faces today.  Who said Halloween was over?

  Due for 11/1 Elections!

    1) Read the following article about the research political parties are doing to determine who to target.

    2) Answer the following questions about the "Creepiness  Factor" and learn how to diagnose your friends and

        neighbor's politics.

​    3) Don't forget about Rep. Jackson's reception at Pure Pizza in Plaza Midwood from 5:00 -6:30 Sunday, 10/30

    4) Look over the Powerpoint we discussed in class.  Seriously. Read through it and then answer the

       following short answer questions from chapter 9.  There are fewer of them but I MUST HAVE thoughtful answers.

        a)  Identify the three political arenas in which political parties exist.
        b).  Identify some of the reforms and causes espoused by the Progressives and assess their historical impact.

        c) Explain the two types of political realignment and identify the three clearest examples of such alignments.

        d) What are the two major explanations to explain the presence of the two-party system in America? 

​    5) Lastly, Please make sure you know where the 2 major candidates stand on your debate topic.  At the risk of

        sounding rude, we don't need to know what you think... you're not running for president.  (Don't worry, I am

       sure you can share your opinion during the discussion.)

  Due for 10/27 Elections!

    1) Finish Chapter 9 and complete the reading and short answer questions linked to the chapter.

    2)  The powerpoint from today's lesson can be found here.

  Due for 10/25  Elections!

    1) Finish Reading Chapter 8 and complete the worksheet matching terms and questions.  

    2) Start reading Chapter 9-Political Parties.   Begin work on the chapter 9 reading questions.

    3) The powerpoint for Chapter 8 ​.

  Due for 10/21 Elections!

    1) With the final Debate on Wednesday 10/19, chose your candidate and watch at 9 pm.  Join the rest of the

       class at the following site.  https://todaysmeet.com/APGovDebate or click here!  Please do not be afraid to

       enter at least three comments and more as the mood strikes.  It's like a class viewing party without

       the popcorn.

    2) Read Chapter 8 and complete the following questions/Vocabulary

  Due for 10/17 More Election Stuff (Public Opinion)

  1) If you thought the mapping exercise was tedious, check out this electoral college tool.  It is the "speed"

     version which allows you to predict the election in a flash.  

  2) Finish the chapter 7 Questions.  Give thoughtful answers from the text.

  3) Check out this site listing up to date polls for each of the battleground states. Hint... there will be a quiz on the

      identities and locations of the above possible battleground/swing states.

  Due for 10/13 More Elections!!!  (Public Opinion) 

    1) Time to roll on to Chapter 7.  Read the chapter and answer the following questions  

    2) Fill out this electoral map by coloring  purple  the following possible 16 battleground states which could vote

         either way:

       N.H.       PENN.       VA       N.C.     GA     FL     OHIO       MICH.     MO.     CO     NV     N.M.   IOWA    WI  AZ  IND.

       Next Fill in the number of electoral delegates for each state.  Then color in the rest of the states

       with red for traditionally Republican states and blue for trad. Democratic states. Use the discussions we've had and

       the resources from class and on the net to help you decide.

        Lastly add up the electoral totals for each side.  Who has the advantage before battleground states are added?

    3) The Political Culture PPT is here for reference

  Due for 10/11 Elections! (Political Culture)

    1) The second Presidential debate will be on Sunday at 9 pm.  At least it will be shorter, which should make Gus-Gus

        happy :) Read this article to see what commentators in England think about the chances of each candidate. It

       is cogent enough to make me wonder how the UK lost the Revolution.   Pick 3 of the terms from the following list

       you think will be said  most often during the debate.  Send me a text with your 3 choices at 704-577-5509.  If you

       win, you will receive a prize in class on Tuesday.  

       Possible Terms: 

      Immigration          China           Russia           Syria           Economy                Jobs    

      Military           Trade       factories        Lies          Taxes        Ms. Piggy         Mexico

      Women       "Donald"       "The Best"     Saudi Arabia     The Wall       "Excuse Me"

    2) If you want to review the test questions, have a go before retaking it on Monday before or after school

    3) Read Chapter 4 on American Political Culture pgs 78-99 and answer these questions... (added on Sunday.)

  Due for 10/7 Elections!

    1) Finish watching the riveting documentary from the 2000's about Political Opinion and answer the questions

       about how Public Opinion can influence politics.

    2) Study for the TEST on Thursday on theFounding Fathers terms.  Please define any you don't know and skip the

        ones you are already sure of.  This is a  leap of faith for me so please look up what you don't understand.  I am not

        likely to put simple terms on the test... its AP for heaven's sake!

    3) Login to your online book.  Check out the quiz questions about Federalism, the Constitution, etc.  The practice

        may be more useful than you think.

    4) If you were a slacker and did not finish the Governmental chart, please bring it in Friday. ​ 

Due for 10/5  Get Ready for Elections!

   1) Finish watching "The Storm" documentary about Hurricane Katrina and finish the class questions

       focusing on the problems we uncovered.

  2) Complete a quick governmental chart which matches faces and names of each of these government leaders.

  3) Outline the chapter on Federalism in your textbook.  A short article offering advice on outlining can be found here.

       A brief statement summarizing each section is fine.  An single page of nonsense scribbled at the last

        minute is not. Don't be that guy.

  4)  Some of you received a card with a login code for your textbook.  Go to the site www.cengage.com/login  
         Create your account and investigate each of the resources you have.  Bring in a cool discovery you
         found while exploring the text that may be useful to your class.  Or skip it and tell your classmates homework
         is for suckers like them, not winners like you.  Hey, it worked for Bill Gates who skipped college.

  Due for 9/30 Founder's Intent

    1) Please complete the attached DC trip permissions.  I will need to know the following information by next class:

       Name, Social Security Number, Birthdate, Birthplace, Citizenship, and Gender.  Also, please ask your parents if they

       are able to chaperone the trip.  Their room is paid for and we need a couple of volunteers!  

    2) $150 Deposits are due on 9/30 for the field trip to DC.  The entire balance of $300 is due by Oct. 15th.

    3) Watch following Crash Course Video and answer these questions!  If you found the work to be easy tonight, its

       because the forms are due if you're going to DC.

  Due for 9/28 Founder's Intent

    1) Watch the debate on 9/28.  Complete the Debate bingo card you selected, filling in the boxes you got right.

    2) Finish the take home quiz on Federalism.

    3) Prepare for the debate on Wednesday.  Topic: How should we decide who votes in America today?  

      What qualifications should enable a voter to cast a ballot for President?  (How might the Founding

       Fathers view your suggestions if they were alive today?)

       Should Americans be able to sell their vote?  If so why?  If not, why not?

  Due for 9/26 Constitutional Founder's Intent

    1) I have scanned chapter 3 on Federalism here.  Read this  and answer the following questions.  

     2) Complete the following Scavenger Hunt page 1 and page 2.  Use the annotated Constitution for reference.

     3) Confirm your Constitutional debate topic and date by next class.     

     4) I will count the scavenger hunt as a formal grade on the Constitution.  Thanks for bearing with the textbook. issues.

     5) I found this interesting video by a fellow teacher who  breaks down chapter 2.  A little dry but useful?

     6) Here is an adorable childhood video of a professional colleague.  

  Due for 9/22 Constitutional Founder's Intent

    1) Study the Vocabulary and questions for the test on Thursday!  You may alter these notes to use on the test. 

    2) The following powerpoints #1 and #2 may be helpful.

    3) The test you practiced on today has been uploaded here with the answer key.    <--- (Mostly for Hannah)

    4) Check your topic to be sure its what you want.  Remember, you are required to tie in a Federal Gov't issue!

  Due for 9/20 Constitutional Founders Intent

    1) Finish the Constitutional Handout dissecting the parts of the Constitution.  (PDF version)

    2) Bring in a list of 3 - 5 topics you would like to introduce for a class debate.  List them in order of preference.

    3) Read the news and bring a story. Today might hold a current events quiz to catch those of your who don't read.

    4) Read the following NYT article about the release of taxes.  What does this issue indicate to you?

    5) The deadline for National History Honor Society Candidates forms is Friday, 9/23.

  Due for 9/16 Constitutional Founders Intent

    1) Finish the following guide dissecting the Constitution.  

    2) Find a News Story.  (And) Come prepared to talk about Trump and Clinton daycare plans.  

  Due for 9/14 Constitutional Founders Intent

    1) DEFINE and then study the following terms in anticipation of a quiz next class.  

     Amendment                      Antifederalists                   bill of attainder              Bill of Rights             checks & balances          

      coalition                             confederation                  Const. Convention         ex post facto law     faction

     Federalist papers               Federalists                        judicial review               line-item veto         

    Madisonian view                  republic                           inalienable rights           writ of habeas corpus 

  2) Complete the handout listing 6 key weaknesses of the AOC and explain WHY each hurt the ability of the new

      government to function effectively.

  3) Start the following guide which requires you to dissect the Constitution.  It will be due on Friday.

  4) Bring in something interesting from the news!

  Due for 9/12 - Constitutional History

  1) Please make sure you have selected an election activity which you are comfortable volunteering with.  Possible

       choices include the following and should total at least 5 hours of volunteer activity before the election:  

           Brady Wade                                                                               Sean Kilbane

           Democratic Party (Mecklenburg County)                                Republican Party Regional Field Director

          North Meck Dems Campaign HQ                                              PO Box 12905

           5304 Sunset Rd Suite H                                                              1506 Hillsborough Street

           Charlotte, NC 28269                                                                    Raleigh, NC 27605

           Phone- (219) 617-3046                                                                 Phone-330-519-6966

           E-mail: bwade@ncvictory2016.org                                            E-mail: sean.kilbane@ncgop.org


  2) Finish the remaining questions on the Constitutional  Analysis.  I know I possess  your first part so just
       finish the remaining questions. A copy of the Constitution is here.

  3) Please read the following outline and define the terms below:

       Articles of Confederation               Bill of Rights                               coalition                          concurrent powers

       Constitution                                      Constitutional Convention      Dec. of Independence   enumerated powers

       faction                                                federalism                                 Federalist papers           Great Compromise

      Patrick Henry                                    Thomas Jefferson                     John Locke                      James Madison        

     Massachusetts Constitution            natural rights                             New Jersey Plan             Pennsylvania Constitution

      reserved powers                               separation of powers              Shays’s Rebellion            unalienable

      Virginia Plan 

  Due by 9/8/15 AOC Analysis

​   1) Answer questions 1-10 about the Articles of Confederation on the following handout.  A copy of the AOC can be

      found here.  The original is probably in the hands of Nicolas Cage.

   2​) Read the Constitution and answer questions 1-10  on the Constitutional Analysis Handout.
        If you are clever, finish all of them to avoid extra work this weekend.

  3) Prepare for Senator Jeff Jackson who is visiting next class.  Have a story from online or in print ready to go.

  Due by 9/6/15 Constitutional Underpinnings:

    1) View the short documentary "Biography of America" vol. 5and answer the questions on the

     handout in order.

    2) Read the Background to the Constitutional Convention at the followingsite.  Then find the answers
        to the following
questionsabout the Constitution  

   3) Find an opportunity to volunteer with a political campaign for the 2016 election.  It does not matter which side you

       choose to serve with, but  you must volunteer.  I will need confirmation you have selected an opportunity and

       initiated contact with them by Thursday (9/8). The Republican party will be visiting on Tuesday so have your

      questions for them ready.  I need not remind you our guests are to be treated with respect.  Good questions based

      on legitimate issues are always appreciated. 

    4) Bring in a story from the weekend regarding a Constitutional issue from a REPUTABLE website.  I will collect these

        and they should date from the weekend. Get in the habit of reading the headlines! Have a great long weekend.


  8/30/16- Welcome to AP US Government with Mr. Vitale.  Your first assignment will be:

  1) Read the 2016 Election Analysis in preparation for next class's visits by the Democratic and Republican party

      officials and NC state senator Jeff Jackson.  Highlight relevant parts and prepare at least 5 questions you want to

      ask of each official. 

  2) Return your signed copy of the Syllabus.

  3) Complete the first 2 Political Ideology Links .  Print out your "findings" page for each so we can discuss in class
       on Thursday.

  4) Ask your parent to fill out the Parent handout survey.  It's fast and may tell us a lot about you too.

  5) Find a newspaper story that involves the Constitution, read it and come in prepared to discuss it.

       Good places to look include the New York Times,  Wall Street Journal,  Washington Post,  Charlotte Observer, etc


               Chapter 13 - Congress Part 2