Due for Week of April 6th​  

We are moving to yet another platform... Canvas.  Starting on Monday 4/6 I will post two
   45 minute assignments to a LAS Studies page.  You will get an informal grade for each,
   although the weighting may vary depending on the difficulty of an assignment.When completing
   a review assessment, it will likely be weighted more than a simple 45 minute homework grade.
  The new Canvas classroom will replace the google classroom which replaced this. A code to the 
   former Google Classroom tools can be found here:


  Due for Wednesday 3/18 Economic Imperialism- The United Fruit Company

    1) We will focus on European and US involvement in Latin America. Advanced nations

     exerted financial, political and military control over smaller Latin American nations during

     the 1900's, a form of intervention known as Imperialism. We have focused on military

     involvement in Latin America, but one of the most successful U.S. economic ventures

     was the United Fruit Company. Read the history of the company and answer the

     following questions:

         1) How does the story writer open to catch your attention?

         2) How did the UFC (United Fruit Company) get started and what evidence is there that the

            company had an overly close relation to Latin-American Governments?

         3) What genetic threat does the banana face and how did the company’s practices make

           the threat more dangerous?

         4) How did the United Fruit Company market its bananas in the U.S.A. and Europe?

         5) What evidence is there that its marketing efforts were successful?

         6) Give several examples which show how the UFC exerted its power in Latin-America?

         7) How did the UFC fight back against Fidel Castro in Cuba?

         8) What is the “Wild Bunch?

         9)How effective was the Wild Bunch at maintaining the Banana Trade?

         10) Why are bananas particularly well suited to Central America?


  Due for Monday 3/16 Imperialism in Latin America

    1) We will focus on European and US involvement in Latin America. Known as Imperialism,

      these advanced nations exerted financial, political  and military control over smaller Latin

      American nations during the 1900's.  This brief 6 minute movie will introduce some key

      ideas from the Imperialist Era. 

   2) Come in with a story about Latin-American current events.


  Due for Thursday 3/12 Colombian Civil War and the formation of Panama

   1) We will review the history of Panama (coincidentally the history of how the USA
    created the Panama Canal).  As part of this, we will examine literature from the period, 

    including Silver People and "No One Writes The Colonel".  The latter book won the Nobel

     Prize for Literature and is the story of an impoverished retired colonel who fought in

    the Thousand Days' War.  He still hopes to receive the pension he was promised 15 yrs

    earlier for serving to crush the liberals. The colonel lives with his asthmatic wife in a small

    village under military law in the years following the Colombian Civil War. The main characters

     aren't named, symbolizing the insignificance of individuals and lack of agency. As you can

    guess from the title, nobody responds to his request for his pension and  corruption is a major

    theme throughout the novel and the colonel is unlikely to get his pension. Ever. ​

   Due for Tuesday 3/10 Colombian Civil War

    1) After wrapping up Mexican history between 1900-1940, we will head south to briefly

     analyze The War of a Thousand Days, (the Colombian civil war between the Liberals and

       Conservatives) at the turn of the century between 1899-1902.  To prepare, read

       the  following article. (wiki) Then answer these questions.

   Due for Friday 3/6  Mexican Revolution Test

    1) Study the guide for today's test.  

  Due for Wednesday Test on Mexican Revolution

    1)  Although I had planned to give you the test today, only 5 of you showed up.  Prepare for

        your test NEXT CLASS by studying the Mexican Revolution Study Guide.  Sigh,


  Due for Monday 3/2 Mexico after the Revolution (1920-1950)

   1) Finish watching the documentary sections  "Mexico, A Story of Courage and Conquest" pt. 4-1

     and  4-2 and complete the following questions.

  Due for Friday 2/28 Mexican Revolution

    1) We will finish posters and watch Pt 4 of  "Mexico, A Story of Courage and Conquest" .

  Due for Thursday 2/27 Mexican Revolution

    1) Given the ACT exam, not much was completed on Tuesday.  You will form into the

      following 3 groups and complete a poster which clearly explains the key events of the

       Mexican Revolution.

       Group #1    Stephanie,  Jude,  Grace

       Group #2     Ty'Jon, Edgar, Hannah

       Group #3     Kevin, Billie, Amaya

    2) We will review the documentary: "Mexico, A Story of Courage and Conquest" pt. 4  and

        part 4 section 2 in class.

  Due for Tuesday 2/25 Mexican Revolution

   1) You will report to Mr. Lewandowski's class today while the ACT is given. While there, you

      may use this Library of Congress timeline or this MexHistory timeline of the Mexican

      Revolution to make a poster showing the major events.  Be sure to include explanations &

     pictures of the key players/events. As there will be only 5 students, divide into your own

      grouping.  Please pace yourselves to finish the poster during class today!  The assignment

      from Friday will be due today.

    2) Read this short article about the Mexican Revolution. Be ready for a quiz based on its 6 

        main points.

  Due for Friday 2/21  Mexican Revolution/Civil War

    1) Read Mosaic Pages 99-104 on the Cardenas Era.  

    2) Then answer the following questions about the Cardenas Era in Mexico between between 

        1934 and 1946.  This period highlights a period of healing between the USA and Mexico

       under US President FDR.  Known for his "Good Neighbor" policy, FDR treated Mexico as an

       independent nation capable of forging its own path. This is very different from prior American

       actions and helped define the current relationship between the nations today.  

  Due for Wednesday 2/19  Mexican Revolution/Civil War

    1) We will listen to a section of an impressive Podcast which has been turned into a book

     about the Mexican Revolution.  It covers a segment of the Revolution but its like listening

     to a college professor without leaving the classroom.  The overall podcast runs for over

    14 hours and can be found here if you want more.  And yes, its free. Welcome to the Golden

    Age of human knowledge.  

    2) If you didn't finish the questions from the "Storm that Swept Mexico" documentary,

       watch any remaining sections and compete the questions given out in class.

  Due for Friday 2/14  Mexican Revolution/Civil War

    1) As we finish the Mexican Revolutionary/ Civil War, read pages 85- 88  

    2) Then answer these questions.

    3) Current Events: Consider this 2 minute video about Mexico City's traffic problems,

       The situation is made worse because inhabitants did not need a license,  Wow.

    4) Although I will not be in class on Friday, you will watch a documentary called "The

        Storm that Swept Mexico" in class.  Its a superb analysis of the Mexican Revolution

        but may seem confusing if you have not done the reading.  (So do the Reading! 

       Once the sub plays the movie, you will answer these movie questions IN CLASS. If you

       don't finish the Storm documentary, than complete the questions at home. 

       Thank you for being an awesome class.  The guest teacher really liked you guys. 

 Due for Wednesday 2/12 Modern Caudillos/Mexican Revolution/Civil War

    1) We will finish the caudillo presentations today.  Please have your presentation ready!  

      If you wanted to hear an interesting podcast on Santander's scheming against Bolivar, listen

         here.  The scheming starts around the 10:30 mark and culminates at the end of the

        recording with Bolivar jumping out of a palace window and hiding under a bridge while

        his lover is beaten by a band of assassins. Fun stuff for the Liberator.

    2) In preparation for the next section, read pages 78- 84 of Mosaic about the post-

        Porfirato Revolutionary War in Mexico. Then answer these questions.

  Due for Monday 2/10 Modern Caudillos Traits/Populism

    1) We will discuss Populism in the modern era and how Caudillos of the past provide

      lessons about politics today. To participate in the discussion, please read this article or

      this short analysis of the current administrations tactics. Note... this isn't just an isolated

      comparison.  Hundreds of historians and journalists have noted the comparison and a

     simple internet search will yield countless articles like thisEven though class on Friday

      was cancelled, you are responsible for the work which will be due on Monday. 

    2) We read the following newspaper article on Latino voting in NC today.  What you may

      find interesting is this article six years earlier worrying that Latinos are not voting in high


    3) We also watched the following video on climate change in Chile, South America.

  Due for Thursday 2/6 Caudillo Presentations

    1) Be prepared to present your Caudillo in a short 5-10 minute presentation to the class.

  Due for Tuesday 2/4 Caudillismo in Latin America

    1) We will conclude the historical Caudillios with this reading.  After reading it, answer these


    2) Be ready to pick a famous caudillo for a short presentation you'll make during the

        following class.  Possible Latin Caudillo choices include:

             Juan Manuel De Rosas, Argentina

             Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, Mexico

             Porfirio Diaz, Mexico

             Manuel Isidoro Belzu, Bolivia (A rare Progressive caudillo )

              Fructuoso Rivera, Uruguay.
              Rafael Carrera, Guatemala.
              Diego Portales, Chile.
              Francisco de Paula Santander, Columbia.
             José Gaspar Rodríguez de Francia, Paraguay.

  Due for Friday 1/31 Post Independence Caudillos

    1) We watched the following two videos introducing the Caudillos that seized power after

         chaos of the independence era.  Both the short cartoon and the longer analytical video

         were made by students and are well done. Here are the questions we completed in class.

    2) Please read this excerpt commenting on the Caudillo Era.  Then answer these questions

        to ensure you understood the reading. Use a separate sheet of paper or Word document:

           A) What is Caudillismo?

           B) What characteristics or abilities enabled caudillos to rise to power?

           C) Name at least three caudillo examples and the nations they represented?

           D) How is an authoritarian caudillo different from a populist caudillo?

           E) If caudillos were so successful across much of Latin America during the 1800's, why

               did they not last?

    3) In class, we will watch the following lecture summary of the Porforiato  Era in Mexico
         and discuss the following questions.

  Due for Thursday (1/16)- Wednesday 1/22) Midterm Exams
    NWSA will follow this Exam Schedule for Midterms:
    Thursday Jan. 16th      Friday Jan. 17th          Tuesday Jan. 21nd     Wednesday Jan. 22rd 
       Period 1B & 3B           Period 1A & 3A              Period 2B & 4B          Period 2A & 4A

    2) Read this segment on O'Higgins and the independence movement in Chile.

    3) You will be asked to make a Facebook Page, complete with a profile, pictures, timelines

      and posts for a key Latin American Libertador.  Use the Fakebook site to create your page.

       Fakebook assignments are due along with your essay on 1/22 WITHOUT excuse.

          Bolivar- TyJon, Kevin
          O'Higgins- Jude

          San Martin- Amaya

          Hidalgo- Stephanie

          Iturbide- Edgar

          Santa Anna- Grace, Billie

          Hannah- TBD, but something quirky and cool.

  Due for Wednesday 1/15 Latin American Independence Movements

    1) We will wrap up Independence Movements with this reading on San Martin and a second

       short reading on the fateful meeting between San Martin and Bolivar that decided the fate

        of Latin America. Then answer these questions.  

    2) Finish a 2-3 page essay answering the following question:

     "Why did Bolivar's vision of Gran Columbia & a United States of South America ultimately fail?

      (This is a culminating project and will count as a formal grade.  (Please make sure you cite

      detailed facts and historical information in support of your arguments!!!)

​​  Due for Monday 1/13 Latin American Independence Movements

    1) Finish any remaining questions from the Simon Bolivar Reading.

    2) Read this student answer by a native Colombian as to why he thinks Gran Columbia never

        materialized.  Be ready to write on your own reasons for the failure and collapse of Gran

       Colombia.  I'll expect you to have a detailed answer, with multiple causes.  

    3) Be ready for an essay writing activity.  

  Due for Thursday, 1/9 Latin American Independence Movements

    1) We will review Gran Columbia and why it failed.  Read the following excerpt and answer

        the questions linked here. The reading focuses on Simon Bolivar, an exceptional leader

          who is often compared to George Washington for his revolutionary impact.  Even today,

         most Latin nations host a monument, square or park dedicated to him.  Yet his vision for

          a unified "Gran Columbia" never materialized.... why not? 

    2) Read this article about the SC response to DACA.  Is it wise?

    Due for Friday 12/20  Latin American Independence Movements

    1) Please watch this short video from Khan Academy regarding the other Latin American

         Revolutions outside of Mexico.  Then answer these questions:

             a) What revolutions provided inspiration for revolts in South America?

             b) How did Denis Diderot contribute to the revolution movements?

             c) What did Napoleon do which allowed for Simon Bolivar to inspire revolutions

               in several future nations?

    2) In class, you will watch parts of the movie Camila on Amazon.  It is a tragic story about love in

            the era of Revolutionary Argentina.

  Due for Wednesday 12/18 Recap of Mexican-American Relations

    1) We viewed the Mexican American War History Channel Documentary.  We reviewed using

     the accompanying ppt. with these questions in class on Monday.  We will finish it today.

    2) We will discuss the other major independence movements next, namely Bolivar and

        San Martin.  To prepare, read  pages 1-10 of the introduction (28-38 if using pdf viewer) &

        answer these questions.   

    3) In class, we will refer to  this ppt. to discuss the other independence movements.

  Due for Thursday 12/12 The Porfiriato 

    1) President Diaz will take control following the short term of President Gonzalez during

      the mid 1880's.  Read this short webpage to better understand the period under Porfirio Diaz

      which is know now as the "Porfiriato" Then answer these questions.  President Diaz famously

             "Alas, poor Mexico.  So far from God and so close to the United States"

  Due for Tuesday 12/10 The Liberals vs. Conservatives in Mexico

    1) Watch this video about the Age of Santa Anna and the end of Maximillian's rule.  It starts

       slowly but does an exceptional job once the video gets a few minutes in.  Seriously, watch

       and see.  Then answer these questions.

    2) Be here at my classroom tomorrow at 9:00 am for our field trip to Discovery PlaceONTIME!

    3) Finish watching the video about Mexican History and answer the following questions 

        from class.  Be ready for a quiz next class on this video's content.

  Due for Friday 12/6 Mexican Civil Struggles and War with the US

  1) Finish Reading pgs 53-59 of Chapter 2 of the Buchenau text.  Then answer these questions.

  2) AFTER the reading, watch this short video on the French supported Emperor Maximillian

      and answer these questions on a separate sheet of paper:

       a) There would be a decades long struggle between Liberals and conservatives in Mexico.

           What did each side want?

      b) Why did the French want to interfere in Mexican politics? 

      c) Why didn't the USA try to stop the French from installing a European emperor in Mexico?

      d) The French conducted a fraudulent election to convince Maximillian to accept the

           position of Emperor of Mexico.  Was he a "good" leader once he was tricked into accepting?

      e) What key mistake did Maximillian make as things became desperate in 1865?

      f) Why did Juarez order Maximiliian to be executed, despite his qualities?

    3) We read this document discussing the history of the Mexican Independence Period issued

       by the Mexican Embassy.  Continue to read through it and be ready to finish your timeline

         posters in class.

  Due for Wednesday 12/4 Mexican Independence and the "Mexican Critical Period"

    1) Finish Reading pgs 45-53 of  Chapter 2 of the Buchenau text.  Then answer these questions.

    2) Don't forget to walk in with a story about the region.  Webites are linked below, including the 

        BBC Spanish language site shared by Grace.  Use the translate feature in your browser for a

        quick English conversion as needed.  

    3) Please bring in $20 for the Discovery Place tickets for next Wednesday 12/11.  

  Due for Tuesday 11/19 Mexican History

    1) If you are interested in finding out about the other rebellions which defined Latin America

       today, read this website for information on Simon Bolivar and Jose de San Martin.

    2) Read pages 39-44 in chapter 2 .    It's only 5 pages but you'll need to actually think about the

        reading carefully to answer these questions.  They are due today, after a long weekend, so

        please do a good job. 

    3) Don't forget to read news about the region and pick a story that interests you.

  Due for Friday 11/15 Mexican History

   1) Finish the questions from the Chapter 1 reading. I was disappointed most of you had not

       finished your handouts.  Please do not miss out on this assignment.  Note, you will take

       a new test today on the same chapter 1 reading.

   2)Begin reading pgs. 39-44 about Mexico's Independence period and start answering

      these questions.   The assignment will be due on Tuesday.  No excuses please.

   3) Continue to read/watch Latin American news, pickling an article of interest.  Reputable

        sources for your news can be found at: 

         BBC                 Al-Jazeera           AP NEWS Feed          WTOP NEWS      NPR        UK NEWS  

       ... or just pick your own source from the following list.  Once you have a story, fill out this quick

           form about your article/video and be prepared to talk about it in class.

    4) If you want to view the Colonial presentation from class, click here.

    5) Good news!  Prof. Buchenau will be visiting NWSA after school on 12/17.  Please plan on

       being there for a 1 hour discussion forum.  You'll receive extra-credit!

    6) Don't forget your Cuba field trip forms if you want to go on the 12/13 trip!

  Due for Wednesday 11/13 Mexico Presentations

    1) Please finish the first chapter of the Mexican Mosaic Text. Plan on making your 5-10 minute 
    summary (ideally w/ handouts) to your classmates of the following pages:
        Pgs. 9-14  TyJon and Jude
        Pgs. 14-18 Stephanie and Billie
        Pgs. 18-24  Hannah and Kevin
        Pgs. 24-29 Grace and Amaya 
        Pgs. 30-35 Edgar and Hannah

    2) Be ready for a chapter test based on the information found in the reading.

  Due for Friday 11/8 Mexican History Review

  1) Please read the first chapter of the Mexican Mosaic Text. We're ordering textbook copies and

   will use excerpts to study the history of Mexico. Please finish the entire reading, but you will be

   responsible for presenting a 5-10 minute summary (ideally w/ handouts) to your classmates of

   the following pages:

        Pgs. 9-14  TyJon and Jude

        Pgs. 14-18 Stephanie and Billie

        Pgs. 18-24  Hannah and Kevin
        Pgs. 24-29 Grace and Amaya

        Pgs. 30-35 Edgar and Hannah

    You should create a 1 pg. handout to help your classmates prepare for a quiz on the chapter.

    Although we covered some of the early history before, this chapter is a chance for you to

    familiarize yourself with the text. Presentations will be due for class on Wednesday 11/13.

    2) Events in Latin America are becoming more chaotic than in recent years. The economic

     crisis in Venezuela continues, Brazil is on fire, and elections in Bolivia are in crisis.  Even a nation

     like Chile, long viewed as a stable economic model, are experiencing major uprisings thanks

     to clashes over economic policies placing greater burdens on the working class. Watch this

     4 minute Vice News video & answer these questions.  (Think critically about news sources) 

    3) We are planning a trip to the Discovery Place for the Cuba exhibit on Friday, 12/13.  Please

       complete the following paperwork to and ask your parents to see if they wish to join us.

  Due for Friday 11/1 The Expulsion of the Jesuits (The Mission)

    1) We will watch the movie the Mission today, analyzing the consequences of the expulsion

    of the Jesuits and the long lasting impacts on the native population. No homework is assigned!

  Due for 10/31 Thursday Field Trip to UNC-Charlotte

    1) Please be at Mr. Vitale's trailer at 9:00 am for today's trip to UNC-Charlotte. UNC asked that 

         read this homework and be prepared for a quiz being given to their class on these terms

         Please be prepared!  Don't forget lunch funds and let your teachers know you will be out.

         You are still responsible for all work in all classes!

    2) Last class, we...

    Discussed the reasons for the expulsion of the Jesuits and the effect it had in the Spanish and  

    Portuguese colonies analyzed in this reading.  

   Due for Wednesday 10/30 Spanish Colonization and Colonial America

    1) Following the controversial debate at Valladolid, a series of laws known collectively as

       the New Laws of the Indies  were passed to limit some of the harsh treatments of natives

       by the Encomenderos.  Know each of these events/concepts.

    2) Finish reading the handout about the Jesuit missions/reducions founded across

       Latin America by the Catholic order known as the Jesuits. Thanks to their strong views

      supporting protection of the natives, the Jesuits will run afoul of Spanish and Portuguese 

      authorities and be expelled. 

  Due for Friday 10/25 Spanish Colonization and Colonial America

  1) Last class, we...

    Discussed the Black Legend and debated the accounts of Bartolome De Las Casas as 

    he debated the fate of the natives with Juan Ginés de Sepúlveda at the famous Valladolid

    Debate. The First Quarter ended today!

  Due for Wednesday 10/23 Spanish Colonization and Colonial America

    1) Last class, we...

       a) watched the Exploration documentary and completed these questions to better

            understand the motives of the Spanish Explorers. 

       b) We read the personal letter from De Soto regarding his exploration of the American

       Southeast, noting the Spanish brutality towards the natives. A good PPT can be found here.

      c) Watched John Green's Crash Course video on the Black Legend with questions.

    2) For today's homework, please read the following passages by Bartolome de Las Casas

        (1484–1566) who argued for more humane treatment of Native Americans in the Spanish

       New World. De Las Casas argued to the Spanish King that his agents, the conquistadors,

          were brutalizing native peoples and that those actions were destroying the Spanish as

          well as the natives. De Las Casas' Brief Account details extremely graphic interactions

         between the Taino and the Spanish, As you read, you will be asked to analyze parts of

         the text.

  Due for Monday 10/21 Spanish Colonization of the New World

    1) After viewing the documentary  & completing the questions last class, we will move on &

        discuss the impact of the Spanish invasion following Columbus' voyages. To prepare,

        please watch the following documentary by Khan Academy.  Then answer these questions.

    2) Please select and read a recent news story about Latin America. I appreciate you staying

        up to date on recent events, especially those which affect the relationship between the

         USA and our neighbors to the south. Be ready to briefly introduce it to the class.  


  Due for Tuesday 10/15 Aztec and Incan Empires

    1) We will conclude the remaining geography presentations. Be ready to go!

    2) The debate for the Aztec and Incan sides will follow these criteria.  

    3) Please fill out this paperwork for our rescheduled field trip.  It has been rescheduled for

        10-31-19 and will include a trip to UNC-Charlotte to their LAS program.

 Due for Friday 10/11 Aztec and Incan Empire Debate and wrap up of South American Geography

      1) The following students will present on their South American Nations: 

           Chile                       ---> Stephanie   10/11
           Peru                        ---> Kevin           10/11
           Bolivia                    ---> Amaya         10/11
           Ecuador                 ---> Billie             10/11
           Columbia              ---> Grace           10/11

   Please turn in your research sheet and accompanying paper about your nation.
    2) We will wrap up the debate preparation today after the presentations. The debate

      will run next class.

  Due for 10/8 Tuesday Aztec and Incan Empires (Early American Civilizations)

    1) The following students will present on their South American Nations: 

           Paraguay              ---> Jude              10/8
           Argentina              ---> Hannah        10/8
           Venezuela             ---> Edgar           10/8
           Brazil                      ---> Ty'Jon           10/8

     Please turn in your research sheet and accompanying paper about your nation.

    2) We will finish watching the Aztec documentary about their engineering achievements. 

  Due for 10/4 Friday   Aztec and Incan Empires (Early American Civilizations)

    1) We will engage in our first annual debate.  Students will face off to determine which society

        was the greater civilization.  You will meet as teams under the following chair people. 

         Incan Team                                 Aztec Team 

     Leader - Hannah                          Leader- Jude 

               Grace                                        Amaya

                Kevin                                        Edgar

                Billie                                         Ty'Jon


    2) To prepare, watch the following short videos on the Incans and Aztecs.  Both are really

         quick (4-5 mins each) but should aid you in finding good resources online.  


  Due for 10/2 South American Geography

    1) As we wrap up Latin American Geography, study for the final geography quiz/test by 

       identifying the following 32 locations. Please use color and complete all areas on the handout.

   South American Nations/Territories:
            Argentina,     Bolivia,       Brazil,      Chile,     Colombia,     Ecuador,      Guyana,   

          Paraguay,        Peru,      Suriname,      French Guyana      Uruguay,       Venezuela

  Key Cities:   Buenos Aires       Sucre/La Paz        Santiago        Bogota       Quito      Georgetown
            Asuncion        Lima           Brasilia         Paramaribo      Cayenne   Montevideo      Caracas 

    2) Don't forget about the Latin-American Movie night on Thursday  10/3 after school.  The movie

        event features a Latino-American Director who will answer questions about his film and the

        challenges he overcame on his journey. ​  Pizza will be served and donations accepted.  

        See you at 4:25 in the Black Box on Thursday.  We will finish around 6:30

  Due for Monday (9/30) South American Geography Project

  1) Finish your research pages for your assigned South American nations.  Continue to work on

   your presentations and Google Earth tours.

  Due for Thursday (9/26) South American Geography Project

    1) Read the following project details for the Google Maps Tour.  Please begin continue working

        on your tour.  If you had any difficulty installing Google Earth Pro, please let me know.

  Due for Tuesday (9/24) South American Geography

    1) As we prepare for to create a Tour using Google Earth Pro, try downloading the Google

      Earth Pro edition onto a computer or Chromebook from their official site.  It's free and the link 

      is at the bottom of the page.  

    2) Play around with Google Earth Pro after watching the following video offering tips on creating 

        your own tour of your Central American Nation.

    3) The following South American nations have been assigned as follows:

           Paraguay              ---> Jude              10/8

           Argentina              ---> Hannah        10/8
           Venezuela             ---> Edgar           10/8
           Brazil                      ---> Ty'Jon           10/8
           Chile                       ---> Stephanie   10/11
           Peru                        ---> Kevin           10/11
           Bolivia                    ---> Amaya         10/11
           Ecuador                 ---> Billie             10/11
           Columbia              ---> Grace           10/11

        Have your presentation ready to go on either 10/8 or 10/11.  As before, please fill out this

        research page to help you.  It is required on the the date of your presentation along with a 3-5

        page paper about your nation.

  Due for Wednesday (9/18) Central American Geography

    1) If you haven't done so, finish the questions on pg. 206.

    2) We will conclude the Central American presentations with Mexico (Steph) today.  Bring your

        paper on your Central American nation as well.

    3) We will begin with the Google Mapping exercise today.

  Due for Monday (9/16) Central American Presentation Wrap Up

    1) Bring your presentations to class today and be prepared to present on your nation.  Each 
        of the following students is expected to present on their nation for 10-15 minutes.           

           Mexico                   ---> Stephanie   9/16
           Nicaragua             ---> Amaya         9/16
           Dominican Rep.   ---> Ty'Jon           9/16
           Costa Rica             ---> Lola              9/16
           El Salvador           ---> Billie              9/16
           Honduras              ---> Kevin            9/16

           Puerto Rico           ---> Jude             9/16

    2) Answer the questions on page 206, including the Map identifications at the lower right. 

        This will count as a formal assignment/take home geography quiz so please make sure

         it is complete and accurate.  It will take about 20-30 minutes to finish it so leave yourself

         enough time to score well.

  Due for Thursday 9/12 Central American Nations presentations

    1) Bring your presentations to class today and be prepared to present on your nation.  Each 

        of the following students is expected to present on their nation for 10-15 minutes.

          Guatemala           ---> Edgar            9/12
          Panama                ---> Hannah         9/12
          Cuba                      ---> Grace           9/12

    2)Walk around in the grass without shoes.  Pet a kitten. Tell your little brother/sister you love
       them, even if you sometimes don't. They won't know and your parents will think you're
       awesome.  Then watch this video and show everyone you dance like Mr. King and I. 

    3) I am posting this powerpoint to guide you as to how you might include Google Maps into

      your presentations.  Here is a website describing how you can use add it.  A Prezi example

      can be found here. We will spend time after your initial presentations to add  the

      mapping features to your presentation.  Be sure to bring your CHARGED computer to

      class each day! 

  Due for Tuesday 9/10 Latin American Geography 

    1) Complete your national worksheet.  It will help you prepare for your presentations on Thurs 

       or Monday.  

    2) Read pages 199-203 and answer questions 1-3 at the end of section 2 on page 203.

    3) If you miss today's class, here is the video we will view.

  Due for Friday 9/6 Latin American Geography Research

    1) Continue working on your Nation using by filling out the assigned worksheet as a guide.

    2) Know where your Central American Nations and Capitals are for a formal assessment!

  Due for Wednesday 9/4 Latin American Geography

    1) Continue researching your nation.  We will use this worksheet to guide the process.

    2) Read pages 193-198 and answer questions 1-5 on page 198.  Yes, it will be graded. 

        No, its not an exciting assignment.  Sorry, but there will be a better one sometime in 

        November. You can start preparing now for the thrill that awaits you.

    3) Be prepared for a geography quiz on the Central American Nations.  Sadly, this student's

        approach will not work in our small class.  It's best if you figure out where Belmopan is on

        a map beforehand. 

  Due for Friday 8/30 Latin American Geography

    1) Now that you have selected a Central American nation for your research projects, begin

     researching your paper and presentation.  Reliable sources can be found in the library or:

     Latin American Human Geography- National Geo

    Latin American Textbook - Geography

    Regional History, Culture, and Geography library

  Assigned Nation/Terr:     Student    Presentation Date

           Guatemala           ---> Edgar            9/12

           Puerto Rico          ---> Jude              9/12

           Panama                ---> Hannah         9/12

           Cuba                      ---> Grace           9/12

           Mexico                   ---> Stephanie   9/16

           Nicaragua             ---> Amaya         9/16

           Dominican Rep.   ---> Ty'Jon           9/16

           Costa Rica             ---> Lola              9/16

           El Salvador           ---> Billie              9/16

           Honduras              ---> Kevin            9/16

    2) As you research the various nations of Central America, we'll begin introducing Early

        American history.  Read this first hand account of the conquest of the Incans & answer

        the questions.  It pretty accurately captures the brutality and desperation which 

        allowed the Spanish Conquistadors to defeat a Incan Empire numbering in the millions.

    3)  Anyone interested in pursuing a Governor's School Application for next summer, watch

         for the upcoming application and see the guidance counselors to let them know you're


  Due for Wednesday 8/28 -      Latin American Geography
  1) We will assign each student a Central American nation to research.  You must 
      prepare a short 10-15 minute presentation on your assigned nation for the class.  
      Begin working on your presentation now as it is due on Friday, (9/20).

      A helpful starting resource with maps and national info is found here.
   2) We will begin watching the following movie  about the Colombian Exchange and 
      complete the questions. Its the BEST documentary on the after-effects of the
      European Invasion of North and South America.   

  3) Return your signed copy of the Syllabus and your completed student Info sheet.  

Due for Monday 8/26-        Welcome!  Your journey begins today...  
   1) To understand Latin American history and culture, you have to understand Latin
      American Geography. Begin by identifying the following 32 locations:

  Early Civilizations:  Mayan Empire      Aztec Empire    Incan Empire   Nazca Empire    

  North and Central American Nations/Territories:
              Mexico     Belize     Guatemala       El Salvador       Nicaragua        Costa Rica
             Honduras         Panama      Cuba     Dominican Republic     Puerto Rico    USA

  Key Cities:   Mexico City   Belmopan   Guatemala City  San Salvador   Managua
            San Jose  Tegucigalpa      Panama City    Havana    Santo Domingo   San Juan
            ​ St. Augustine 

  Oceans/Bays:   Atlantic Ocean   Gulf of Mexico   Caribbean Sea    Pacific Ocean

  2) Then locate the above locations onto the following map.  Please be precise! 
     If this kid can do it, you can too.

   If you need help for any reason, please contact me at: alan.vitale@cms.k12.nc.us

Latin-American Studies