American History I 

​  ​
   Due for Monday 11/19 and Tuesday 11/20  Thinking about Thanksgiving (or the AOC)
  1) To celebrate the idea of Thanksgiving, you can donate a can of food for a needy family

    instead of completing the homework.  For holiday reasons, this is a one time offer so late

     donations cannot be accepted. Help those who can't enjoy what we take for granted!

       If you want to do the assignment instead, watch the sequel videos about the nation's 1st

     government: The Articles of Confederation. It's from the same group
      To be sure you actually understand it, answer these questions AFTER VIEWING IT. 

     a) How many states ratified the A.O.C?
     b) What did Washington fear most?
     c) Who was the USA's ambassador to France?
     d) What three things did Congress need to do to win the war?
     e) What event lead Maryland to FINALLY ratified the A.O.C?
​ f) Write a TWO page essay answering "How effectively did the Constitution address the

       failures of the AOC? (must be handwritten)

  Due for Thursday 11/15 and Friday 11/16  The American Revolution and AOC Test

    1) Watch this short video about the nation's 1st government: The Articles of Confederation
       It's from a new group and does an amazing job of explaining the events we are discussing.
      To be sure you actually understand it, answer these questions AFTER VIEWING IT. 
    a) According to the speaker what type of government does America create?
     b) What action did Britain take to punish the colonist after the Boston Tea Party? ( there’s 2)
     c) In the summer of 1776 what three things did the Continental Congress do?
     d) Who created an early plan of union which was thrown out?
     e) Who wrote Letters from a Pennsylvanian Farmer?
     f) Under the A.O.C how the new government would be funded?
     g) What is the GREATEST American city? (Just saying...)

    2) The Articles of Confederation was a very weak form of  government.  Finish 
         the worksheet listing at least 6 weaknesses of America's first government. We did this
         in class but expect to be tested on it today just in case!

  Due for Tuesday 11/13 and Wednesday 11/14 -Articles of Confederation and Baby USA
    1) Complete this take home set of questions reviewing the material we have covered.  It will
       be a heavily weighted assignment which requires some thought.  Please get it done on time.
    2) If you want to get ahead, check out the new material!  This powerpoint introduces USA
       for those of you curious enough to wonder if the new United States nation will make it.

​​  Due for Thursday 11/8 and Friday 11/9 American Revolution 
    1)  Finish reading Ch. 4 section 4 on Wining the Revolution.  Then answer ALL the Main Idea
        questions AND Honors students also questions 1-3 at the end of the section.

  Due for Tuesday 11/6 and Wednesday 11/7 American Revolution Review
    1) Complete the following Pictionary and define each of the terms.  Your pictionary and
        definitions should demonstrate you know the terms, so don't draw lame generic cartoons.

    2) To achieve a cool prize, make your predictions for the a few 2018 Midterm races.  If

      you are like most budding political analysts, you will have to look at the map projections of

      polling experts like Nate Silver or CNN Political Center.  (There are more resource links in the

      document).  Take your time and research your predictions which are due on Monday Night if

      you want a shot at the prize! Send your results to me

       10 pm.   Mrs. Sears, Mr. Lawler and Mr. Whitehead will all pick against you.  Beat them...  It's

        not hard if you just use the maps and common sense!
  Due for Friday 11/2 and Monday 11/5  - Fireworks and the American Revolution
    1)   Read Ch.4 sect.3- "Struggle to Saratoga" then complete "Main Idea Questions" A-E and 
         end of section questions 1-3.
  Honors Only
  2)  Try this quiz on the American Revolution

  Due for Tuesday 10/30 and Thursday 11/1 The American Revolution
    1) Watch the following video and write 20 questions as if you were the teacher creating a
       video guide. It's an awesome introduction to the Revolution and prior students really 
       liked it.  The questions should be evenly spaced from start to finish and make it
         clear you watched the ENTIRE video.  A good guide will be usable by your classmates.   
    2) Complete the Chapter 4 section 2 reading and answer the Main Idea questions.

  Honors Only:

      Answer questions 1-3 at the end of the section.
    3) In honor of Halloween, show your little brother or sister you love them by telling them

        a scary story which keeps them up all night.  ... Or let them play this game and film their

        response. It's a fun test of skill and freaky at the same time.

  Due for Friday 10/26 and Monday 10/29 Road to Revolution
    1)  We will use this set of notes for the buildup to the Revolutionary War.  Make sure you know 
       the terms for the test next week. 
    2) Complete this handout on Samuel Adams, a controversial hero of the Revolution.
    3) Read Chap. 4 Section 1 on the American Revolutionary  and answer the Main Idea
       Questions A-E and​ end of section questions 1-2.  Seriously, sit down and read this

       short textbook reading for understanding. Then watch how it changes what you get

        from class today.  It's makes all the difference.

   Honors Only:

    4) Watch the following Crash Course and answer these questions.

  Due for Wednesday 10/24 and Thursday 10/25 - Road to Revolution
    1) Read the description of the Road to the American Revolution. It stops at Lexington
      & Concord but  explains why Taylor Swift was right... England and USA will  never get 
       back together.  Make a Timeline with at least 10 of the events described in the reading
      and add a short description of each of your 10 events onto your timeline.  It should be
     good enough for a classmate to use on today's surprise quz.  What's funny about this? …

     I guarantee someone in your class will be surprised there's a quiz and that it's modeled

     on the following samples: this or this.

   2) If you were interested in applying for a summer employment position or CPCC classes

       this spring or next fall, please contact Mrs. O'Boyle at the following link.  Please finish the

        short 1/2 page essay before Friday and get it to Mrs. O'Boyle.   Several students have

         completed it in class while they waited so do not put it off.

   Due for Monday 10/22 and Tuesday 10/23  Late Colonial Period and 7 Years War Test   

    1) Study for the test on the Late Colonial Period and the 7 Years war.  Make sure to have your

        notebook ready with the following new additional pages. 

               Late Colonial Terms                                 7 Years War Notes

    2) If you want to review the 7 Years War PPT, Click Here.  Pay attention to the last slides

        showing the consequences of the 7 Years War!  It might be a test question... just saying.

 Due for Thursday 10/18 and Friday 10/19 Late Colonial Period
   1) Read the following short section from an amazing guidebook.  I showed it to a couple
      students and they loved it.  It is written in a direct, no-nonsense style of writing which
      makes it easy to understand.   Monday/Tuesday's test is the last  before the quarter
       ends so please study! Pay particular attention to the Stono Rebellion... it's on the test. 
     If your don't know it, look it up!  (Despite this, does anyone want to guess who in class will 

       still ask what the Stono Rebellion was?)
   2) A former student created an awesome Quizlet to help you guys study.  Try it.  Anyone 
       who can finish the LEARN Function for this quizlet can claim a prize in class.  You must

       bring proof you completed it.

    3) Complete this pictionary for the following 7 Years War terms.

  Due for Tuesday 10/16 and Wednesday 10/17 - Late Colonial Period and 7 Years War
    1) Read Ch. 3 Section 4 about the French and Indian War & answer Main Idea Questions A-C
       AND questions 1-2 at the end of the section.  
    2) Know the terms for Wednesday/ Thursday's test on the Late Colonial Period and
        the 7 Yrs. War.
    3) Watch the following short video on the 7 Years War and answer these questions.   

   Due for Friday 10/12 and Monday 10/15 Late Colonial Period and 7 Years War
  1)  Watch the following two videos describing the importance of the French and Indian War.
         Khan Academy video #1      and   video #2  and answer these questions.  I know its a little 
         "dry" but think of it as a good test of your ability to follow a college professor's class.
  Due for Wednesday 10/10 and Thursday 10/11 Late Colonial History
1)  Look over the late colonial terms handout  we discussed in class. 
    2) Complete the attached handout 1 and handout 2

  Due for Monday 10/8 and Tuesday 10/9 Late Colonial History
  1) Read Chapt. 3 sec. 3 and answer the Main Idea questions (A-D)
    2) Complete this Pictionary by drawing the key terms.  Any drawing, regardless of skill
       needs to show you know what the term signifies.  
       Honors Only- Also answer questions 1-3 at the end of the section questions.

  Due for Thursday 10/4 and Friday 10/5 -- Test Today!!!
  1) Read Chapter 3, sect. 2 and answer the main idea questions (A-F). 

       Honors Only- Also answer  questions 1-5 at the end of the section in addition.


    2) Test Today!  Study and have your notebooks!

​​​  Due for Tuesday 10/2 and Wednesday 10/3 Finish Early Colonial History

    1) The Test has been moved to Thursday!  Have your 3 Ring notebooks ready to be checked

       with the 3 documents listed below in an organized order.

    2) Watch the following Crash Course video about the Middle British colonies. Then answer
        the following questions.

   Due for Friday 9/28 and Monday 10/1 Early Colonial History
    1) Study for the test next class. Please prepare by reviewing (and have in your notebook) the

     following completed study guides:

    Early Colonial Notes      Colonial Geography Facts     13 Colonies Map 

    2)  Finish these short  handouts on Northern and Southern colonies.
    3) Read Ch. 3, Sect 1 from the text on the growth of the English colonies.  Answer 
       questions 1-5.  Also, Answer the Big Idea Questions A-C
  Honors must also do the following: 
    4)  It is important that you know the differences between the New England, Middle and
        Southern Colonies before the test on Tuesday/Wednesday. Please watch the following
       superb  video by a teacher on those differences. It's really short but packed with info.

     Write up at least a page of notes which you can use on today's quiz.

 Due for Wednesday 9/26 and Thursday 9/27  The Original 13 Colonies
    1) Read the following textbook section on the middle colonies. Answer Big Idea questions
         A-C AND the questions at the end of the section 1-4.
    2) Complete the following worksheet after reading the study guides.   This will help you
        prepare for the first in-class test on Tue. 10/2 / Wed. 10/03.  The test will cover the following: 
     Early Colonial Notes          Colonial Geography Facts         13 Colonies Map 

    Honors only- 3)  Watch the following video by a great SC teacher and answer the attached

        questions.  No, you cannot switch into his class because he is smarter, better looking and

        more interesting than  Mr. Vitale  He doesn't teach at NWSA.  Sorry...not sorry.

​  Due for Monday 9/24 and Tuesday 9/25 - Jamestown v. Massachusetts Bay

   1)  Read the following textbook pages and define the vocabulary on Pg 54 in "The Americans" 
       •Puritans •John Winthrop •Separatist •Plymouth Colony •Massachusetts Bay Colony
       •Roger Williams •Anne Hutchinson •Pequot War •Metacom •King Philip’s War
     2) Answer The Big Idea Questions A-E and questions 1-4 on page 54.  Be able to 
          explain your answers in class!

    3) The design your own colony project is due today.  It will count as a test grade. 
      I will grade it carefully so please don't turn in something your little brother would laugh at
      and expect a good grade.  

   Due for Wednesday 9/19 and Thursday 9/20 - Jamestown v. Massachusetts Bay
    1) We discussed the problems faced by both Jamestown and Mass. Bay early in their
       histories. Your challenge is to design your own colony which would avoid similar disasters.
       To make it worth your while, it will count as a test grade.  Future tests will be
       quite difficult so seize the opportunity to earn a good grade on one you control.  
       Don't be afraid to look up what other forts looked like OR ask an adult for advice. 
      I will grade it carefully so please don't turn in something thrown together at the last minute.  
      If you think about it, that's why the real Jamestown turned out so badly.

     The assignment must include: 
          A) Map/Layout (3D or drawn)
          B) List of 5 Laws which will govern your colony
          C) List of 50 individuals and their professions to start your colony
               (You can have more than 1 of a single job... example: 3 farmers or 5 soldiers)
          D) List of 5 large items to bring.  Assume 1 animal includes both a male and female.
          E) Choose and JUSTIFY your selection of location A, B or C.  

      It will be due NEXT CLASS on Friday 9/21 or Monday 9/24.
    2) (Optional) If you ever worry about humanity, this is food for the soul. But only watch 
        it after finishing the assignment.

  Due for Monday 9/17 and Tuesday 9/18  - English Settlement at Jamestown
  1) Enjoy a rare homework break.  Walk around in the grass without shoes.  Pet a kitten.
      Tell your little brother/sister you love them, even if you sometimes don't. They won't know
       and your parents will think you're awesome.  

  2) Don't forget to bring in a bag of Skittles or regular M&M's for our colonization activity. 

       You'll get a homework pass and a chance to eat small chocolate flavored colonists.

  3) Begin working on the take home "Create a Colony project above due on 9/21 or 9/24.

  Due for Thursday 9/13 or Friday 9/14 - English Settlement at Jamestown
    1) Read Ch. 2 Sect. 2 (Pgs. 42 - 47 ONLY) about the English founding of Jamestown.  
    Then answer Big Idea Questions A-E on a separate sheet of paper.   Jamestown is a tough
     place to live, eh?

    2) Define the following terms:

       •Capt. John Smith •joint-stock company •Jamestown •Powhatan
                  •headright system •indentured servant • Royal Colony

 Due for Tuesday 9/11 or Wednesday 9/12 - European Conquest of the New World

    1) Watch Episode # 1  of John Green's Crash Course US History and answer the Episode #1  
     questions.   Watch the video as many times as need be to ensure you understand the 
     narrator as he talks faster than the average Southerner.  Or just play it at a slower speed.
2) Optional- Bring in a large bag of M&M's or Skittles in exchange for a homework pass so we 
      can do a fun mapping activity that explains immigration in the British Colonies.  

    3) Don't forget about the Rho Kappa Honor Society meeting after school at 4:25 on Tuesday!

        There will be food as it is the first formal History Honor Society meeting and its in the library.

        A membership form can be found on the Rho Kappa Page and takes just a minute to fill out.

    4) In a twist, a hurricane is forming in the Atlantic.  It matches our discussion about the

         wind patterns of colonial shipping and there is an unusually high chance this one will hit the

         NC coast on Friday.  It is rare for a hurricane to take this path as only one other has hit land

         from that angle.  Still, it will make for some excitement and rain for next weekend.

  Due for Friday 9/7 or Monday 9/10 - Age of Exploration

    1)  Read Chapter 2, Sect. 1 from the textbook and answer the Big Idea Questions A-E on

         a separate sheet of paper.  Its an interesting description of how Spain conquered much

        of the New World.  

    2) Define the terms listed in question 1 at the end of the reading:  (Quiz next class?)

              •Hernándo Cortés •Conquistador •New Spain •Mestizo •Encomienda •

                Francisco Pizarro•  Ponce de León •New Mexico •Popé • Mission

    3) Know the estimated native populations of North America (4 Million), Central America (25 Million)

        and South America (20 million)  around the year 1491 and be able to explain what food sources

        fueled the native civilizations there.  (3 Sisters Agriculture, Potato, etc.)

    Due for Wednesday 9/5 or Thursday 9/6 - Age of Exploration 
    1) Please watch the following video about European Contact with the New World.  Then
       answer the video questions at the end of the video on a sheet of notebook paper.
   2) Check out your textbook... it has been asking about you all summer and can't wait to
       meet you.   Today's reading is short... Then answer the Big Idea Questions A-E on the
       sides of the pages of the reading.  Also answer Critical Thinking question 3 at the end

       of the reading.
    3) Don't forget to retake the geography quiz if you struggled.  I will make parent
       phone calls home this week and would prefer to talk about positive things., like how you

       fixed your grade by coming in after school for a retake.   Then again, we can talk about the

      NY Yankees, low grades, and stuff that makes people sad. 

  Due Friday 8/31 and Tuesday 9/4-- Age of Exploration

    1)  Read thefollowing article & answer the questions about Columbus' arrival.

        Then read the second article  and answer the questions.  Its longer but it tells a horror story

         that is hard to believe.

    2) Print out the following study guide for the Early Colonial Era.  It will guide you for your

        next test.

  3) Watch this interesting video by a college professor about early American settlement.  Then

      create 10 questions evenly spread throughout the video (with answers).  Write them as if

       you were the teacher and wanted to make sure your students had UNDERSTOOD the

       video.  Your questions will say a lot about you as a student and thoughtful questions will be

       given a score over 100%. .   If you like the video, you'll love college.  If not, we have some

       work to do to prepare you for life after NWSA.

    4) Enjoy the Labor Day Weekend!


  Due for Wednesday 8/29 and Thursday 8/30- Welcome to American History I. Your 1st

   Homework Assignment will be:

  1) Memorize the following names and locations within the 13 Original US Colonies.  

  Key Terms:    Massachusetts      New Hampshire    Rhode Island    Connecticut    New York

                           New Jersey            Delaware                Virginia              Maryland         N. Carolina

                           S. Carolina              Georgia                   Pennsylvania    Florida- (Spanish colony)

                          Jamestown             Philadelphia          New York City      Charleston     Boston

​                         St. Augustine

                         Atlantic Ocean        Chesapeake Bay      Massachusetts Bay    Gulf of Mexico

  2) Next, label the above terms on the attached map or PDF version.  If you don't see a term on

     the map, look it up!

  3) Return your signed copy of the Syllabus and your completed student Info sheet.