Final  Review  Friday @ 9:00 am to 11:30 am. 

    Come and prepare for the final, turn in late assignments and save your grade.

  5/19/16 Final Exam Preparation

    1) If you want to retake Mr. V's Test, you may come on Friday morning (5/20) between 7 -

        8:30 am to take the test and replace your score. Look this study guide over first!

    2) Read the following packets to help prepare you for the NCFE FINAL EXAM.  There are

        questions at the end of each section which must be completed.  These are the best

        resources to prepare you for the NCFE. If you want to help yourself, read these. 

        I recommend 6-12  pages/day minimum.

             Early Colonial Era                   Late Colonial Era               Critical Period (Baby USA)

                               Early National Period              Antebellum Period

    What's in it for you?  Mandatory grades and a bonus when you can prove you read

     them cover to cover.

  5/17/16 Final Exam Preparation

    1) If you wish to take a different version of  the Final Comprehensive Review Test, you may

       complete this new study guide and try a 2nd test version before school (7:00-9:00 am) or after

       school 4:15- 6:00 on either Wednesday or Thursday.  After that, the test closes.

    2) Finish questions 1-60 on the Goal 2 Review.  Be prepared to answer a few questions from the

        sheet to show you actually know what you have written or no points will be awarded.  The

       entire guide is due on Monday.

  5/11/16 Final Exam Review

    1) Mr. Vitale's Final Test is next class.  Please research the following terms to prepare for the

       Friday's final test

    2) First Block (Confederacy) won the right to use a single page of notes on the final exam.  
        Good Luck!

  5/10/16 End of Year Review

    1) For 1st and 2nd Blocks, No Homework!  If you struggled on the test on Monday, you will have

       the option to retake a different version on Wednesday... your choice.  

     2) Get ready for reviews.  Don't forget to bring in your Blue Books!

    2) For 3rd Block, prepare for your test on the American West. It will be different from any

         practice version so study! Good Luck, not that you'll need it!

  5/5/16  American West Review  

    1) Watch the Crash Course US History on the American West and answer these questions.

    2) Then compare this to the Bio of America West presentation and answer these questions.

    3) IF everyone finished the homework, you will have your West test on Wednesday instead of

       Monday.  If somebody drops the ball, be ready to go on Monday.  No excuses, either way.

  5/3/16 American West

     1) Read the rest of Chapter 4 in the Blue Book about the American West.  Then answer the

        following questions.

    2) Begin preparing for your in class cumulative review test. It will be on Thursday, 5/19.

  4/25/16 Civil War Game and Review

    1) Finish 15 or more questions for the Civil War Game.  The questions must all end with a 

       term from the list.  Please make the questions fair measures of knowledge, not a test

       of the obscure.  Also, have your index cards ready on Wednesday.

    2) An example of a difficult event was the NY draft riots.  This video is a movie recreation of 
       the horrifying protests against the Northern draft.  Poor blacks, rich whites and abolitionists

       were murdered by Irish immigrants who killed dozens before order was restored.  Eeeek.

    3) (Honors Only!!!) Finish watching thefollowing summaryand fill in the study guide.

  4/22/16 Prep for Civil War Game

    1) Read the instructions for the Civil War Game which will be played on Thursday (4/28) and

       Friday (4/29)

    2) Make 4 Index cards: Food - 5 Pts     Clothing 10 Pts       Shoes 10 Pts      Gun 15 Pts

       Each card should have your name & cool artwork or design.  Bonus points for creativity.

    3) Write at least 15 questions with the answer as one of the terms on the attached list

      Questions must be clear and ask an important point from the war... nobody cares how many

     potatoes were eaten by Abe Lincoln the day he died.  As an example, Asking "What battle

     killed more Southern soldiers then any other? Answer "Gettysburg" is ok.  Asking "How many

       Union casualties were there at Gettysburg?"  Answer - 23,049 is NOT OK.

  4/20/16 Review

    1) Complete the following handout.

    2) You are welcome to come to the review at UNC-Charlotte this Saturday.  8:30 to 1:30!

  4/18/16 Review

    1) Read the following speech by a South Carolina Congressman at the end of Reconstruction

       explaining his "Redeemer" actions. Then answer the handout's 3 questions.

    2) Read Chapter 4 in the Blue Book if you have not and finish sections 1 and 2 of the guide

       We're going west!

    3) Check your grade.  Missing assignments are hurting many students' scores.  The last day to

       turn in missing work:  Friday, 4/22 (No Excuses)

  4/14/16 Review and the American West

    1) Hopefully, you made it to UNC for the Review!

    2) Finish watching the video on the Presidency of Lincoln,  and a second one of Johnson, &

       Grant and complete the questions given in class. 

    3) Read Chapter 4 in the Blue Book about the American West and finish the section 1 questions.

  4/8/16 Reconstruction

    1) Watch the following movie and complete the questions.

    2) Watch the following movie about Reconstruction and complete the questions.

    3) Study for the Reconstruction Test.  If you complete the two handouts on the above movies,
‚Äč        you may prepare a "cheat sheet" to help with the test.  The movies are not optional but the

        cheat sheet is!

  4/6/16 Civil War and Reconstruction

    1) Watch the following video discussion by a famous history professor and answer the

        following questions.

    2) Fill in the following chart and vocabulary bubbles about Reconstruction.

  4/4/16  Civil War and Reconstruction

    1) Read the short  following pages about the Civil War / Reconstruction.

    2) Complete the following Questions on Reconstruction and the handout review.

    3) Finish the Spring Break Take Home Test if you have not already done so. Get it to me ASAP.

  3/23/16 3rd Quarter- Spring Break

    1) Complete the following map exercise and Take Home test over the holiday break. It will

      be due on April 4th, the first day back.

    2) Remember to finish the 3 page review if you'd like Extra Credit to help your grade.  Both

      assignments are due the first day back!

  3/21/16  3rd Quarter Review

    1) Complete the following to prepare for the 3rd qtr exam.  It will be the last mandatory
         assignment for the 3rd quarter.

    2) If you are feeling ambitious, complete the following 3 page review of early American History.

         It is worth a significant number of points which can help your grade, but it may require

         a little research.

  3/18/16 3rd Quarter Review

    1) Great job on your Civil War test last week.  Nobody failed and the class average was a high B!

    2) We will have a 3rd Quarter exam on Wednesday. It will be worth a sizable percentage of

       your formal grade.  To prepare, you must study the terms included on the handout here.


  3/15/16 Civil; War

    1 )Study for the test on Thursday. Use the following set of terms.  Seriously, Study them.

    2) Read the following Civil War Article for the test.  Please read it.  Its from the best guidebook
        in the business.  TEST based on this reading on Thursday!!!  Grades are loaded !!!!

  3/11/2016 Civil War

    1) Watch thefollowing videos of the American Civil War.  #1  and #2  Answer these questions.

    2) Know these terms for the next quizapotamous. Many of you have blown these.  Don't.

        First Great Awakening     Albany Plan of Union      John Peter Zenger Case    Ben Franklin

          The Enlightenment       John Locke     Mercantilism     Navigation Acts    Middle Passage

  3/9/2016 Civil War

    1) Finish the movie questions for Glory.  You may not have seen the entire movie but should

       have answers for what you saw.

    2) Know these terms for the next quizapotamous. Don't fall victim to quiz-like predations.

       Halfway Covenant     Quakers     William Penn     Headright System     Indentured Servitude

       Maryland Act of Toleration     Mayflower Compact     Fundamental Orders of Conn.

  3/7/16 Civil War

    1) Look at the list of states and examine the map. Color in the map and label the following

         states:   Union States

                        Border States

                        Confederate States

       Use different colors and label the states.  You may use two letter abbreviations. Fill out the

       chart of states to show which are Union and which are Confederacy.

    2) Answer the short list of questions about slavery percentages on the following short


     3) Know these terms for the next quizapotamous. Don't fall victim to quiz-like predations.

         St. Augustine     Jamestown     House of Burgesses    King Philip's War      Bacon's Rebellion

        Puritans     John Winthrop     Anne Hutchinson     Roger Williams     Rhode Island

  3/3/16  Civil War

    1) Finish the following very easy handout showing advantages for each side in the WAR.

    2) TAKE HOME TEST!!!!!! watch this 10 minute review video & complete the following guide
       It's a review from earlier in the 1800's but will help you review what will be on our 3rd

       Quarter Exam in 2 weeks.  I will count this as a test grade.  It's worth it for you to take time and

       do well!  Anyone wonder who will forget to do it? Remember, if you can't

     be a shining example, you can still be a horrible warning.  Don't be "that guy"

  2/26/16 Advantages for each side during the Civil War

    1) Read the following 2 articles (One) and (Two) and fill out the chart listing Union and

       Confederate advantages at the start of the Civil War.

    2) Watch the following video which discusses the advantages of each side.

  2/24/16 Build up to the Civil War

    1) Please finish the following chart and answer the 15 questions at the end.  All can

        15 questions be answered with info from the charts.

    2) Complete the following handout comparing the North and the South's readiness to fight the

        Civil War.

  2/22/16 Build up to the Civil War

    1) Complete the following handouts.  (Note there are three included in the link)

    2) If you failed to watch the movie in class, see it here and answer the following questions.,

  2/18/16 Build up to the Civil War

    1) Complete the following short handouts.  Make sure to read the passages and answer the

       questions with compete sentences.   Handout #1         Handout #2      Handout #3

    2) Test Scores are finished and I strongly encourage you to see what you missed and take a

        new test to improve your grade if able.

  2/16/16 Slavery in the Antebellum Era 

    1) Complete the following assignment.

    2) Watch the following Crash Course Video and answer these questions.

    3) If we didn't finish the Crash Course video on Slavery in class, watch it & finish questions.

    4) Study for the Antebellum test based on these terms. Test on Thursday!

  2/11/16 Antebellum

    1) Make sure your take home test was completed and turned in.  Study for the Antebellum test

      next week.  Know your events on the Road to Civil War Handout.

   2) Study Session at Mallard Creek HS Saturday, 8-10:30 (2/13). Map/info here.

  2/5/16- Antebellum Era

    1) Complete the Pictionary chart and draw pictures for each of the Antebellum events.  Putting
       more thought into it will earn bonus points up to 200% of the regular grade.

    2) Complete the following worksheet, questions 1-21. This will count as a take-home test grade
       Please don't forget it. Seriously, its a TEST GRADE you control!

  2/3/16 Civil War- Antebellum Era

    1) Read the following section in Chapter 3 of the Blue Book (3.01 & 3.02)

    2) Complete section 1 and section 4 of the  Civil War Study Guide. 

    3) Look up the remaining terms on the handout in class about Antebellum Events.

  1/19/16 Andrew Darn Jackson

    1) Watch the video on Mr. Jackson and answer the following questions.

    2) In the event of an ICE day on Friday, watch this video and answer the following questions.

 1/8/2016 - Reforms and Midterm Review

    1) Prepare for the midterm next week by completing these study guides:

       Study Guide #1,   Study Guide #2,    Study Guide #3

    2) If you want extra help with midterm preparation, I will have a review session Saturday

      1/9  morning from 8:00 to 10:30 am. The midterms represent about a quarter of your grade so

      please STUDY!!!  If you don't you could wind up like this.

    3) If you want, get this petition regarding Women's Suffrage signed.  Don't coerce anyone  to

    sign anyone but were you surprised by the relative ignorance of your peers?

  1/4/16-Welcome Back!

    1) Welcome back! Read the following section discussing Reform efforts.  When women start 

        changing society, tensions rise but life improves unless you like living in squalor, getting

        drunk in public and avoiding church.  Read and see what these crazy women change.

    2) Then complete the following worksheetDo ONLY side 2!  We'll finish the chart on side 1 in

        class. Be ready for a reading quiz... one of the last for the semester.

  Holiday Break!!! 
    1) Thank you for all your hard work.  Midterms are the week following the return from the

    Holiday Break. Complete the attached study guide (Its worth a lot) to help you get an "A" on the


   2) Complete a college application of your choice or do the Common one over the break. There

      may be a section which you do not have information for like financial or testing information but

      fill in the areas you can. Make sure to include an essay (most prompts are quite short: 300-500

      words or less).  This is an easy test grade so take advantage!  I will not accept late work or

      excuses unless they are 300-500 words... :)

  12/15/15 Sectionalism

    1) Get ready for the test on Expansion and Sectionalism.  Prepare with the following steps:

         a) Read the sections from Chapter 2 here and here.  An additional reading is here.

         b) Finish watching the video at this site and complete the movie questions from class.

         c) Know the following terms: American System, Henry Clay, Lowell System, Samuel

             Slater, Eli Whitney, Erie Canal, Steel Plow, Mechanical Reaper, Steamboat, Telegraph.

    2) Watch the following short video on President James K. POLK!

  12/11/15 Sectionalism

    1) Please go back and reread the homework assignment from last class. Make sure you know

      the answers from the Chapter 2 Study Guide from Sections 1,2,3 and 5.

  12/9/15  Sectionalism

    1) Read part 1 and part 2 from Chapter 2 about sectionalism.  Then complete sections 2 and 3

    2) Finish the following handout about Expansion.

    3) Begin thinking about the college to use for our winter project. Download its application.


  12/7/15 Territorial Expansion and Sectionalism

    1) Read the section in Chapter 2 about Expansion in the Blue Book
    2) Then complete sections 1 and 5 on the Chapter 2 Study Guide

  12/3/15  Territorial Expansion

    1) Watch the following video about American Expansion.  Then answer these questions.

    2) Complete the following handout about the Monroe Doctrine. 

    3) Read this cool cartoon about USA expansion.

  12/1/15 Expansion 

    1)  Complete the Map and worksheet  and the grid showing the territorial additions to the USA.

         Use colors for Heaven's sake- It's an Arts school after all.  Steal crayons from your little

          brother if you have to but make sure you give them back when your done.

    2) You can use the map at this site to see how the nation grew.  It's pretty good.. 

  11/23/15 Thanksgiving Break Assignment

    1) Please watch the following video about the War of 1812 and the Northwest (Great Lakes

       Region) Then write 15 questions about the video as if you were a teacher creating a study   

       guide.  The best set of questions wins a Christmas gift certificate. The worst wins an "F".

      If you are patient, you'll learn a cool story about the Prophet and what a hellraiser he was.

    2) Complete this fill in the Blank Worksheet about the Washington to War of 1812 period.

    3) Check out bullying videos and determine if you want to model the NWSA effort on one you

        find.  The script suggested by the CMS and Charlotte Media group is attached here.

    4) Lastly, enjoy this amazing video about the spirit of Thanksgiving.  It's only 30 seconds.

  11/21/15 War of 1812 and Era of Good Feelings

    1) Prepare for the Test on Tuesday on the War of 1812 and Era of Good Feelings. 

    2) Complete the following quiz.  You may be glad you did when you take the test.

    3) Check your grades and retest Monday morning if you want to improve your grade. Time's up.

   11/19/15 War of 1812 and Era of Good Feelings

  1) Study your Ch. 1 guide and retest this week. Impress your parents with an "A" before the break. 

  2) Complete the following review of earlier events.  Answer with complete sentences!!! 

  3) Read the following short commentaries comparing women to slavery. Pay close attention to

    my favorite abolitionist Frederick DOUGLASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.  I find his writing to be sharp,

    logical and brilliantly simple. Answer the questions and tell me if you agree.

  11/12/15 Jefferson through Monroe

    1) Study for the test on Monday by completing the Early America Study Guide (all sections)

    2) Review your timeline of key events for the Critical Period. 

    3) Watch the following movie on the first 5 US Presidents and write down the key

          events/actions during each President.  Document the events on this sheet.

  11/9/15 Jefferson through War 1812

    1) Make sure you have finished all sections in the study guide.  If you already turned yours in,

    it is ok to finish the sections you have not yet completed. Expect reading quizzes going forward,

        starting with  sections 3 and 4.

    2) Complete the following handouts on the War of 1812.

  11/03/15  Jeffersonian Era

    1)  Read Chapter 1 of the Blue Book.  Seriously, its about 10 pages. It will make your life so

         much easier.  We will begin taking in depth quizzes at the start of class so STUDY!

    2) Finish the Study Guide (all 4 sections).  Most answers can be found in the Blue Book.

    3) Define the following vocabulary terms. Make sure you add pictures and an event before and

        after connected with each term. Yes, the assignment is a show of respect to Mrs. Lee.

  10/30/15 Early American Nation (Critical Period)

    1) Finish reading Chapter 1 of the Blue Book.  Pay attention to the BOLDED words.
    2) Complete sections 1-3 of the Early Nation Study Guide. Most answers can be found in the

         Blue Book. 
    3) Watch the following short clip (13 mins) about George Washington.
Fill in the events for

       President Washington which occurred during his administration on this chart.

    4) Have a great Halloween ...  but beware this phrase...

  10/28/15 Early American Nation

    1) Read Chapter 1 of the Blue Book. Decide if you like it as a reading guide vs. the text.

    2) Honors- Complete sections 1 and 2 of the Early Nation Study Guide.

    3) Standard- Complete sections 1 of the Early Nation Study Guide.

    4) Read and answer the questions on the Alexander Hamilton & T. Jefferson Study guides.

    5) For extra credit, describe in one word what you see here: WOW!


  10-26-15 American Revolution

    1) Finish the worksheet showing the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation.

    2) Be prepared to show your notebook with the following pages included.  All other pages

        should be hole-punched and included in a neat and orderly system.

    3) Try this quiz on the American Revolution


  10-21-15 Road to Revolution

    1) Read the Handout on Sam Adams and answer the questions about this Patriot Leader.

    2) Finish filling in the events on the Road to Revolution chart.  You may pull up the answers on

         the internet.

    3) Watch the short movie on the American Revolution and write 15 questions about the video.

    4) For Extra credit, please finish the following worksheet and turn in to Mr. V on 10/22.


  10-19-15  Road To Revolution

    1) Read the following small text assignment and answer the questions on the last page.

    2) Finish the handout on the Enlightenment given out in class.

    3) For Extra Credit, complete the online quiz.  You may recognize some of the questions later...


  10/15/15- French and Indian War Conclusion

     1) Watch the following Crash Course video and answer the questions on this worksheet

     2) Read the following description of the American Revolution.


   10/13/15 French and Indian War
      (2nd Block)

      1) Read the following textbook pages and answer the questions on  page 151.

      2) Extra Credit Options: Complete the attached handout   or Handout #2 or Handout #3 for  

           additional points.


      Honors (1st and 3rd Blocks)

      1) Read the following textbook pages and answer the questions on pg 151. 

      2) Watch a video describing the French and Indian War. Its not flashy, but its GOOD material!

      3) Extra Credit Options: Complete the attached handout   or Handout #2 or Handout #3 for  
           additional points.


  10/09/15 Test

      1) Test will be graded and posted shortly.   Please see me for test corrections and retakes.

      2) Please complete the following worksheets  or packet #2 or packet #3 for bonus points to

          your grade.


  10/7/15 Late Colonial Period Wrap-up

    1) Study the 13 colonies review chart and the Late colonial terms for the test on Friday. If the

       PSAT testing delays us, we will test on Tuesday.

    2) Complete the Pictionary assignment for 12 vocabulary words.  (All 12 terms are on the test!)


  10/5/15 Middle Colonies

    1) Watch the following video about the Middle Colonies. Answer the following questions.

    2) Begin studying for a test on Friday. The test will cover Late Colonial terms and 13 colonies.


  10/1/15 Northern Colonies

    1) Watch the short  video of a college professor explaining the differences between

       the Northern Colonies and the Southern Colonies.

    2) Answer the following questions while watching the video.


  9/29/15  Southern Colonies Review

    1) Finish the handout given out in class.  That's it.  Really.

    2) If you want to review the video seen in class today, please watch here.


  9/25/15  Colonial Period

    For First Block (1A):

    1) Define the terms on the following Colonial Vocabulary List. or PDF

    2) Read a Really Scary Church Sermon entitled Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God.
        Answer the question in the reading.

   For Second and Third Blocks:

     1) Watch the following Video discussing what went wrong at Jamestown.

    2) Design a successful colony in English America.  This is a TEST grade so put real thought into
        it.  A good colony has a solid location, a complete list of important trade skills and useful
        tools and supplies. Use pictures or models to show how you would plan the colony.

     3) Define the terms from the following list.

  9/18/15  Middle Colonies Economy

     1) Please watch the Crash Course Video #3 and finish the handout with questions.

     2) Please review your Test and make corrections as able if your class tests were returned.


  9/16/15 Culture and Economics of the American Colonies

     1) Your test scores were not as high as I hoped. I strongly encourage you to retake

        the test and improve your grade before or after school in the coming week.

     2) Please read the following handout which may or may not be Mr. Lawler's actual

         college term paper. It's scanned in "upside down" but if you want to know what he
        thought about the connection between Slavery & Sugar in the 1700's, read it, then
         ask him who "Jean" is.  You'll laugh when you find out!

      3) Read the following handout detailing the 13 colonies and complete the following chart. 

          Yes, it will require some work, but you MUST know this stuff, and I am honestly concerned

           you don't yet have it based on your test grades. This will be worth A LOT of HOMEWORK

          points. Enough to impress mom and dad and help you bounce back strong.


   9/14/15  English Colonies (All 13!)

    1) Study for the test on Wednesday.  You will be expected to know the key

        colonial concepts AND major European explorers discussed in class.  Complete

        all outstanding handouts by Wednesday.  Good Luck. The test is not easy.  If you
        don't study, you'll disappoint your goldfish.  If it swims away, you'll be sad, so don't risk it.


  9/10/15 English America-Jamestown

    1) Read the following websites for information about the 13 colonies.

    2) Answer the following questions on this worksheet.  All boxes should be filled

        in with THOUGHTFUL, COMPLETE answers. 

      3) Note the PowerPoint from class is located under the Powerpoints link to the left.


  9/8/15 Exploration and English America

      1) Complete the following handout about the Pilgrims and Puritans settling in the New    



  9/3/15 - European Exploration

      1) Finish the Explorers handout.  Know the main European Explorers for the test.

      2) Finish the First Natives Handout.

      3) Please watch the followingvideo about European Exploration in the New World.

          This is a different video than I originally intended to post.  Answer the questions

          on the video quiz at the end.


  8/31/15 Colonization and Early Exploration

        1) Please read the following article describing Life in Jamestown for Women

        2) Also, please finish the handout on Pizarro and the death of the Native Americans graph.


  8/26/15- Introduction to mapping, European Exploration

  1) Read the attached article and answer the following questions about Columbus' Observations.


  8/24/15- Welcome to American History I with Mr. Vitale.  Your first Assignment will be:

  1) Memorize the names and locations of the 13 Original US Colonies.  A map may be found here.

  2) Return your signed copy of the Syllabus.


American History I