Final Thoughts:  

    1) Watch this review Powerpoint

    2) Make sure you complete the packet due by 5/28.

  Due for Thursday 5/17 and Friday 5/18 American West
  1) Prepare for the test on the American West this Thursday and Friday by reading chapter 4 
   on the American West and studying your notes.

    2) Keep working on your Review Packet.  It will be due before 5/28.

    Due for Thursday 5/10 and Friday 5/11 American West
   1) Read the rest of Chapter 4 in the Blue Book about the American West.  Then answer the
       following questions:

        a) What laws promoted the settlement of the American west?  (Explain how each worked)

        b) Who were the exodusters and why did they move west?

        c) What ways did the Natives attempt to resist?

        d) Discuss the importance of the Buffalo to the Natives.

        e) What effect did the railroads have on the American West? Who was helped and hurt?

        f) What inventions and innovations transformed the American West the most?

   2) Begin preparing for the American West test on Thurs. / Friday, (5/17  or 5/18)
   3) Begin working on this Review Packet which is due by 5/28.  It is big so start working
     it now!!!!

  Due for Monday 5/7 and Tuesday 5/8  American West
  1) The winner of the Civil War Game was  the South.  In a shocking upset of history, the 
         South finished with a +74% Margin.  Totals and Prizes are listed below:

     South       +74%        Take entire American West test w/ partner
 East          +61%        Take half American West test w/ partner
West        -14%        Take American West test w/ a balloon animal friend
 North       -58%        TBD

  2) Enjoy Prom.  Don't think about history until we come back to class next week! ​

 Due for Thursday 5/3 and Friday 5/4   American West
1) We're going West  so grab your cowboy boots and turn up the country music.  To set
       the mood, watch the Crash Course video on the US West and answer these questions. 
       The good news is this is the last historical area we'll cover this year! 

  Due for Friday 4/27 and Monday 4/30   Preparing for the CIVIL WAR GAMEt
     Note: The Civil War Game begins on Wednesday 5/2 & finishes Thursday 5/3. This will 
        accommodate Mr. King's class possible addition to the game.  We will spend the 
       remainder of this week developing questions, making cards and reviewing the game rules
       Be ready with your ration cards and 10 (or more) questions based on the Civil War Era Terms.
       Remember the game starts at 9:10 each morning and ends at 4:20 each afternoon.  
      Officers will be required to attend Appomattox Courthouse after school on Thursday 5/3
      to tally the points. Please follow the rules and know your terms.

                       Period 1A  (West)                  Period 2B (East)                  Period 4B  (South)
 Rose Standish                        Dru Swan                           Angelina Wolff   

Stephon Carter                      William Pearson               Taylor Sumlin 
Karah                                        Mya                                    Arie 
 Clayisha                                   Julio                                   Charlese
Jaylen                                      Alejah                                 Sarah 

                         Chloe Walters                   Matthew Wryals               Helena Dryer 
Josephine                              Desiree                              AJ  
Ishara                                      Ava                                    Carsen 
Edgar                                      Yvelynne                           Lily    

Sincerity Rogers                    Alexis Frazier                  Jenna Servian 
Alex                                         Dory                                   Ananda 
J'Ana                                       Jukeyah                             Julie  
Cara                                         Taj                                      Jamie

Christian Negron                    Maddie Hargrove          Shanna Jaramillo
Melisa                                     Trinity                                Valerie
Reilly                                        Ira                                      Mylz
Micaiah (alt)

                                                                        Jalen Williams           

 Due for Thursday 4/19 and Friday 4/20 Reconstruction 
  1) Watch the Crash Course on Reconstruction and answer the movie questions.
    2) Study the Reconstruction and Civil War Terms for the Unit Test today!  It is the last 
       important test of The Civil War Era so take some time to STUDY!!!​​ It will shape your 4th
       Quarter Grade!

  Due for Tuesday 4/17  and Wednesday 4/18        The Civil War Game and Reconstruction
   Note: The Civil War Game begins Tuesday 4/24 w Southern control of open areas, Western
       control on Wed. and finishes on Thursday, 4/26 with North in control.  Be ready with
       your ration cards and your 10 (or more) questions based on the Civil War Era Terms.
       Remember the game starts at 9:10 each morning and ends at 4:20 each afternoon.  
      Officers will be required to attend Appomattox Courthouse after school on Thursday
      to tally the points. Please follow the rules and know your terms.

          A list of officers for all 3 sides is posted here.  Congratulations to all.

                       Period 1A  (West)                  Period 2B (North)                  Period 4B  (South)
 Rose Standish                        Dru Swan                           Angelina Wolff   

  Stephon Carter                      William Pearson               Taylor Sumlin  
Chloe Walters                        Matthew Wryals               Helena Dryer   
Sincerity Rogers                  Maddie Hargrove             Jenna Servian 
Christian Negron                    Alexis Frazier                    Shanna Jaramillo
                                                                             Jalen Williams

            Good Luck organizing your squads and above all, have fun. 

    1) Read Chapter 12 Section 2 on Reconstruction Society and answer the Big Idea Questions.

       and questions 1-2 at the end of the section.
    2) Don't forget the MAJOR Antebellum thru Reconstruction test on Thursday/Friday!
  Due for Friday the 13th  & Monday 4/16     Reconstruction & Prepare for the Civil War Game
  1) Read the Ch. 12 Sect. 1 textbook section on Reconstruction.  Then complete the 
        Big Idea questions.  
    2) Then make a pictionary for each review term which includes BOTH a short definition and a
        picture which highlights that you know what it means.  
    3) Here is the powerpoint for the Reconstruction period which helps explain the events of
         the era.  It's big so you may need a good connection to load this powerpoint.  The Civil
         War Game Starts on Tuesday 4/24  so make sure you get your armband before class! 

        Have your ration cards and questions ready!

  Due for Wednesday 4/11 and Thursday 4/12 Civil War and Reconstruction
    1) Read the Ch. 11 Sect. 5 textbook section on the Legacy of the War.  Then complete the 
        Big Idea questions A-B. Then answer questions 1-5 at the end of the section. 
    2) The Civil War Game starts on 4/23 so have your 4 ration cards and write 10 questions 
        based on these terms.  Do a good job as they will be checked today!  Plus, there will be a 
         quiz so please take time to ABSORB what you're looking at!

  Due for Spring Break  Monday 4/9 and Tuesday 4/10
  Finish this review packet.  The answers should be pretty easy & most can probably be done 
     from memory.  (If you have been paying attention... then you'll love the quiz on these same

     questions today!)  

  Due for Tuesday 3/27 and  Wednesday 3/28    The Civil War
    1) Test Today on all the Antebellum and Civil War terms.  Study-its the last grade of
        the Quarter!  It's a heavily weighted test and if you're telling yourself "You've got this" 
        watch what happened to this overconfident driver.

  Due for Friday 3/23 and Monday 3/26 Civil War
   1) Study for the test next class. Use the following set of terms.  Seriously, Study them.
   2) Complete the following Civil War Reading for the test. Please read it.  Its from the best 
     guidebook in the business.   Then answer the questions at the end of the reading.  
     Grades are final as the quarter closes right afterwards so don't miss this assignment!

   3) Please be ready to show you know the terms in Bold Green below on a formal grade today.
  Due for Wednesday 3/21 and Thursday 3/22 Civil War
    1)  Watch the following videos of the American Civil War.  #1  and #2  Answer the questions.
    2) Know these terms for the next quiz. You might want to because this will be the last
        and largest quiz of the quarter.   
         Ft. Sumter           Manassas/Bull Run       Antietam        Gettysburg       Vicksburg

         Sherman's March to the Sea     Appomattox Courthouse   Emancipation Proclamation

        Gettysburg Address      Conscription      "Greenback" dollars     Habeas Corpus

​    Due for Monday 3/19 and Tuesday 3/20   The Civil War
    1) Start the Review Questions
    2)  Read the Textbook section on Ch. 11 Section 4 Civil War over and the North Wins! and
         answer all the Main Idea questions in the section.​

  Due for Thursday 3/15 and Friday 3/16 The Civil War
    1)  Read the Textbook section on Ch. 11 Section 3 Civil War Life and answer the Main Idea 
        questions at the end of the section.​

  Announcement: We will hold a review session at UNC-Charlotte this Saturday from 8:00 am
   to 10:30 am.  It will be held in the Duke Bldg. Room 208 and will be the last such session this 
   quarter.  Please come if able... it is well worth your time and includes extra credit to help
    ensure an GOOD GRADE.  A flyer is here.

  Due for Friday  3/9 and Monday  3/12     The Civil War
    1) Read the Textbook section on  Ch. 11 Sect. 2 Civil War and answer Big Idea questions (ALL).
        Seriously, take the time to read the material.  You may get "popped" on the quiz 
       you take today in class!  
  2) Finish reading the Union & Confederate Advantage handouts and fill out the attached chart.

  Due for Wednesday 3/7 and Thursday 3/8 The Advantages of the North and South
    1) Finish the graphing and questions and fill out  the chart  describing  
       the advantages of the Union and Confederacy at the start of the Civil War.​ 

   Due for Monday 3/5 and Tuesday 3/6   The Advantages of the North and South

    1) Read the Textbook section on  Ch. 11 Sect. 1 Civil War and answer Big Idea questions A-G.
        Seriously, take the time to read the text.  You  be glad on the quiz you take today in class!

 Due for Thursday 3/1 and Friday 3/2   Civil War
  1) Read the Section in textbook on Secession.  Answer the Big Idea Questions A-F.  Then
        answer questions 1-5 at the end of the reading.    Many of you have been doing
        much better 3rd Quarter.  Thank you!!! Remember to use complete sentences to answer
        each question.  You're only a year away from COLLEGE after all! 
    2) Complete the following handout.  Simply read it and use the information to answer the 
        questions on the sheet. It'll go fast, like your classmates. on Friday at the bell
    3) Finish the map of the Union and Confederate States at the start of the Civil War. Fill in 
        the chart of Free and slave states on the other side.  Note there is a difference between 
        the "Slave" states and the states that eventually joined the Confederacy.  (Not all the slave
        states joined the Confederacy... seriously... think about that.)

  Due for Tuesday 2/26 and Wednesday 2/27   The Civil War
      1) Relax and enjoy another record warm weekend.  ACT on Tuesday.  Get some rest.  Learn
       some math.  Score well.  No homework. But you may want to get started on next class... hint.

  Due for Friday 2/23 and Monday 2/25         Antebellum Test
  1) Complete the following handout in advance of the test today on Antebellum Events.
    2) Watch the following Crash Course Video on the Road to the Civil War and answer
         these questions.

  Due for Wednesday and Thursday 2/21 and 2/22   The Antebellum Era
  1) Read the following section in Chapter 3 of the Guide Book (3.01 & 3.02) It is one of the easiest 
      ways to cover the information.  Once you read it, you'll find it's far easier than your textbook!!!
    2) Complete ONLY section 1 and section 4 of this  Civil War Study Guide. 
    3) Look up the remaining terms on the notes from class about Antebellum Events.  There is a 
         test on the Antebellum terms next class!

  Due for Monday 2/19 and Tuesday 2/20     The Antebellum Era
 1) Read the Ch. 10 Section 2  in your textbook section and answer the Main Idea Questions
     A-E and questions 2,3,4 from the end of the section.   Seriously. We will start with DAILY

    quizzes. Collect an easy grade. 

   Due for Wednesday and Thursday 2/15  The Antebellum Era
1) Read Chapt. 10 section 1 about the politics of Slavery.  Then answer the Main Idea
        Questions A-E.  Then define the terms in question #1 and answer questions 2,3 and 4.   

 Due for Monday  2/12 and Tuesday 2/13  Test on Andrew Jackson
    1) Study for the Test Today! Finish the review guide. given out last week  You DO NOT
      want to miss this assignment-- Trust Me as the test will be EASY if you did it.

    2) Read the following Study Guide ...  It is the best resource available for American History 1.  
        Finish the review Questions throughout the chapter reading and the multiple choice 
       questions at the end.  I know its alot.   There will be a large grade and reward for its 

    3) A helpful video to watch about Jackson and Adams is here.  Answer these questions

       for extra credit.

  Due for Thursday 2/8 and Friday 2/9  Test on Andrew Jackson
    1) Study for the Test on Monday and Tuesday by finishing this chapter reading.  Answer the 
       Main Idea Questions A-D and Question numbers 2, 3 and 4 at the end of the section.
    2) Start working on the Study Guide for the UNIT TEST on Monday /Tuesday. It will be due on 
        the day of the test.

  Due for Tuesday and Wednesday 2/7    Andrew Darn Jackson

    1) If you did not finish the prior reading, please finish Chapter 7 sect 3 and answer

       the questions below.

    2) Watch the video on Mr. Jackson and answer the following questions.  

    3) If you had Pro-caring Day today, bring your assignments to class next time for collection!

  Due for Friday 2/2 and Monday 2/5  Andrew Jackson  
  1) Read text pages Ch. 7 Sect. 3 (pgs. 224-229) & answer Big Idea Questions A-D.  

      Then answer questions 3 and 4 at the end of the reading.  

 Due for Wednesday 1/31 and Thursday 2/1 Manifest Destiny
    1) Test today... Manifest Destiny, Reforms, Sectionalism!  I'd study.  Jackson week starts today!

      It's a bad time to infamous.

    2) List of illustrations used to discuss Expansion and Manifest Destiny Here.

  Due for Monday 1/29 and Tuesday 1/30 Manifest Destiny
    1) Watch the following video about US Expansion and answer these questions.
    2) Complete the pictionary assignment for the expansion terms. 
    3) The expansion test is the first test of the new quarter.  Answer these questions to

        prepare.  Welcome to Honors!!!

  Due for Thursday 1/25 and Friday 1/26 - Manifest Destiny and Territorial Expansion
    1) Complete the Map and worksheet showing the territorial additions to the USA.
       Use colors for Heaven's sake- It's an Arts school after all.  Steal crayons from your little
        brother if you have to but make sure you put them back when your done.
    2) You can view this map online to see how the nation grew.  It's pretty good. 

   Due for Wednesday  1/24 - Manifest Destiny and Territorial Expansion
    1) Fill in the this Chart which tracks the growth of the United States.  Knowing these territorial 
       additions are critical to doing well on today's quiz!
    2) Watch the following video about expansion! Please review it again if you don't understand 
        something... its only 3 minutes but your grade will last forever.

   Due Thursday 1/18   ---> Moved to Tuesday 1/23 Manifest Destiny and Territorial Expansion
   1)  Complete the following chapter reading on Expansion.  Then answer the Main Idea
         questions A-E.   

    2) Fill in the this Chart which tracks the growth of the United States.  Knowing these territorial 
       additions will be critical to doing well on today's quiz!
    3) Watch the following video about expansion! Please review it again if you don't understand 
        something... its only 3 minutes but your grade will last forever.

   Due Wednesday 1/17 ---> Moved to  Friday 1/19 Make Up Midterm Exam
    1) For students who of the "Snowday" Wednesday, study for your Friday MIDTERM. Many 
      students who took it earlier this week failed because they didn't study, wasting a  good 
      semester grade. Use the midterm study guide with its detailed list of terms... It's clear who 
       actually did and didn't.  Go back over the terms on the list if you want to crush the 
        midterm.  Remember, you can be a either a Shining Example or a Horrible Warning.  Study!

    2) Complete the following chapter reading on Expansion.  Then answer the Main Idea
         questions A-E AND questions 3 & 4 at the end of the section.

  Due for Thursday 1/11 and Friday 1/12 Early National Period Reforms
  1)  Read the following section on Women - Reform & answer Main Idea Questions. A-D.
    2) Complete this review activity before the Midterm!

    3) We will work on the following study guide in class. You are expected to finish it before

        the midterm. You may skip the Andrew Jackson section. It'll find you next semester.

  Due for Tuesday  1/10 and Wednesday 1/11 Early National Period Reforms
  1)  Fill in the handout with information on reforms.
    2) If you need to refer to the chart we used in class for reforms, look no further!
    3) Watch the following Crash Course video and answer the following questions

  Due for Friday 1/5 and Monday 1/8 Early Nation Reforms
  1)  Welcome back! Read the following section discussing Reform efforts.  When women start 
       changing society, tensions rise and life improves unless you like living in squalor, getting
       drunk in public and avoiding church.  Read to understand what these crazy women
     change. Then answer the Main Idea questions A-E to show you got it!
    2) Watch the following short video of the Reforms which swept through American Society
       during this time period.  It is led by a college professor and it helps explain why Americans  
       are so reform minded, even today. Then answer these questions.

   Due for Winter Break

    1) Complete the attached Midterm Review Packet. There are 40 terms to identify but the

       assignment will carry a great deal of weight and has a strong correlation to the topics you

        should know for your midterm exam.

    2)  Write a short (650 word Max = 1 page) college essay.  The list of essay prompts from the

       common app used for college admissions. The writing prompts allow you

        to write about virtually anything.  The finished product can be used for next year's

        college application so put some thought into it.  It's only 1 page, so don't fret.  


  Due for Monday 12/18  and Tuesday 12/19

    1)  Read Chapter 8, section 4 on the development of Northern Industry.  We've spent some

      time discussing Southern Agriculture and the growth of Cotton... now learn what the North

      was doing to keep up.  Then answer the Main Idea Questions A-E and the end of section

      questions 1-4.

    2) One of the most famous new industrial factories to hire women was the Lowell Mills.  Read

        this account of one of the first women factory workers in America and answer the questions

       at the end.  Its a short reading but provides a window into what the first female workers

       were have been thinking in a male dominated society. Please come in prepared to discuss it! 

       (There will be a quiz to make sure you read it.)

   3) Congratulation on making it to the last school day of the year!  There will be a small winter

        break assignment which I'll post shortly.  Thank you for a great 2017 Your class has been a 

        pleasure to teach.

  Due for Wednesday 12/13 and Thursday 12/14  Early National Growth
    1) Review the first 5 President's Administration by watching the Presidential videos from 
      Washington to Monroe.  Then fill in their accomplishments on the following handout.

  Due for Monday 12/11  Era of Good Feelings

    1) Read Chapter 7 sect. 1 on Regional Differences between the North and South. Answer 
       the Big Idea questions A-E and complete Questions 1-4 at the end of the Chapter.

 Due for Thursday 12/7      Test on Early Nation Test
    1) The New Nation Test will be Today for Period 4B.  Be Ready and review Section 4 to make

        sure you know the War of 1812 terminology.

  Due for Tuesday and Wednesday 12/5 and 12/6   Early Nation

    1) Study for the test today.

    2) Seriously... study.  

  Due for Friday 12/2 and Monday 12/4 Jefferson through War 1812
    1) Read the text on the War of 1812 and answer the Big Idea Questions A-B.  Then answer 
      questions 1-3 at the end of the section.
    2) Complete the following handouts on the War of 1812.
    3) Watch the Crash Course US History on the War of 1812 and answer these questions.

  4) The test on the Critical Period through the War of 1812 is on Tuesday and Wednesday 
        so STUDY over the weekend!

 Due for Wednesday 11/29 and Thursday 11/30 Jeffersonian Democracy
    1) Read Chapter 6 Section 3 and answer the Main Idea Questions. Then answer the questions

      at the end of section 3 after you read the text. 
    2) Watch the Crash Course on Jefferson and answer these questions.

   3) Enjoy this actual Graffiti painted in New York by a very determined street artist after (the
       very unpopular) Jay's Treaty was signed:    (Who said impressment didn't matter?)
    "Damn JOHN JAY. Damn everyone who won't damn JOHN JAY. Damn 
     everyone that won't put candles in the window and stay up all night
                                    damning JOHN JAY."   

    4)  The death of Alexander Hamilton in a duel with Aaron Burr is memorialized in this
        funny commercial.   Enjoy his loss and remember who shot him... you never know when
        it could come in handy.

  Due for Thanksgiving Break - Baby USA and the Critical Period
    1) Read Chapter 6 Section 2 and answer the Main Idea Questions.  Then answer questions

        1-5 from section 2.  Make sure you answer them completely!  
    2) Complete the following questions on this take home assignment.  Yes, its a test.  No you
       cannot copy it from a peer
.  Yes, I have a way to verify you did the work yourself.  
    3) Watch the following video about the Early USA and answer the attached questions.
    4)  To better understand the importance of the watching movies together with family over 
         the holidays, enjoy this 2 minute video.  By the way, Star Wars comes out this December.

  Due for Tuesday 11/21 Baby USA and the Critical Period
  1) The new Nation will struggle to find its way after Independence.  Washington's first
       years in office are covered in Ch. 6 Section 1 and answer these questions:
  a) What did the Judiciary Act of 1789 actually do?
        b) Who were the members of Washington's Cabinet and what were their roles?
        c) What were the 4 parts of Hamilton's economic plan?
        d) Why did the location of the US Capital move from New York to Philly to DC?
        e) What was the effect of the Whiskey Rebellion? 

     2) Answer the End of Chapter questions for Ch. 6 Section 1  #2-5

​   Due for Friday 11/17 and Monday 11/20  Baby USA and the Critical Period
    1) The new Nation will soon realize the Articles of Confederation are no working well.  To 
       replace them, two groups will begin a debate... led by leaders Alexander Hamilton and 
       Thomas Jefferson.  Read both short guides and answer the questions on each. Don't copy 
       from a friend as you will be assured of a zero and a lump of coal for Christmas.  Plus Jesus
       is probably watching.  Next time somebody asks you WWJD... you can tell em: HOMEWORK.

    2) Finish watching the second part of the AOC video and complete these easy questions.

     a) How many states ratified the A.O.C?
     b) What did Washington fear?
     c) Who was the USA's ambassador to France?
     d) What three things did Congress need to do to win the war?
     e) What event lead Maryland to FINALLY ratified the A.O.C?
    3) Click on the following links if you need a copy of the Early Nation class notes or the 
       Comparison chart of the Federalists and Dem-Republicans.

   Due for Wednesday 11/15 and Thursday 11/16  Baby USA and the Critical Period
    1) Watch this short video about the nation's 1st government: The Articles of Confederation
       It's from a new group and does an amazing job of explaining the events we are discussing.
      To be sure you actually understand it, answer these questions AFTER VIEWING IT. 

    a) According to the speaker what type of government does America create?
     b) What action did Britain take to punish the colonist after the Boston Tea Party? ( there’s 2)
     c) In the summer of 1776 what three things did the Continental Congress do?
     d) Who created an early plan of union which was thrown out?
     e) Who wrote Letters from a Pennsylvanian Farmer?
     f) Under the A.O.C how the new government would be funded?
     g) What is the GREATEST American city?

    2) The Articles of Confederation were a very weak form of  government.  Finish 

         the worksheet listing at least 6 weaknesses of America's first government. We did this

         in class but expect to be quizzed just in case!

  Due for Monday 11/13 and Tuesday 11/14 -Review of 1st Quarter

    1) Complete this take home set of questions reviewing the material we have covered.  It will

       be a heavily weighted assignment which requires some thought.  Please get it done on time.

    2) If you want to get ahead, check out the new material!  This powerpoint introduces USA

       for those of you curious enough to wonder if the new United States will make it.

​​  Due for Wednesday 11/8 and Thursday 11/9 American Revolution Test???
    1) Hopefully,  your test is today, so make sure you have studied and prepared your notebook

       as instructed below.
    2) Finish reading Ch. 4 section 4 on Wining the Revolution.  Then answer ALL the Main Idea
        questions AND questions 1-3 at the end of the section.

  Due for Monday 11/6 and Tuesday 11/7 American Revolution Test or Review ???
    1) If everyone does the homework, the test will be moved from today to next class.  Yes,
     everyone means EVERYONE.  If we test, it will be primarily on the Road to Revolution events
     and the American Revolution itself, with a few review questions from the colonial period.
    2) The Powerpoint for the Amer. Rev. is here.  Please look it over.  You are responsible for
       knowing its content. 
    3) Complete the following Pictionary and define each of the terms.  Your pictionary and
        definitions should demonstrate you know the terms.

    4) Make sure your notebook is ready to be shared on the test day.  It must have:

         Early Colonial Notes             Late Colonial Notes                  Revolutionary Notes

  Due for Thursday 11/2 and Friday 11/3 - Fireworks and the American Revolution
    1)   Read Ch.4 sect.3- "Struggle to Saratoga" then complete "Main Idea Questions" A-E and 

         end of section questions 1-3.
    2)  Try this quiz on the American Revolution. 

  Due for Tuesday 10/31 and Wednesday 11/1 The American Revolution
    1) Watch the following video and write 20 questions as if you were the teacher creating a
       video guide. It's an awesome introduction to the Revolution and prior students really 
       liked it.  The questions should be evenly spaced from start to finish and make it
         clear you watched the ENTIRE video.  A good guide will be usable by your classmates.   
    2) Complete the Chapter 4 section 2 reading and answer the Main Idea questions. Then 

        answer questions 1-3 at the end of the chapter.

    3) Show your little brother or sister you love them by telling them a scary story which keeps 
        them up all night.  ... Or let them play this and film it. 

  Due for Thursday 10/26 and Friday 10/27 Road to Revolution

    1)  We will use this set of notes for the buildup to the Revolutionary War.  Make sure you know 
       the terms for the test next week. 
    2) Complete this handout on Samuel Adams, a controversial hero of the Revolution.
    3) Read Chap. 4 Section 1 on the American Revolutionary  and answer the Main Idea
       Questions A-E and​ the end of section questions 1-2.  Seriously, sit down and read this. 

       Then watch how it changes what you get from class today.  It's makes all the difference.

  Due for Tuesday 10/24 and Wednesday 10/25 - Road to Revolution

    1) Read the description of the Road to the American Revolution. It stops at Lexington
      & Concord but  explains why Taylor Swift was right... England and USA will  never get 
       back together.  Make a Timeline with at least 10 of the events described in the reading

      and add a short description of each of your 10 events onto your timeline.  It should be

     good enough for a classmate to use.  A sample might look like this or this.
    2) Watch the following Crash Course and answer these questions.

  Due for Friday 10/20 and Monday 10/23  - The Seven Years War & Road to Revolution
   1) Test Scores are in so if you want to come back fro test corrections or tutoring, now is
      your chance.  Anyone scoring below 75% may want to fix their grade as the quarter ends!
   2) We will wrap up the Seven Years War and begin the Road to the American Revolution.  To
      make sure you have the 7 Year War down, watch the following video about the War and 
      answer the questions.

  Due for Wednesday 10/18 and Thursday 10/19 Late Colonial Test 
    1) Read the following short section from an amazing new guidebook.  I showed it to a couple
      "Middle of the road" students and they loved it.  It is written in a direct, non-nonsense 
      style which makes it easy to understand.   This will be the last test before the quarter

       ends so please study! Pay particular attention to the Stono Rebellion... it's on the test. 

      Read about it!  (Anyone want to guess who in class will ask what the Stono Rebellion was?)

   2) Mollie Wasserman prepared an awesome Quizlet to help you guys study.  Try it.  Anyone 
       who can finish the LEARN Function can claim an edible prize in class.  You must bring proof 
       you completed it.

  Due for Monday 10/16 and Tuesday 10/17 - Late Colonial Period and 7 Years War
  1) Read Ch. 3 Section 4 about the French and Indian War & answer Main Idea Questions A-C
       AND questions 1-2 at the end of the section.  
    2) Know the terms for Wednesday/ Thursday's test on the Late Colonial Period and

        the 7 Yrs. War.
    3) Watch the following short video on the 7 Years War and answer these questions.  

  Due for Thursday 10/12 and Friday 10/13 Late Colonial Period and 7 Years War
    1)  Watch the following two videos describing the importance of the French and Indian War.
         Khan Academy video #1      and   video #2  and answer these questions.  I know its a little 

         "dry" but think of it as a good test of your ability to follow a college professor's class.
    2) Complete pictionary for the following 7 Years War terms.

  Due for Tuesday 10/10 and Wednesday 10/11 Late Colonial History
  1)  Look over the late colonial terms handout  we discussed in class. There will 
        be a game next class and a test on Monday and Tuesday which requires you to know 
        these terms!
    2) Complete the attached handout 1 and handout 2

  Due for Friday 10/6 and Monday 10/9 Late Colonial History
1) Read Chapt. 3 sec. 3 and answer the Main Idea questions (A-D)
    2) Complete this Pictionary by drawing the key terms.  Any drawing, regardless of skill
       needs to show you know what the term signifies.  

  Due for Wednesday and Thursday -- Late Colonial History
  1) Read Chapter 3, sect. 2 and answer the main idea questions (A-F).  and questions 1-5 at the 
      end of the section. PLEASE READ IT and MAKES SURE YOU UNDERSTAND IT!
      It is clear a few of you are not doing so and I need you to step up. If you have late work, 
      I will take it up to Friday.  After that, all bets are off.  We have to change. 

  Due for Monday 10/2 and Tuesday 10/3 Test on Early Colonial History
    1) The test on the Early American Colonies is today.  Please prepare by reviewing 
       (and have in your notebook) the following completed study guides:

    Early Colonial Notes      Colonial Geography Facts     13 Colonies Map 

    2)  Finish these short  handouts on Northern and Southern colonies.
    3) Read Ch. 3, Sect 1 from the text on the growth of the English colonies.  Answer 
       questions 1-5.  Also, Answer the Big Idea Questions A-C

  Extra Credit
Opportunity (2 short videos)
   1)  It is important that you know the differences between the New England, Middle and
        Southern Colonies before the test on Monday/Tuesday. Please watch the following
       superb  video by a teacher on those differences. It's really short but packed with info.
    2) Watch the following Crash Course video about the Middle British colonies. Then answer
        the following questions

 Due for Wednesday 9/27 and Thursday 9/28 The Original 13 Colonies
  1)  Watch the following video by a great SC teacher and answer the attached questions.
          No, you cannot switch into his class because he is smarter, better looking and doesn't

          teach at NWSA.  Sorry.
    2)  Read the following textbook section on the middle colonies. Answer Big Idea questions

         A-C AND the questions at the end of the section 1-4.
    3) Complete the following worksheet after reading the study guides.   This will help you
        prepare for the major test on Fri. 9/29 / Mon. 10/02.  
The test will cover the following: 
                Early Colonial Notes          Colonial Geography Facts         13 Colonies Map 

​  Due for Monday 9/25 and Tuesday 9/26 The Original 13 Colonies
1)  Read the following textbook pages and define the vocabulary on Pg 54 in "The Americans" 
   •Puritans •John Winthrop •Separatist •Plymouth Colony •Massachusetts Bay Colony
       •Roger Williams •Anne Hutchinson •Pequot War •Metacom •King Philip’s War 

     2) Answer The Big Idea Questions A-E and questions 1-4 on page 54.  Be able to

          explain your answers in class!

 ​  Due for Tuesday 9/19 and Wednesday 9/20 - Jamestown v. Massachusetts Bay
  1) We discussed the problems faced by both Jamestown and Mass. Bay early in their
       histories. Your challenge is to design your own colony which would avoid similar disasters.
       To make it worth your while, it will count as your first test grade.  Future tests will be
       quite difficult so seize the opportunity to earn a good grade on one which you control.  
       Don't be afraid to look up what other forts look like OR ask an adult for advice. 
       The assignment must include: 
 A) Map/Layout (3D or drawn)
          B) List of 5 Laws which will govern your colony
          C) List of 50 individuals and their professions to start your colony
               (You can have more than 1 of a single job... example: 3 farmers or 5 soldiers)
          D) List of 5 large items to bring.  Assume 1 animal includes both a male and female.
          E) Choose and JUSTIFY your selection of location A, B or C.  

      I will grade it carefully so please don't turn in something your little brother would laugh at

      and expect a good grade.

  Due for Tuesday 9/19 and Wednesday 9/20 - Jamestown v. Massachusetts Bay

    1) We discussed the problems faced by both Jamestown and Mass. Bay early in their

       histories. Your challenge is to design your own colony which would avoid similar disasters.

       To make it worth your while, it will count as your first test grade.  Future tests will be

       quite difficult so seize the opportunity to earn a good grade on one which you control.  

       Don't be afraid to look up what other forts look like OR ask an adult for advice. 

      I will grade it carefully so please don't turn in something thrown together at the last minute.  

      If you think about it, that's why the real Jamestown turned out so badly.  

    2) (Optional) If you ever worry about humanity, this is food for the soul. But only watch 
        it after finishing the assignment/test.

  Due for Friday 9/15 and Monday 9/18  - English Settlement at Jamestown
  1) Enjoy a rare homework break.  Walk around in the grass without shoes.  Pet a kitten.
      Tell your little brother/sister you love them, even if you sometimes don't. They won't know

       and your parents will think you're awesome. 

  Due for Wednesday 9/13 or Thursday 9/14 - English Settlement at Jamestown

    1) Read Ch. 2 Sect. 2 (Pgs. 42 - 47 ONLY) about the English founding of Jamestown.  

    Then answer Big Idea Questions A-E on a separate sheet of paper.   Jamestown is a tough

     place to live, eh?

    2) Define the following terms:

         •Capt. John Smith •joint-stock company •Jamestown •Powhatan

                  •headright system •indentured servant • Royal Colony

 Due for Monday 9/11 or Tuesday 9/12 - European Conquest of the New World

    1) Watch Episode # 1  of John Green's Crash Course US History and answer the Episode #1  
     questions.   Watch the video as many times as need be to ensure you understand the 
     narrator as he talks faster than the average Southerner.  
    2) Optional- Bring in a large bag of M&M's or Skittles (2 varieties) for a homework pass so we 
      can do a fun mapping activity that explains immigration in the British Colonies.  

    3) Don't forget about the Rho Kappa Honor Society meeting after school at 4:25 on Tuesday!

  Due for Thursday 9/7 or Friday 9/8 - Age of Exploration

    1)  Read Chapter 2, Sect. 1 from the textbook and answer the Big Idea Questions A-E on

         a separate sheet of paper.  Its an interesting description of how Spain conquered much

        of the New World.  

    2) Define the terms listed in question 1 at the end of the reading:  (Quiz next class?)

              •Hernándo Cortés •conquistador •New Spain •Mestizo •Encomienda •

                Francisco Pizarro•  Ponce de León •New Mexico •Popé • Mission

    3) Know the estimated native populations of North America (4 Million), Central America (25 Million)

        and South America (20 million)  around the year 1491 and be able to explain what food sources

        fueled the native civilizations there.  (3 Sisters Agriculture, Potato, etc.)

    Due for Tuesday 9/5 or Wednesday 9/6 - Age of Exploration 
    1) Please watch the following video about European Contact with the New World.  Then
       answer the video questions at the end of the video on a sheet of notebook paper.
   2) Check out your textbook... it has been asking about you all summer and can't wait to
       meet you.   Today's reading is short... Then answer the Big Idea Questions A-E on the
       sides of the pages of the reading.  Also answer Critical Thinking question 3 at the end

       of the reading.
    3) Don't forget to retake the geography quiz if you struggled.  I will make parent
       phone calls home this week and would prefer to talk about positive things. Then again,
       we can talk about the NYC Yankees and stuff that makes people sad. 

  Due Tuesday 9/5 -- Age of Exploration

    1)  Read thefollowing article & answer the questions about Columbus' arrival.

        Then read the second article  and answer the questions.  Its longer but it tells a horror story

         that is hard to believe.

    2) Print out the following study guide for the Early Colonial Era.  It will guide you for your

        next test.

  3) Watch this interesting video by a college professor about early American settlement.  Then

      create 10 questions evenly spread throughout the video (with answers).  Write them as if

       you were the teacher and wanted to make sure your students had UNDERSTOOD the

       video.  Your questions will say a lot about you as a student and thoughtful questions will be

       given a score over 100%. .   If you like the video, you'll love college.  If not, we have some

       work to do.

    4) Enjoy the Labor Day Weekend!


  Due for Thursday 8/31- Welcome to Honors American History I. Your 1st Assignment will be:

  1) Memorize the following names and locations within the 13 Original US Colonies.  

  Key Terms:    Massachusetts      New Hampshire    Rhode Island    Connecticut    New York

                           New Jersey            Delaware                Virginia              Maryland         N. Carolina

                           S. Carolina              Georgia                   Pennsylvania    Florida- (Spanish colony)

                          Jamestown             Philadelphia          New York City      Charleston     Boston

​                         St. Augustine

                         Atlantic Ocean        Chesapeake Bay      Massachusetts Bay    Gulf of Mexico

  2) Then label the above terms on the attached map or PDF version.  If you don't see a term,

      look it up!

  3) Return your signed copy of the Syllabus and your completed student Info sheet.  


American History I Honors