Due for the Exam Day
    1) Complete the following Exam Study Guide for the last preparation before the test.  Anyone
        who can answer these questions on this one page handout is guaranteed to score a letter 
        grade higher on the exam.  Yes, it is required you finish before our last review the day

        before your exam.  In other words: 
         Period 1B Review due Wednesday 5/24             Exam on Thursday 5/25
      Remember to bring your textbook and T-shirt funds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  Due for the Week of 5/15-5/19
    1) The Civil War Game begins on Wednesday 5/17 with Confederate control of the school 
        and finishes on Thursday, 5/18 with the Union in control.  Be ready with your ration cards
        and your questions.  Remember the game starts at 9:10 each morning and ends at 4:20 
        each afternoon.  Officers will be required to attend Appomattox Courthouse after school on 
         Thursday to tally the points. Please follow the rules and know your terms.
    2) Remember the review packets are due on 5/22.  Please let me know if you need help

Notes for Wednesday May 10 Review Packet and Civil War Game Preparation
    1) Finish the Review Packet for American History 1 by Tuesday 5/23.  Exams start immediately 
        afterwards on 5/24.
    2) Prepare at least 10 questions using the attached terms. Make sure each question ends 
        with an included term as the answer. 
    3) Make 4 index cards for the Civil War game in anticipation of next weeks Civil War Game.
        The war will be held on Wednesday and Thursday (5/17 and 5/18) of next week.  The
        cards and questions are due by Friday 5/12.

   The following students are officers in the coming Civil War Game:

    Marlene, Donovan, Karl, Lilly, Windex/Pablo, Jasmine, Jazmyn, Mollie, Elizabeth and Jamie

   The Southern President is Sam.  Good Luck All.

 Due for Friday April 28th American West
    1) Watch the Crash Course video on the US West and answer these questions. We're going
        West as the last section of the year!  
    2) Turn in any remaining assignments.  Today is the last day they will be accepted.

 Due for Tuesday April 25th Reconstruction Test
1) Study the Reconstruction and Civil War Terms for the Unit Test today!  It is the last 
       important test of The Civil War Era so take some time to STUDY!!!​​ 

  Due for Wednesday April 19th Reconstruction

    1) If you didn't finish your pictionary, do so by today.

​    2) Read Chapter 12 Section 2 on Reconstruction Society and answer the Big Idea Questions.

    3) Watch the Crash Course on Reconstruction and answer the following movie questions.

  Due for Spring Break (Monday April 17th) Reconstruction

    1) Look up and definethe terms from the Reconstruction Era. in your textbook.

    2) Then make a pictionary for each review term which includes BOTH a short definition and a

        picture which highlights that you know what it means.  

    3) Here is the powerpoint for the Reconstruction period which helps explain the events of

         the era.  Here is a simple summary of the terms.

  Due for Wednesday 4/5/17 Civil War and Reconstruction

    1) Read the following textbook section on Reconstruction.  Complete the Big Idea questions


    2)  Then answer the questions 1-5 at the end of the section.  It will be the first assignment

         of the 4th quarter.  There will be a quiz on the reading so please take time to absorb

         what you're looking at!

    3) Hold on to your movie questions.  If you want to review it, you can find the movie here.

  Due for Monday 4/3 Civil War and Reconstruction

    1) No homework was due!

  Due for Wednesday 3/29/Civil War

    1) Test Today on all the Antebellum and Civil War terms.  Study-its the last grade of

        the Quarter!  It's a heavily weighted test and if you're telling yourself "You've got this" 

        watch what happened to this overconfident driver.

  Due for Monday 3/27/16 Civil War
  1) Study for the test on Wednesday. Use the following set of terms.  Seriously, Study them.
    2) Read the following Civil War Article for the test.  Please read it.  Its from the
best guidebook
        in the business.  TEST based on this reading on Wednesday!!!  Grades are final!!!!


  Due for Thursday 3/23 Civil War

    1)  Watch the following videos of the American Civil War.  #1  and #2  Answer the questions.
    2) Know these terms for the next quiz. Many of you may not have memorized these.  You

         might want to because this will be the last and largest quiz of the quarter.   

         Ft. Sumter           Manassas/Bull Run       Antietam        Gettysburg       Vicksburg

         Sherman's March to the Sea     Appomattox Courthouse   Emancipation Proclamation

        Gettysburg Address      Conscription      "Greenback" dollars     Habeas Corpus

  Due for Tuesday 3/21  Civil War
  1)  Read the Textbook section on Ch. 11 Section 4 Civil War North Wins! and answer

        all questions at the end of the section.​

  Due for Friday 3/17 Civil War

    1) Finish the Review Questions


​  Due for Wednesday 3/15 Civil War
    1) Read the Textbook section on Ch. 11 Section 3 Civil War Life and answer questions 1-4
       at the end of the section.​

 Due for Monday 3/13 Civil War
   1) Read the Textbook section on Ch. 11 Section 2 Civil War Politics and answer questions 1-4
       at the end of the section.
   2) Finish reading the Union and Confederate Advantage handouts and fill out the in-class chart.
   3) All missing assignments are due today.  No more  late work accepted after 3/13
       for the 3rd Quarter.

 Due for Thursday 3/9 Civil War
  1) Read the Textbook section on  Ch. 11 Sect. 1 Civil War and answer Big Idea questions A-G.
        Seriously, take the time to read the chapter.  You will get "popped" on the quiz 
       you take today in class!
    2) Finish the graphing and questions and fill out  the chart handed out in class describing
       the advantages of the Union and Confederacy at the start of the Civil War.​ 

    3) Remember to complete any missing assignments by today/Friday.  

Due for Tuesday 3/7 Civil War
    1) Read Ch. 9 Section 4 in textbook on Secession.  Answer the Big Idea Questions A-F.  Then

        answer questions 1-5 at the end of the reading.  (Honors)  Many of you have been doing

        much better 3rd Quarter.  Thank you!!! Remember to use complete sentences to answer

        each question.  You're only a year away from COLLEGE after all! 
    2) Complete the following handout.  Simply read it and use the information to answer the 
        questions on the sheet. It'll go fast, like 'Kireon when the bell rings.
    3) Finish the map of the Union and Confederate States at the start of the Civil War. Fill in 
        the chart of Free and slave states on the other side.  Note there is a difference between 
        the "Slave" states and the states that eventually joined the Confederacy.

  Due for Friday, 3/3/2017

    1) Finish any classwork or handouts.

  Due for Wednesday 3/1/17 Civil War

    1) No Homework due.

  Due for Monday 2/27/17   
    1) Relax and enjoy another record warm weekend.  ACT on Tuesday.  Get some rest.  Learn

         some math.  Score well.  No homework.

  Due for Thursday 2/23/17 Antebellum Period Test
  1) Complete the following handout in advance of the test on Thursday about

        Antebellum Events.
    2) Watch the following Crash Course Video on the Road to the Civil War and

          answer these questions.

 Due for Tuesday 2/21/17  The Antebellum Period
  1)   Study for the Antebellum test next Thursday.  Know your events on the

          Road to Civil War  Handout.

    2) Watch the Crash Course on Slavery and answer the following questions.

  Due for Wednesday 2/15/17- Antebellum Period
  1) Complete the Pictionary chart and draw pictures for each of the Antebellum events.  Putting
       more thought into it will earn bonus points up to 200% of the regular grade.

    2) Watch the following video on slavery. It was created by a national expert on the subject.   
        Then answer these questions to make sure you know everything about Slavery.  

  Due for Monday 2/13/17  Civil War- Antebellum Period
    1) Read the following section in Chapter 3 of the Blue Book (3.01 & 3.02)
    2) Complete section 1 and section 4 of the  Civil War Study Guide
    3) Look up the remaining terms on the handout from class about Antebellum Events.

 Due for Thursday 2/9/17 The Antebellum Period 
  1) Read the Ch. 10 Section 2 Textbook section and answer the Big Picture Questions A-E.
        Seriously. We will start with quizzes. Collect an easy grade.

    2) ACTLINK   <---- This is the link to the Practice ACT.  Here is the answer sheet

         and the Answer Key.  Once you have your score (# right) you can determine your

         ACT score using this chart.


 Due for Tuesday 2/7 The Antebellum Period
  1) Complete this last pictionary review of the Expansion, Reform and Sectionalism period.  
       It will be the final part of your test grade!  After this, its on to the Civil War!!!  

  Due for Wednesday 2/1 Jacksonian Democracy, Expansion, Reform and Sectionalism
    1) Study for the test today on Democracy, Expansion, Reform and Sectionalism
    2) All late work from the 1st week is due.  No exceptions.  Thanks for your hard work.

  Due for Monday 1/30- Jacksonian Democracy

    1) Watch the video on Andrew Jackson and finish the attached questions.

    2) Study the Jackson Era Terms, textbook reading,  and video for the test on Wednesday.

  Due for Thursday 1/26 Jacksonian Democracy

    1) Read the following text pages Ch. 7 Sect. 3 (pgs. 224-229 and answer

       Big Idea Questions A-D

    2) Watch the following video about the presidents from this time period and answer

        these questions.


  Due for Exam Week
Welcome to Exam Week.  Please study for your exam.  It should be held on:
     Period 1 B- Thursday Jan. 19th

     If you want to attend a review session to help prepare for the Midterm, we will meet

      from 8-10 am this Saturday, 1/14 in my trailer.

Due for Thursday  1/12  Manifest Destiny

    1) Read the following textbook section regarding American Expansion in the Textbook

      and answer the following Big Idea Questions A-E in the text.  Also, complete the

     vocabulary at the end of the section (#1)

​ Due for Tuesday 9/10 Manifest Destiny and Expansion

  Because of the Snow Day, Come prepared to turn in both Tuesday's and Thursday's
  assignments on Thursday when we meet.  I am truly sorry to ask but we must finish Expansion
  before the midterm. 

  1) Please watch the following video on American Expansion and answer the questions.

  Due for Friday 9/6 - Manifest Destiny and Expansion

   1) Color in the map showing the expansion of the Continental USA  and answer the

      questions about the growth of the USA.  A map of the territories can be found here

      or in the atlas at the back of your book on A-29. There will be a quiz next class.

    2) Watch thefollowing video about expansion! Please review it again if you

        don't understand something... its only 3 minutes!

   Due for the Holiday Break -Midterm Study Guide
    1) Midterms are the week following the return from the Holiday Break. You must complete 
       the attached study guide but it will help you prepare for the Midterm.  It really is that
       simple. Copying from another student is no bueno.  

  Due for Tuesday 12/20 Reform Test

    1) Please study your reform chart and the chapter on reform for the last test in American

       History this year! 

    2) Watch the following Crash Course video and answer the following questions

  Due for Friday 12/16 Expansion

  1)   Watch the Crash Course video about USA's Expansion and complete these questions.
  2)  Finish filling in the chart and map.  Be sure to use color on the map. Check out this website

        showing the geographical additions. You MUST be able to identify the land additions to

        the US and understand how each was acquired on next Tuesday's test. (12/20).

  Due for Wednesday 12/14 Reforms

    1) Read pgs 240- 245 (ch.8 sect 1)  and answer Big Idea Questions A-E . 

    2) Ffill in the chart  information on reforms.

    3) Fill in the following handout.  (It's really easy!)


  Due for Monday 12/12 Era of Good Feelings

    1) Watch the short 5 minute video about the Battle of New Orleans to see how Jackson won.

    2)  Read the textbook section on Nationalism. (Chap 7 sec. 2)  (Pgs. 219-223) and answer the

         questions 1-3 at the end.

    3) Complete the following handout about the Monroe Doctrine.  It becomes the basis of

      America's foreign policy for 200 years.  

    4) Finish thistake home quizfor a FORMAL grade.  Study the answers.  

 Due for Thursday 12/7 Washington through War of 1812 Test

    1) Prepare for the test today by studying the Early American Study Guide and

       the Early American Timeline Vocabulary Terms.

   2) If you did not yet watch them, the SHORT Crash Course videos on Jefferson and the
       War of 1812 are due!  Here are the questions for Jefferson and War of 1812.

   3) Finish the following movie on the first 5 US Presidents and answer attached questions
        It will help you prepare!  

    4) The Nat'l History Honor Society Induction Ceremony will be Today at 6:00 pm. All 
      members are encouraged to attend. Food will be served at 5:30 pm in the Black Box.

  Due for Tuesday 12/5 Jefferson through War of 1812 
    1) Study for Thursday's test by completing the Early America Study Guide (all sections) and

        memorizing the terms on the Early Timeline Chart.
    2) Watch the following movie on the first 5 US Presidents and answer the attached questions.

    3) The Nat'l History Honor Society Induction Ceremony will be on Dec. 8th at 6:00 pm. All

      members are encouraged to attend. Food will be served in the Black box at 5:30.

  Due for Friday 12/2 Jefferson through War 1812
1) Complete all sections in the Early American Timeline. Study the events for the coming

       test on Thursday,   
    2)  Read the text on the War of 1812 and answer the Big Idea Questions A-B.  Study for 
       the coming test on Monday,

    3) Complete the following handouts on the War of 1812.

    4) Watch the Crash Course on Jefferson and answer these questions.

    5) Watch the Crash Course US History on the War of 1812 and answer these questions.

  Due for Wednesday 11/30  Jeffersonian Era
   1)  Read Chapter 1 of the Blue Book.  Seriously, its about 10 pages. It will make your life so
         much easier.  We will begin taking in depth quizzes at the start of class so STUDY!
    2) Read the Text pages on Jefferson and Answer the Big Idea Questions A-C  Expect reading

        quizzes going forward to make sure you've done your work,

Due for the Thanksgiving Break

    1) Read the Textbook Section (pgs.197-201) and answer the Main Idea questions A-C and

        numbers 1-3 at the end of the reading.

    2) If you are ambitious, need extra credit or did badly on the test, you MUST complete

       the following assignment over the break.  While not required, these readings explain the

       events which led to the creation of the United States.  Better yet, they will give you

        valuable points which may help earn you the "A" you've always wanted in time for

        Mom and Dad's Christmas list.

       The Stirrings of Rebellion     Read and then complete "Big Idea Questions" A-E

      Ideas help Start a Rebellion  Read and then complete "Big Idea Questions" A-E

      The Struggle to Saratoga      Read and then complete "Big Idea Questions" A-E

      Winning the War                     Read and then complete "Big Idea Questions" A-E

      Experiment Confederation    Read and then complete "Big Idea Questions" A-E

      Drafting the Constitution       Read and then complete "Big Idea Questions" A-C

      Ratification Constitution        Read and then complete "Big Idea Questions" A-B

      Washington Heads  Gov't      Read and then complete "Big Idea Questions" A-E

      Foreign Affairs                          Read and then complete "Big Idea Questions" A-F


    3) Thank you for your hard work. Just for fun, reflect upon Thanksgiving at my house.  

  Due for Monday 11/21 and Tuesday 11/22  Test Critical Period
  1) Answer the following questions for the test today.  Study these for a great pre-Thanksgiving 
      day score!  

  Due for Thursday and Friday - Critical Period
  1) Watch the 1st 25 mins of the video about Washington and Adams record the 
        accomplishments & events of the Washington presidency on the following chart.  
        Then answer the movie questions here.
    2) Read the textbook pages 190-196 and answer the "Main Idea" Questions A-F 
        found to the sides or the text, 

  Due for Tuesday 11/15 and Wednesday 11/16 Early Nation

    1) Watch the following short 13 min video about George Washington and list the

         accomplishments of George Washington on the following chart.  If you want a more

         complete video of Washington's accomplishments, watch the 1st 19 min of this video


    2) Read the following Textbook pages and answer questions 1-5 at the end of the section.

   Due for Thursday 11/10 and Monday 11/14

    1) Read Chapter 1 of the Blue Book.
    2) Complete sections 1 and 2 of the Early Nation Study Guide.
    3) Read and answer the questions on the Alexander Hamilton & T. Jefferson Study guides.

    4) Complete the following survey for Ms. Hamlin.  She's going to help you take over the world

Due for Friday 11/4 and Monday 11/7 American Revolution
    1)  Watch the following video and write 20 questions as if you were the teacher creating a
         video guide. The questions should be evenly spaced from start to finish and make it
         clear you watched the ENTIRE video.  A guide good usable by your classmates will
         receive extra credit.   

  Due for Wednesday, 11/2 and Thursday 11/3  Road to Revolution 
    1)  The 2nd qtr. will require  submitting work in a timely manner, Starting with the following

    2) Read the description of the Road to the American Revolution. It stops at Lexington
      & Concord but  explains why Taylor Swift was right... England and USA will  never get

       back together.
    3) Watch the following Crash Course and answer these questions.

​​  Due for Friday, 10/28  and Tuesday 11/1 Road to Revolution
1) Read the following Textbook section about the events leading up to the Amer. Revolution.
    2) Complete the "Main Idea" questions A-E (found on the outside edge/margin of the reading)
      Remember to use complete sentences when answering the questions. 
    3) Define the Vocabulary in on page 102:

   •Stamp Act    •Samuel Adams    •Townshend Acts    •Boston Massacre    
         •committees of correspondence    •Boston Tea Party    •King George III
         •Intolerable Acts     •martial law       •minutemen  

    4) Answer Question 2 on page 102.  Include a diagram and a short paragraph explaining

        why the event you chose contributed most to the Revolution.

    5) For Period 1B- Watch the following video about the French and Indian War and

         answer the questions

  Due for 10/27 French and Indian War
    1) Watch the following two videos describing the importance of the French and Indian War.
         Khan Academy video #1      and   video #2  and answer these questions.
    2) Complete pictionary for the following terms.


  Due for 10/18 and 10/19  Late Colonial Period

    1) Read the textbook section on the French & Indian War (Chap. 3, section 4).  Answer

        questions 1-4, including defining the following terms:

          •New France •George Washington •French and Indian War •William Pitt 

         •Chief Pontiac •Proclamation Line of 1763 •George Grenville •Sugar Act

   2) Please begin studying for the Late Colonial Terms Test on Thursday (A-Day 10/20) and

      Friday (B-Day 10/21) of this week by preparing flashcards for the terms on the
      late colonial handout.  The flashcards are due on the test day.  

  Due for 10/14 & 10/17 Late British Colonial Era

    1) Read the textbook section on the Commercial North (Chapter 3, Section 3) and answer

       questions 1-4.

                         •Enlightenment •Benjamin Franklin •Jonathan Edwards •

                                     George Whitefield •Great Awakening

    2) Watch Crash Course video #5 (US History- 7 Years War) and answer the questions.

  Due for 10/12 & 10/13 Late British Colonial Era
    1) Welcome to the first day of the rest of the course.  If you want to go for the "A", I'll work with 
        you.  If not, I'll stop asking. Begin by reading the following few textbook pages and answer
        questions #2-4.  Also, define the following terms: 
•cash crop    •triangular trade     •middle passage      •Stono Rebellion

    2) Begin defining the late colonial terms handout.  We will discuss these in class.

  Due for 10/10 & 10/11 British Colonies

    1)   1) For A Day Classes--> Study for the Early Colonial Test.  The test will take a different

      form and advise you to come prepared.  No excuses. Student scoring above an 80% will
       be considered for promotion to Honors.
    2) For both A and B Day Classes --> Finish the Early Colonial Pictionary

    3) For those who wish to retest, please complete the test correction form .  The test will

        be posted here . Accordingly, I'll allow people to retest on Mon-Wed, before or after school.  

​  Due for 10/6 & 10/7 British Colonies

    1) For A Day Classes--> We will take the Early Colonial Era test on Monday 10/10.  Begin 
       completing Pictionary for the included terms.  The drawings are due on 10/10 before
        the test.
    2)  For B1 Class ---> Watch the cool teacher video and take at least 1 page of notes.  You may 
        use the notes on the quiz in class.

  Due for 10/4 and 10/5 British Colonies

     1) Your test scores were not as high as I hoped. I strongly encourage you to retake
        the test and improve your grade before or after school in the coming week. Next week's 

        notes are listed here.
     2) Please read the following handout which may or may not be Mr. Lawler's actual
         college term paper. If you want to know what he may have thought about the connection

         between Slavery & Sugar in the 1700's, read it, then ask him.  You'll laugh when you find out!
      3) Complete the following handouts detailing life in the 13 colonies.
          Yes, it will require some work, but you MUST know this stuff, and I am honestly concerned
           you don't yet have it based on your test grades. Finishing them will earn points which

          will impress mom and dad and your future spouse.

  Due for 9/29 & 9/30 British Colonies

    1) Read the following pages from the text on the growth of the English colonies.  Answer

       questions 1-5, including defining the following vocabulary words:

       •Mercantilism •Parliament •Navigation Acts •The Dominion of New England

                •Sir Edmund Andros •Glorious Revolution •Salutary neglect

  Due for 9/27 and 9/28 British Colonies

    1) Finish the handout on Northern and Southern colonies.

    2) Finish defining ALL terms on the Colonial Notes handout.  Study them for the test on

       Thursday/ Friday!!!

    3) If you want to do some extra credit before the progress reports are due, try watching the

       following video  by a great SC teacher and answer the attached questions.

  Due for 9/23 or 9/26 British Colonial Era

    1) Read the following textbook reading.  Answer questions 1-5 on page 59.

    2) Watch the following Crash Course video about the Middle British colonies. Answer the

        following questions.

  Due for 9/21 and 9/22 British colonial Era

    1) Read the following textbook pages and define the vocabulary on Pg 54 in "The Americans" 
       •Puritans •John Winthrop •Separatist •Plymouth Colony •Massachusetts Bay Colony
       •Roger Williams •Anne Hutchinson •Pequot War •Metacom •King Philip’s War 

     2) Answer questions 1-4 on page 54 .  (If you did it already, enjoy a small break but study for the

         vocab quiz,

    3) The deadline for National History Honor Society Candidates forms is Friday, 9/23.

  Due for 9/19 and 9/20 British Colonial Era

    1)  Finish the project for a test grade... no excuses.  You must turn it in and be prepared to 
          present your colony at the start of class!  In short, you must develop a model colony:
          A) Map/Layout
          B) List of 5 Laws which will govern your colony
          C) List of 50 professions you will bring to start your colony
          D) List of 5 large items to bring.  Assume 1 animal includes both a male and female as 1 unit.
          E) Choose and JUSTIFY your selection of location A, B or C.

  Due 9/14 and 9/15 Early Colonial Era
1) Complete the chart on the 13 original colonies.  You may wish to look up information at the 

     following website or using this packet of info.
  2) Finish the handouts on the Colonies, colonial government, and colonial culture. (Link


  3) Complete the following handout showing population growth in the 13 colonies. Use different

      colors for each colony to graph the size of the 13 colonies between 1740 and 1800.

     I already placed the 1740 starting totals for each colony on the graph... it is up to you to

     add the data points for 1760 and 1780. The 1800 numbers are not included so you will have to

      PREDICT what you think the colony grew into. Come prepare to discuss what the #'s mean.

    4) Finish theprojectfor a test grade... no excuses.  You must turn it in and be prepared to

          present your colony at the start of class!  In short, you must develop a model colony:

          A) Map/Layout

          B) List of 5 Laws which will govern your colony

          C) List of 50 professions you will bring to start your colony

          D) List of 5 large items to bring.  Assume 1 animal includes both a male and female as 1 unit.

          E) Choose and JUSTIFY your selection of location A, B or C.

  Due for 9/12 and 9/13 Early Colonization Era

    1) Complete the handout on famous explorers.  There may be a quiz on the key men who 

      "found" the New World.

    2) Watch the followingCrash Course #2and Crash Course #3videos on English settlements

         and complete the questions here. for #2 and #3

    3) Readpages 21-23 about Jamestown from the textabout the English colonies and answer the

       "Main Idea" questions A & B on the left side of page 23.

    4) Make sure you review your terms (and geography) from the study guide in anticipation

        of a quiz next class.

    5) Don't forget to bring in M & M's so we can complete the immigration activity. You get a

      homework pass and a sugar high, eventually.


  Due for 9/8 Age of Exploration

   1) Watch Episode # 1  of John Green's Crash Course US History and answer the Episode #1 

     questions.  The questions were developed by some great teachers but only do Episode 1 

     questions.  Watch the video as many times as need be to ensure you understand the

     narrator  as he talks faster than the average Southerner.  
    3) Optional- Bring in a large bag of M&M's or Skittles (2 varieties) for a homework pass so we

      can do a fun mapping activity that explains immigration in the British Colonies. 

  Due 9/6 Age of Exploration

    1) Honors Classes: Read thefollowing article & answer the questions about Columbus' arrival.

        Honors Classes: Do the above assignment and then read the second article 

    2) Print out the following study guide for the Early Colonial Era.  It will guide you towards your

        next test.

  3) Watch this interesting video by a college professor about early American settlement.  Then

      create 10 questions evenly spread throughout the video (with answers) a teacher could

      give to make sure students watched and UNDERSTOOD the content. Your questions will say a

      lot about you as a student and thoughtful questions will be given a score over 100%. .   If you

       like the video, you'll love college.  If not, you may have a long 4+ years ahead.


  8/29/16- Welcome to American History I with Mr. Vitale. Your first Assignment will be:

  1) Memorize the following names and locations within the 13 Original US Colonies.  

  Key Terms:    Massachusetts      New Hampshire    Rhode Island    Connecticut    New York

                           New Jersey            Delaware                Virginia              Maryland         N. Carolina

                           S. Carolina              Georgia                   Pennsylvania    Florida- (Spanish colony)

                          Jamestown             Philadelphia          New York City      Charleston     Boston

​                         St. Augustine

                         Atlantic Ocean        Chesapeake Bay      Massachusetts Bay    Gulf of Mexico

  2) Then label the above terms on the attached map or PDF version.  If you don't see a term,

      look it up!

  3) Return your signed copy of the Syllabus and your completed student Info sheet.  

      All 3 are Due on  Wednesday, 8/31.


   2) Complete the following survey for Ms. Hamlin.  She's going to take over the world or help you to.
   2) Complete the following survey for Ms. Hamlin.  She's going to take over the world or help you to.

American History I Honors